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Momanguise World Fact Book Entry

17-04-2004, 14:26

Map Key

Dotted Black Line = Land Borders

Solid Black Line = Sea

Thick Red Line = Defenses (thickness indicates stregnth)

Ethnical Groups

Momans (Territory indicated by red dotted line). The dominant ethnical group in Momanguise, and they make up aproxamatly 52% of the population. More industrialised than any other group inside of Momanguise, the Moman people, Western in apperance, have long been the guiding force in Momanguise.

Ardonites (Territory indicated by Blue dotted line). The black sheep of Momanguise. The Ardonites held sway over what is now Guisaria for almost a thousand years, during which time terrible attrocities were commited, which has led to a bitter amnosity. Ardon was the last territory to commit itself to the Act of Unification, which created the country of Momanguise. Ardon is home to the ALF (Ardon Liberation Front), the only terrorist organisation inside Momanguise, however the group does not hold mass popularity inside of Ardon. The Ardonites are Aryan in appearance, and make up around 9% of the national population.

Gozosis (territory is the island of Gozos). A seafaring people who hold a long term friendship with the Mormans. They were the first group to join with the Mormans in order to create a strong country. Gozos island is strongly fortified fortress, in order to prevent an attempted invasion (though such a situation has never arrison). The Gozosis are medertarianian in appearance, and consitutute about 7% of the population.

Guisarian (territory indicated by green dotted line). The only truely indiginous people of Momanguise. For 927 years the Guisarians were ruled with an Iron Fist by the Ardonites, in which time approxamatly five million Guisarians were massacred in the worst Genocide in the countrys history. The power of the Ardonites was finally broken at the battle of High Marsh Mass, when an alliance of Momans, Gusarians and the Yungus permanantly fractured the power of the Ardonites in the region. Today, the state of Guisaria is sparesly populated grassland. The Guisarians are indiginous in appearance, and consitute approxamatly 8% of the countrys population.

Yungus (territory shown by Yellow dotted line). A hardy mountain people, the Yungus inhabit the freezing mountains of the Guisian Mountain Range. The Yungus were instrumental in ending Ardonite power in Momanguise, and today are a highly militarised People. The First and Second Ski Armys, contributed to the MAF (Momanguise Armed Forces), are readily recognised as Momaguise's finest troops. The Yungus are Oriental in appearance, and make up 12% of the nations population.

Various Others (territory shown by orange dotted line). Momanguise has always shown itself as willing to accept foriegn refugees and imigrants, and this has paid enourmous dividends. Though there are no restrictions as to the living area of Refugees, most tend to contrigate around the area of Freetown, Momanguise's biggest port. Other Nationalities make up ten% of the country's population.


Peoples Militia (Various) = 500,000

1st Tank Army (5,000 ZLT's, 5,000 MAS-001's, 750 MAA-29's, 1000 MPA-50's and various other support vechicles.)

2nd Tank Army (5,000 ZLT's, 5,000 MAS-001's, 750 MAA-29's, 1000 MPA-50's and various other support vechicles.)

(both tank armys are mainly Moman operated)

1st Mountain Army (50,000 men, Yungus)

2nd Mountain Army (25,000 men, Yungus)

1st Cavalry (5,000 mounted troops, Guisarian)

1st Rangers (10,000 foot soldiers, lightly armed, scouts, Guisarian)

1st Infantry (5,000 men, Ardonite. The lack of Ardonite support for the MAF is a source of major dispute.)

2nd Infantry (25,000 men, Moman).

3rd Infantry (25,000 men, Moman).

4th Infantry (15,000 men, Moman).

5th Infantry (50,000 men, various).

MACF (Momanguise Arial Combat Force)

50 Superheavy Bombers (ooc: I forget the name)

5,000 MFEJ's (fighters)

5,000 MFBJ's (Fighter Bombers)

2,500 MBJ's (Bombers)

500 MCEF (Close Quarter Fighters)


Under Construction

Military History

In the recent Camewot war, Momanguise forces comprising of 10,000 members of the Peoples Militia, the 4th Militia and elements of the 1st Tank army proved instrumental in preventing the RIA in Annexxing the Nation of Camewot. Today, Momanguise maintains a peacekeeping force inside Camewot.

Social History

Fourghty years ago, the Moman Royal Family initiated a war against the provine of Yungus. The war proved to be a disaster, with Momans armed forces suffering huge losses in the Mountains of Yungus, and were forced to retreat. The outrage caused by the war spiraled into revolution, and before long the country was up in arms. The Royal Family were taken into custody, and the other provinces followed suit in joining the new socialist union. Ardon however, in it's last act as an independant state, organised a daring raid which freed the royal family. This action provocked an invasion of Ardon, which submitted and joined the new Momanguise, though the fate of the Royal Family is un-known.
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I wouldn't say people don't care, but rather they don't have to say anything about it? It's a complete, comprehensive map and detail, and that's it. Nothing bad to say, nothing revolutionary (That sounds to me like a nasty crit of it, but, it's not.) It will pale in comparison to mine, that has taken weeks, just to get to the part of my nations history that deals with the renaissance. I have already dealt with pre-Jordaxia, medieval, the creation, so forth.
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Fair enough. *sobs*

Is any of yours up for viewing yet?
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Not yet. If you want, I'll hijack the thread for a second, and print up one or 2 details. (not all though)
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Here is the creation-ancient Jordaxian isles. Input/corrections welcome.

History of the isles. The Jordaxian isles were brought about due to a large volcano on the once united isle erupting, shattering the isles. This volcano is still active, and spews out magma, creating new isles. Given the fertility of magma, plantlife springs up everywhere, giving most of the isles a "tropical" look, with the palm trees, and the blue skies and all. People of neighbouring continents and islands seen this eruption, or more accurately, the smoke of the eruption, and the Earthquake, and took it as a sign that the gods were not happy with them.
After they discovered the newly cracked formed isles, they discovered that the site was perfect in its isolation for monasterial, and theological work. Over time, however, the increasing populace of the isles, which were still rather barren, (because all the trees were burnt, and so forth) Realised that they would need to bring in imported food. (this is pre-Roman, monasterial was a bad word, just chosen to show that it was religious people who moved.) As the islands populace began to build large amounts of boats to bring in food, they discovered the ancient greek and egyptian nations, and began friendly relations with these nations.

Given both these nations had plentiful food, it was a simple matter to purchase it off of them, in return for educational favours (Religious people of the time were the smartest) The Greeks had a name for the early Jordaxians. (I'm thinking they should be Atlanteans) Pre-Jordaxian civilisation was booming, until a "heretical" priest had a revelation in his sleep. He believed that God wanted them to abandon all worship of him, so that they may devote themselves to science. (The man was working with mercury and it's compounds at the time, so it may have driven him mad.) A civil war ensued, and the pre-Jordaxians disappeared from contemporary history. (They had brought back grain seeds and planted them on the isles, so food was abundant now, as well as fishing becoming more viable.) In the late medieval times, the Jordaxians made a return to the scene. The civil war long since over, and our nation devoted to science, we re-contacted the Greeks and egyptians, (now the Byzantines and Egyptians) to find them constantly hostile to each other.

This will be majorly expanded. This is one part of the ancient Jordaxian history I am constructing.

Detail 2

Medieval Jordaxia.

The medieval times brought about extensive changes to both Jordaxia, and the rest of the world. With the advent of gunpowder arrived, and many land armies deciding to reform in order to use the new guns better, the Jordaxian navy reformed. Admirals, having suffered naval defeat with European nations, began to bring up gunpowder for use on the ships. Given how efficiently cannon had destroyed castles, ships that strayed too close to them, and entire infantry and cavalry formations, this was taken seriously. There was one question that had to be answered. How do you keep the gunpowder dry on the sea? The rain can stop cannon firing simply by preventing the gunpowder catching fire, the ocean would do the same. Admirals began to design new ships that would keep the powder dry.
Continued soonish. (on the same part of our history.)

This really needs expanded, and will be in a big way.

Certainly, suggest changes/corrections to this.