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KNS-Shadow class Pride of Koiian launches

17-04-2004, 18:16
It was a bright day when the Pride wheighed anchor and went into the sea.
It was the second ship of the new Koiian navy. The Pride hummed for a bit while the final troops were getting aboard. As soon as the last soldier came aboard the Pride slid out of its moors quickly and gracefully. It's destination was an archipelago in the indian ocean.
A group of destroyers and battleships soon surrounded the Pride on thier way to the port in Malden. Their they would pick up another carrier, the Sea Turtle a smaller carrier.
Once the Pride was a fair ways out to sea the engines of four A-15 Cannons were started. Their mission was to protect the O-15 Eye on its run over the Chagos archipelago, Maldive islands and the Andaman islands. The A-15s were in the air and circling the Pride waiting for the O-15. Soon the O-15 took off to. This was the first of many flights from the Pride.

the Pride of Koiians key features that Koiian will display:
Crew: 1600 enlisted men, 90 officers, 190 pilots and 400 soldiers
Non aircraft armament:
40, 55 caliber AA machine guns
4, 5 inch def guns
4, Mach 1 torpedo tubes
8, Mach 2 torpedo tubes

Special features:
Front 50 meters are sinkable so that the ship looks smaller
Mostly Stealth (below the water line has sonar stealth as well as front 50 meters)

Soon both my carrier squads plus 40 destoryers will be moving out on my conquest of Chagos archipelago, Maldive islands and the Andaman islands all in the Indian ocean.