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Post-War Rebuilding / Colonization of Dnalkrad

17-04-2004, 17:43

The Emperor sat at his desk as the cameraman counted down. "Good evening Layarteb. It is tonight that I bring you good news. The war with our neighbor, Dnalkrad, is over. General Joubin is in custody and will stand trial for crimes againast Layarteb in exactly one month. If he is found guilty he shall be executed. The members of his command staff who did not kill themselves will be given the same fate as he.

"Now it is my pleasure to announce that the Free Land of Dnalkrad has now become part of the Empire of Layarteb. The Layartebian Commonwealth of Dnalkrad, our neighbor, is now one of us. This means that we will be solely in charge of reconstruction. However, in efforts to boost the regional economy of New York, I will be offering contracts to regional companies for various projects.

"The very first step will be to clean up destroyed vehicles, aircraft, wreckage, and buildings. Then we will work on reconstructing this battle-torn land rebuilding structures previously destroyed, the airports, infrastructure, and work to clear mines and other harmful devices planted by the previous regime.

"The budget we have to work with is 5.340816 trillion dollars. With that we will use 3.738571 trillion dollars for reconstruction and financing it. We will offer up to 1.068163 trillion dollars in contracts to regional corporations and companies. In addition, the remaining 534.081 billion dollars will be funneled into the Layarteb military budget. All equipment remaining intact will be sold and new equipment constructed by the Layarteb military and defense corporations. It is a great day for the Empire of Layarteb and with that we will progress into the future. Thank you."
17-04-2004, 17:52
Now for the bidding (this is closed to NY Region only). The numbers after the colons will be the opening price.

1. Rebuilding Roads: $400B
2. Clearing Mines & Other Hazards Previously Laid Down: $100B
3. Rebuilding Structures: $300B
4. Rebuilding Airports: $200B
5. Clearing Away Wreckage: $68B
6. Removing Mines at Beach: $168M

The Empire of Layarteb will be working on all mentioned projects but assistance is more then helpful.

Thank You
19-04-2004, 06:07
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20-04-2004, 04:13
The Allied States of Boss Tweed would like to place a bid:

1. Rebuilding Roads: $395B
2. Clearing Mines & Other Hazards Previously Laid Down: $98B
3. Rebuilding Structures: $297B
4. Rebuilding Airports: $198B
5. Clearing Wreckage: $67B
6. Mineclearing at Beach: $165M

Preliminary Bid:

21-04-2004, 03:47
Thank you Boss. Let me see what UD comes up with next. I kind of want to keep it limited but given the massive amount of takers I see that it might be difficult :)
21-04-2004, 06:56
The Layarteb military expansion is complete. For details see the below link:
22-04-2004, 06:51
The governor stepped forward. He was the Govenor of Dnalkrad, short and stocky, but battle scarred from the Civil War. He had fought bravely as the pilot of an F/A-18C Hornet, scoring six air to air kills and destroying well over three hundred ground targets. After that, he pursued politics. He was the provisonal govenor of South Eastern Virginia after the annexation and now he would be the same here in Dnalkrad but he hoped for a permenant position.

He came to the microphoned podium in the press room of the newly opened and cleaned Layarteb Embassy, which was being turned into the main building where the government would operate out of. The blood and guts of the staff was cleaned up, especially those in the vault. They were laid to rest and given proper rights.

When he stepped to the podium, the crowd silenced, mostly journalists and invitees. "Ladies and gentlemen, you are all aware of the situation. The war is over and we are cleaning up. Regional bids for the reconstruction are underway and nothing has been decided yet as we are still waiting for several bids. However, I want to address something more important.

"Loyalists to General Joubin have organized and led some minor attacks against our forces. We have sustained sixteen injuries and twelve deaths since the end of the war. We are working to attack the resistance and weed them out. As you are all aware, the military reorganization of Layarteb is complete and now we're just building. That means everything remaining from the old regime will be sold off.

"Details on such will be declared later. These insurrections are nothing that we will tolerate. They will be dealt with immediately and with full force. That is all." He left without answering questions.
23-04-2004, 05:44
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23-04-2004, 17:33
The room was dirty and torn. It looked like the basement of an old-broken down building. Holes in the cement walls and smoke stains were decorations. The floor was cluttered with debris and spent cartridges. Two men sat side-by-side, the flag of Dnalkrad draped behind them. It was a three row flag, horizontal rows of red, white, and red. They had ski-masks on their heads and they doned camoflauge uniforms for urban combat. One removed his mask, the leader of the group.

The broadcast began. "You, the people of Layarteb have enslaved the nation of Dnalkrad. You do this in violation of International Law and respect for us. You bomb our cities and kill our citizens. Your warmonger, power-hungry Emperor is nothing more than a crook.

"When you began this war against Dnalkrad and envisioned occupation you envisioned your own demise. The people of Dnalkrad will rise up and revolt against this unjust power. You are all going to pay for your crimes. We, the Dnalkad Liberation Freedom Force, under the command of Colonel Garrick Holliday, I, will defeat you imperialist bastards! We have the weapons, we have the home-ground advantage, and we have the tactics you cannot employ.

"We have, just before the collapse of our regime, stolen ten nuclear warheads from their lock-up near the ICBM base. Of these ten, six are one megaton and the other four are one hundred kiloton. As a demonstration of our power we will detonate one inside a city of our choice within twelve hours unless our demands are met. These demands are for the complete withdrawal of Layarteb from Dnalkrad and the return of our rightful leader, General Joubin and his command staff. You will all pay for your crimes!"

The Emperor turned off the television. "Who sees this broadcast?"

"Well nobody sir. We've scrambled their signal and though we can't ascertain its position we know its inside Dnalkrad City, somewhere. We can confirm that ten nuclear warheads are missing and that they are of the afformentioned power. Radiation sensors don't find anything in any Layarteb city so we must gather that the warheads are inside Dnalkrad still. None of the people of Dnalkrad will see this broadcast even without our intervention. We believe, our analysts that is, that they will detonate one inside a city of Dnalkrad, blame us, and then cause a popular revolt against our forces. If they are successful in detonating the warhead, aside from the collateral damage, it would definitely incur an uprising." The minister of intelligence spoke.

"What are we doing to correct this?"

"Black Ops are searching the major cities and not-so-major ones for this bomb and their people. We know that they are in possession of some armor but mostly small arms. They could be recieving funding from outside sources but we cannot pinpoint who."

"Very well. Brief me in six hours! Get to work on this!"
Soviet Bloc
23-04-2004, 18:41
If Layarteb, in any way, needs or wishes for ARSB assistance in rebuilding or stabilizing Dnalkrad, we will be glad to help. I assume you'd rather handle most of this yourself, but we can deploy troops to non-essential areas to free up Layarteb soldiers or we can assist in rebuilding. We can also provide any other type of assistance or we can deploy some of our SpetsNaz with the VEPR systems to assist in the hunt for these terrorists.

If not, we understand.
23-04-2004, 20:53
If Layarteb, in any way, needs or wishes for ARSB assistance in rebuilding or stabilizing Dnalkrad, we will be glad to help. I assume you'd rather handle most of this yourself, but we can deploy troops to non-essential areas to free up Layarteb soldiers or we can assist in rebuilding. We can also provide any other type of assistance or we can deploy some of our SpetsNaz with the VEPR systems to assist in the hunt for these terrorists.

If not, we understand.

Actually what we cannot ascertain is where they are getting help from. We know that they have an international supporter, just like Joubin had so he could get that EMP satellite but we can't figure out who. That's what we need the most help on. Our intelligence community is vast and good but this is harder then hard!
24-04-2004, 06:14
It was nighttime in Marad City, sixty-six miles south of the northern border and eighteen miles east of the western border. Parents were going to sleep themselves, their children fast asleep. Those still awake had their lights out and were enjoying peace and tranquility ever since the bombings stopped. Marad City was heavily hit during the attacks because of several key leadership targets and one major radio station. Ever since the bombings stopped, the city had virutally resumed normal operations. Clean-up crews were working around the clock and often were met with positive energy. But it would change forever!

Two men walked up a spiral staircase to the top of the largest building, the Marad Liberty Building. These two men were heroes for their cause, sacrificing themselves for the future of Dnalkrad without Layarteb presence. They checked on the device, thirty-two minutes to go. Layarteb military presence in the city was virtually none due to the lack of resistance. It was a perfect target. Rumors had flown around the city of a possible DLFF HQ within the city. Special Operations teams were sent but no major military equipment.

The city, home to two hundred and sixty-eight thousand people, sat peaceful on the map. It flourished with its northern neighbors throughout the region and was a major route from the ports to the inner country. But now, it would become a nothing.

The DLFF broadcast a video just minutes before the device exploded. They claimed that a Layarteb heavy bomber was on its way to Marad City with a one hundred kiloton nuclear bomb. They claimed that the Layarteb military was going to nuke the city to set an example for the resistance. The broadcast went over EVERY television, radio state, news agency, and website throughout Dnalkrad. Seven and a half minutes later it was over.

Two and a half minutes of silence went by. Then the flash. The roar, the heat, the wind!

The mushroom cloud rose over the city as a storm of fire and destruction radiated outward from the city center.

Two hundred and sixty-eight thousand lives were shattered immediately. The device eradicated the city and some of the surrounding suburbs. Atmospheric conditions were nominal for a blast. From miles away it could be seen and immediately, the Emperor went to work with his military for damage control. Radiation would essentially make anyone in the city dead within a few days if not sooner and it would make clean up that much more difficult. The best plan they had was to close off the city and send in teams with special suits. It was a nightmare and the DLFF were not going to get away with it!
25-04-2004, 03:01
The Emperor dawned the television screen. "People of the Empire of Layarteb, a grave and dreadful thing has just occurred. Rogue elements of the former Dnalkrad Army, just before the collapse, stole nuclear warheads from a top-secret bunker in Dnalkrad City. They threaten to use them against Layarteb unless we leave Dnalkrad. We will not do that and nobody is going to use any weapons on us at all!

"The blast in Madrad City was the work of these insurgents, blaming a Layarteb heavy bomber. That is a lie. Casualties and damage to Madrad City are still undetermined but we expect them both to be very high. Your armed forces are searching out these insurgents as we speak.

"It is my deepest regret to have to announce this to you but we can overcome them easily. Thank you." The camera went off and the Emperor breathed a sigh of relief. He turned to his advisors who sat at the table around him. "So what do we know?"

"DLFF for sure. One hundred kiloton explosion centered at the top of the Madrad Liberty Building. Blast radius pretty much puts the whole city in the destructive zone, there really isn't much left, including the inner most suburb areas. Casualties are in excess of two hundred thousand already with about one hundred forty thousand people, of those, missing. We expect that they were vaporized. Fallout is pretty heavy around ground zero and the prevailing winds are blow the rest north-east. We suspect the DLFF to be operating from regions in the northern mountains as they provide the best possible hiding places. Their strength numbers about fifteen thousand and they have some advanced weaponry but mostly small arms."

"Very well. Send Force Falcon and Spectre Force units to the area and search them out. When they find them, find the leader and arrest him. Then we'll blast their whole base to nothing. What's the status on that new Earth-penetrating warhead?"

"Its ready sir. Tests put her in the ground at a depth of one hundred and ninety-five feet. The low-yield will break the surface and it is a clean weapon. It's only a few kilotons. Once we ascertain the location we'll drop it from eighty thousand feet from an F-19 sir."

"Very good. Get them!"
25-04-2004, 05:34
Baldwin Serrin had never expected anti-trafficking operations to be such a boring job. For the past six months, the Scorpion Class Coastal Patrol Corvette had patrolled the waterways around Whitehall Ward without any site of smugglers. His knowledge of transcentimetric sensor analysis was unparalleled, but this did little to cope with the boredom of staring at a screen looking for trace elements of uranium and radioactivity that might signal a smuggling operation.

A bright yellow light glowed distantly on the horizon in the Southeast. Two minutes later, a small gust of wind whipped through the cabin of the corvette. All of the sensors were overwhelmed with information. Baldwin cursed; he assumed the system had a malfunction - how on earth could the entire area be overwhelmed with trace amounts of depleted uranium? He tried recalibrating the system, but received the same results.

It was at that point when he realized it might not be an error at all. Baldwin called up the local authorities in Whitehall Ward to get the hospitals on decontamination alert. The captain of the ship turned the corvette off course and headed straight to port at full speed.
25-04-2004, 15:38
"Situation report?" The Emperor yelled.

"Nothing new sir. Winds have died down so fallout is static. We haven't been able to conduct any major rescue operations in there. Intellgence tells us of a Boss Tweed PB that got doused with radiation right after the blast." The aide said.

"Great! That'll keep relations nice and peachy!"

"There is more."


"Yes. The DLFF have ties with someone in the Uranium Industry inside Boss Tweed and we cannot ascertain who. Since the turnover of operations fully to Boss Tweed it seems someone has been trying to make a quick buck."

"Find out who!"

"Yes sir!"
26-04-2004, 19:04
The Emperor listened as his aide droned on and on about the problems. It had been thirty-six hours since the explosion and there was no progress. Rescue workers managed to dig through the outer recesses of the devestation but had found most people to be dead except for those that were shielded by heavily build buildings and other objects. Death toll was estimated at one hundred and eighty-five thousand and sixty-two. The remaining were missing or unaccounted for. In total, only sixty-two hundred and eleven survivors had been found.

Black Operations Forces landed just two hours prior to this assessment in the foothills of the northern border. Four teams of eight Force Falcon members and four teams of eight Spectre Force members descended from their MH-60L Black Hawks and went about their way. Each team had their own mission objectives and coverage area, all operating independently of each other and of central command. They were required, however, to report in status every eight hours.

The Govenor of Dnalkrad, from his office in Dnalkrad City, gave a television briefing of the situation to the public and reassured them that it was not Layarteb but rather Dnalkrad forces still loyal to General Joubin.

Air operations increased as fighter-bombers flew around suspected DLFF camps and centers and bombed them with GBU-39/B Small Diameter Bombs, GBU-28/B Bunker Buster bombs, GBU-34/C JDAM bombs with BLU-116 warheads and BLU-118 warheads, and GBU-35/B JDAM bombs. They were being delivered by F-111Fs, F-15Es, F-16Cs, F-14Ds, F-26As, and B-1Bs. B-52Hs were still operating but mostly they were dropping MK-82s on targets in the mountains.
27-04-2004, 05:32
As dawn came there was still no good news out of Madrad City. The region was buzzing with furvor as nations within the area were conducting radiation tests left and right. The Emperor was quiet though, focusing more on catching the culprits then pulling dead bodies out of the rubble. There were many of them. The total was now ten thousand and eight survivors and a whopping two hundred and eleven thousand sixty-seven. Many of those "survivors" would be dying of radiation poisoning within the next week. Of the "already dead" at least half of them died from radiation. Things were not looking good for Madrad City.
Undivulged Principles
29-04-2004, 00:35
Undivulged Principles
29-04-2004, 00:36
1. Rebuilding Roads: $410B

3. Rebuilding Structures: $325B

4. Rebuilding Airports: $250B

Total Bids value: $985B
Undivulged Principles
29-04-2004, 00:37
1. Rebuilding Roads: $410B

3. Rebuilding Structures: $325B

4. Rebuilding Airports: $250B

Total Bids value: $985B
29-04-2004, 05:24
I shall divy it up as follows:

Undivuldged Principles (lol the idea was to outbid the other person by lowest $ but either way I'll just give you all set prices)

1. Rebuilding Roads: $400B
Undivulged Principles
2. Clearing Mines & Other Hazards Previously Laid Down: $100B
Boss Tweed
3. Rebuilding Structures: $300B
Undivulged Principles
4. Rebuilding Airports: $200B
Undivulged Principles
5. Clearing Away Wreckage: $68B
Boss Tweed
6. Removing Mines at Beach: $168M
Boss Tweed
30-04-2004, 04:51
OOC: Sorry for the slow response, I was busy this week.

Boss Tweed and his law enforcement liason sat in the Operations Room. Yuri Casperis had been one of Boss Tweed's longest serving advisors. Casperis was an enigma in the Allied States: a politician who hated politics. This, along with his judicious use of "absolute containment" against threats to Tweed's power made him an invaluable asset to the Boss. Tweed reviewed the new figures from the Dnalkrad explosion.

"My God. It's just awful," murmured Tweed.

"We also received word that several members of one of our patrol boats were hit with a mild dose of the radioactive fallout. The entire crew has been put into a decontamination program for the next few days. As it stands, we no longer have transcentimetric location devices on the eastern portion of our waterways. We have to rely on standard patrols to contain smugglers."

"Well, that won't suffice. Call up Layarteb and ask about the availability of additional patrol boats for purchase. I'm sure they've got a lot of surplus materiel after their war," Tweed stopped, "and make sure you get a good price."

"Well, I think we'll need to go further than some additional patrol boats. We need to significantly improve our naval defense and our Air-to-Sea attack capabilities. We need to make sure that all ships leaving our nation are accounted for, processed, and dealt with if they are found to be illegally leaving our nation."

"Very well, put together a proposal. The aldermen on the coasts have been clamoring about this for quite some time."

Casperis thanked Tweed and left the room. A few moments later, Tweed brought in the concerned parties for his next meeting. The issue: the new construction projects in the Layartebian Commonwealth of Dnalkrad.
30-04-2004, 05:25
Boss Tweed was joined by Lyndon Parker (eader of the Northern United Ward Council), Rich Hall (Wall Ward Alderman), and Alex DeLorenzo (Hudson Ward Alderman). It seemed ill-suited to have such a meeting in the Operations Room, but it was the only place with a large map of the New York region.

They sat and reviewed the basic logistics for the cleanup mission. As they discussed different aspects of the work, an associate zoomed in the map on Dnalkrad and highlighted major project areas. The preliminary estimates were as followed:

Mine Clearing/Hazard Clearing (Non-Beach Areas)
Budget: $100B
Expense: $94B
Overhead: $9.4B
Profit: ($5.4) - $6.0B

Clearing Wreckage
Budget: $68B
Expense: $60B
Overhead: $6B
Profit: $2B-$8B

Mine Clearing (Beach Areas)
Budget: $168M
Expense: $150M
Overhead: $15M
Profit: $3M-$18M

These figures aren't what I expected," Tweed muttered. "Not much of a profit margin here. In fact, we could lose money on this deal."

Rich Hall explained, "Sir, these are the prices as bid by our contract, we have to stand by it and I think we'll make a tidy sum."

Lyndon Parker shift, "Aw hell, Rich, don't you see? We got to split the Golden Goose with Undivulged Principles and all we got was one lousy golden egg! No, we need to see if we can get a concession."

Boss Tweed was all ears, "What do you mean Lyndon?"

Lyndon stood up and walked to the large map. "I mean the chance of making a fortune for everyone with a little help from everyone. Look at the map of the Allied States of Boss Tweed. "

OOC: I'm having trouble with this hotlink, go to if you can't see it.

"I've added seven potential locations for a new bridge connecting the Allied States to the lands to the east: particularly the Layartebian Commonwealth of Dnalkrad and the Empire of Layarteb. We're talking about a major economic boom for nations on both sides of the water! What could be more efficient than to drive our cleanup equipment across a new bridge? We could save billions in transportation costs!"

Rich Hall and DeLorenzo noticed that their Wards had proposed connections to the unoccupied eastern lands. They could easily build a road down to the Layatebian Commonwealth of Dnalkrad and have a major transportation corridor in their own ward! Both men thought of the potential windfall from tolls. Understandably, both men had wide smiles across their faces.

Boss Tweed looked over to Lyndon and asked, "Tell me, how do we sell this to the Layartebians and to the Undivulged Principles?"

"Easy," Lyndon said, "we could save Layarteb 30% of their cleanup costs with the new tansportation system. We'll give them $50B back if they award us with a $40B contract to build a new bridge. We'll pay for connections to the Layartebian Commonwealth and to Undivulged Principles from our own finances. Undivulged Principles can therefore use our road, for a fee, to assist in their rebuilding efforts. What's best is long-term: we'll have a transportation network that will bring in billions in extra trade revenue! We will also be the main link from the continent of Manhattan to the east! How about it?"

Boss looked around at the faces in the room. They looked as though they were school children ready for recess. Tweed laughed, "OK, make this same proposal to Layarteb and Undivulged Principles and see what they think."

Lyndon Parker smiled - yet another convincing victory for the ol' political hack. This one was far easier than others. The meeting adjourned.
30-04-2004, 16:03
The Emperor reviewed the plan. "Did you even look at this? UD is making way more then Boss Tweed on this, we have to at least even it out somehow. What do you suggest?"

"Well sir, basically we awarded UD what they asked for and gave BT the rest. We can shift one. UD is set to make $900B. BT is set to make $336B. We can do this. Have UD and BT share the structural rebuilding. It will give UD $750B and BT $486B and it will go by faster."

"Very well. Do that. We don't need a situation on ours hands!"

"Yes sir. There is one other thing."

"The bridges?"

"Yes. If they are awarded $40B for the contract then they will do them with $50B in return."

"$50B huh? Cut that to $25B."

"But sir!"

"We have enough money, what are we going to do with the rest!"

"You're right."

"There is a condition though."

"What's that sir?"

"No free passage into Layarteb and that includes Dnalkrad. We have a border checkpoint on the bridge and anyone who doesn't meet approval doesn't enter. We build the checkpoint and we man it with whatever equipment we need. I'm also going to have a small airstrip built near the checkpoint for helicopters and Harrier aircraft. They'll be the main link from Manhattan to our entire landmass."

"Yes sir. Would there be a fee to enter Layarteb territory?"

"Certainly. We need to maintain the checkpoint and the airstrip after all." They smiled and the deal was conveyed. "Also, if they wish to purchase military equipment, as I know their situation is dire, remind them of the 10% regional discount. Also remind that whatever comes to our checkpoint from his land is his responsibility and will be held accountable. That means if a terrorist is coming through them to us there will be problems."

"Will do sir."
30-04-2004, 16:11
1. Rebuilding Roads: $400B
Undivulged Principles
2. Clearing Mines & Other Hazards Previously Laid Down: $100B
Boss Tweed
3. Rebuilding Structures: $300B
Undivulged Principles / Boss Tweed
4. Rebuilding Airports: $200B
Undivulged Principles
5. Clearing Away Wreckage: $68B
Boss Tweed
6. Removing Mines at Beach: $168M
Boss Tweed
03-05-2004, 04:36
Boss Tweed looked at the revised contract during a meeting with some of the Aldermen. "We're getting close," he mused. "I think there a just a few last things to iron out before we can go ahead with the bridge construction. Yuri, will you explain to the group what changes we wish to make?"

"Certainly," Yuri replied. "Our contention is that Layarteb shouldn't pay for our defense against smuggling - we are just as interested in the containment of smuggling as they are.

We will construct, maintain, and staff border checkpoints on both sides of the bridges. Since the interests of Layarteb are at stake, they will have a staffing presence in both checkpoints. We will construct and maintain an airstrip and naval base on the unoccupied lands directly to the east of the bridge. Layarteb may use these bases during times of war for maintainance, re-fueling, and advanced field headquarters. We will also construct new border checkpoints along our northern border with Nuovo Roma. We also have a large military order with Layarteb contingent with this contract. This massive expansion of our naval patrol will guarantee that all shipping out of the Allied States of Boss Tweed will be monitored and processed. All checkpoints, ships, and aircraft will be fixed with the new transcentimetric radar technology to detect even trace amounts of uranium. Layarteb will receive the $25B per the previous contract design for the completion of the bridge.

This, gentlemen, is the essence of Absolute Containment. Our reports have found that the uranium used in the most recent explosion was not from our mines, but we shouldn't be so complacent as to assume that it will not come from our nation at some later date. This plan will guarantee our region's security from smuggled uranium out of the Allied States of Boss Tweed."

A round of applause erupted from the room. "Good!" Boss Tweed remarked, "let's send the proposal to the Layartebian Ambassador."
03-05-2004, 05:07
The Emperor looked at the revised contract. He picked up the phone to the ambassador and skipped the greeting. "This will not do! We will construct and man both the checkpoints on our border and the airstrip by ourselves. No interference. They can man whatever other checkpoints they want on their land but once it enters our territory it is ours. Now about this on the unoccupied lands. That just won't do, that violates the security of every nation in this region. If they want to occupy that land they're going to have to go to war with most of the region for it and that's not what we need right now. What's the result on smuggling issues?"

The ambassador loosened his tie. "We have a problem. Radiation sensors picked up high traces of radiation from a ship coming out of Boss Tweed but we have since lost track of that ship. What was on it I cannot say for sure but it's not a big ship at all. It was a small little PBR, probablly purchased for a few thousand dollars and fixed up as usually the case."

"Very well. Get on it and make sure the coast guard is extra tight. I got a bad feeling that these DLFF wackos are going to try to sabotage this bridge building project. And make sure they aren't talking with those black market nuts as well!"

"Okay. Thank you sir."

"I'm trusting you, remember that!"
05-05-2004, 18:30
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05-05-2004, 19:15
The mountainous region was heavily covered in snow. Winter had stayed late this year and it made the already steep and dangerous slopes even worse. The eight Black Ops forces found literally nothing to indicate the enemy was operating in this area. It had been roughly a week and a half since the deadly blast on Madrad City and the death toll was steadily climbing from radiation poisoning. The city would be a ghost town for the next few years.

But, Force Falcon Team 1, was on to something. Footprints that would indicate the presence of a large human group were spotted in the twlight. They were pursuing the footprints until they stopped at a cave. Twelve hours of reconnaissance revealed that the cave was an intricate complex for the DLFF. Whether it was the main one or not was unknown.

They descended into the caves and using suppressed M4A1s and MP5s, eliminated well over a hundred enemy soldiers, mostly foot soldiers. There were a few officers but nothing significant. But all that changed in a heartbeat.

Secret tunnels and passage ways led to underground facilities that were extensive, probably built by the previous communist regime. The place was massive. The only option was to destroy it from the air. They could not use conventional weapons either and so it was done. They would use their newest nuclear weapon, an earth penetrating bomb. The original model tested recently burrowed itself into two hundred feet of Earth.

That model was only a ploy for a much more advanced model. Using sophisticated penetration abilities, the weapon (with assistance from a rocket using the new GEL fuel) could literally burrow itself several miles into the Earth. Going through rocks reduced its range but it was to be dropped from eighty thousand feet.

Black Hawk helicopters landed at the LZ and picked up the eight Black Operations teams. At the same time, a single F-19A Ghostrider and a single F-24A Knightowl took off from a Layarteb airbase. The F-19 carried Sidewinders and AMRAAMs in addition to a pair of these bombs. The F-24 carried only Sidewinders and AMRAAMs. It was evident that fighter escort was unneccesary but who wanted to risk it.

The target coordinates were handed off in flight and the GPS coordinates were programmed into the two bombs. Each would impact a half mile from each other and burrow themselves deep into the ground. A delayed fuze would allow them to detonate at a depth of seven hundred feet. That was the depth of the bottom of the complex. The blast being used was equivelent to five hundred kilotons, enough to remove the entire mountain. Combined it was a megaton explosion. The warhead was also brand-new. Adapted from the Armageddon ICBM, it used a special alien mineral that could be synthetically produced that would cancel out radiation and enhance the blast yield.

The F-19 and F-24 screamed away at 82,000 at 1,350 mph. They dropped on their targets and banked for home. The bombs accelerated quickly and implacted the top of the mountainous terrain at 6,283 mph, their terminal velocity. The $200M fighters (each) landed safely and news of the attack was suppressed.

Survey teams sent out at dawn revealed the whole internal complex to be fused together from the heat and explosion. Nothing was left. Had there been DLFF leadership in there as well as arms, it was all destroyed now. Victory was nearly at hand!
08-05-2004, 04:17
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08-05-2004, 05:47

The Empire of Layarteb deployed its newest land warfare system to the front in Dnalkrad in case of possible resistance from the DLFF. In tests, the system proved truly magnificent. Here are some photos from the tests.

M2005A1 Boar

Weight: 50 tons
Length: 22.67 ft.
Height: 15.18 ft.
Width: 11.74 ft.
Ground Clearance: 1.54 ft.
Ground Pressure: 27.0 PSI
Obstacle Crossing: 2.78 ft.
Vertical Trench: 9.18 ft.
Power Plant: General Motors 8V71T; 8 cylinder, 2 cycle, vee, supercharged diesel with fuel extension device
Transmission: 4 forward, 2 reverse
Maximum Speed: 49 MPH
Maximum Slope: 60%
Fuel Capacity: 264 gallons
Efficiency: 1.29 mpg
Range: 342 miles
Armament: 30 220mm MGM-182 rockets; 24 Smoke Grenade rounds; 8 Stinger missiles stowed for MANPAD use
Crew: 3
Unit Cost: $4.0M
Current Number in Service: 990
Notes: New guidance and computer directive system allows for satellite uplink and targetting

MGM-182 Boar Rocket

Type: Artillery rocket
Length: 8.9 ft. [A/B/C/D]; 12.0 ft. [E]
Diameter: 8.6 in
Launch Weight: 250 lb. [A]; 220 lb. [B]; 285 lb. [C]; 250 lb. [D]; 340 lb. [E]
Range: 0.2 - 3.0 mi [A/D]; 2.0 - 10.0 mi [B/C]; 0.2 - 15.0 mi [E]
Speed: 2,000 mph
Warhead: 50 lb. HE [A/E]; 20 lb. Chem [B]; W-95 (100t - 5 kT) [C]; 50 lb. FAE [D]
Guidance: Inertial [A/B/C/D]; GPS [E]
08-05-2004, 06:24
The Special Forces commander sat at his desk, reviewing the latest intelligence from the blast to the mountain HQ. He checked the sheet twice and wiped his glasses. This certainly isn't what I hoped for. Now to tell the Emperor. He picked up the phone and dialed the Emperor. "Sir, General of the Special Forces. Yes sir I have it right here. Unfortunately no. It was a base of operations but not a major one. More like a cache. Yes sir. Intelligence believes that they are operating out of the unoccupied region to the northeast. Yes sir. At least seven thousand sir. Armor and aircraft. Most likely in caves. Yes sir. Very well." He hung up the phone and closed his eyes, What I wouldn't give for eight minutes of sleep.

The Emperor hung up the phone and stood up from his desk. His aides and advisors were present. "What do we do now sir?" One of them asked.

"Reconnaissance. Before I order any military forces into the unoccupied region I want to know where they are. The region is not going to be satisfied about this but what else can I do. Once you find them we'll attack, conventional forces."

"Yes sir."

"I'm going to brief the council."
10-05-2004, 03:28
The Emperor turned to his intelligence chief and Special Operations General. They were both eagerly awaiting the outcome of the phonecall with the Confederacy of Undivuldged Principles, a member of the New York Regional Defense Treaty council. The Emperor had a smile on his face as he hung up and addressed them, "Men, UD pledges thier support. They offered money but I said that it wasn't necessary but I did ask that they use their satellites to help locate any resistance strongholds. Secondly, they will not provide military help and that is okay as we don't need that. I agreed that we will not use any WMD and we shall not. They are fine with it. Now just the other members, if they'd ever get back to me!"

"Sir we have new intelligence you might want to see." The Intelligence Chief said.

"Very well. What is it?"

"Sir, intelligence has found the location of two possible strongholds, each about one hundred miles into the unoccupied zone from the border of Layarteb. They are small and most likely out posts."

"Very well, alert our border checkpoints and guards."

"We have sir. There is one other thing."

"What's that?"

"Someone in the region is supplying the DLFF and I can't say who."


"We just don't know sir."

"Very well."


We can provide money and surveilance. All our forces by law allowed on foreign missions are currently employed in other theaters, regionally or for peace keeping purposes and maintaining our interests around the world.

Most of our major weapons are situated on satellites and our heavy artillery and tanks are slated for home defense. This does not provide us with an opportunity to grant the assistance you seek.

We will forward 10% of the expected cost of actvities for the next two months before this action is reviewed before our Popular Assembly.
11-05-2004, 16:10
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