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HP & other nations Factbook! [56K TORTURE]

Holy panooly
17-04-2004, 13:52
Main Nations: GaalSien, Holy Panooly
Other Nations: Atemananki, Crepes, Fruity Loops, Qoins, Theohuanacu
Nations named in Bold are puppets

Embassies in HP
Huzen Hagen
Iuthia -currently inactive-
Underwater Asylum
Monte Ozarka
Nodea Rudav
Adaptus Astrates
Kay Son

Climate & Enviroment
Atemananki: Desert & savanne
Climate: dry and hot for the whole year.
Average rainfall per year: 1.5"
Average temperature per year: 93°F/34°C

Crepes: Tropical Rainforest & swamp
Climate: Wet and lots of rain troughout the seasons.
Average rainfall per year: 9.5" per year.
Average temperature per year: 73°F/23°C

Fruity Loops
-None Given-

-None Given-

Holy Panooly: Tropical rainforest, swamps and mountain ranges to the west, north, north-west and north-east
Climate: Wet, lots of rain and extreme cold in the northern mountains.
Average rainfall per year: 7.9"
Average temperature per year: 82°F/28°C

-None Given-

Theohuanacu: Tropical rainforest, swamps and mountain ranges to the west.
Climate: Wet, lots of rain and cold in the northern mountains.
Average rainfall per year: 8.3"
Average temperature per year: +/-82°F/28°C

Raw Materials, Industry and Economy
Atemananki: Diamonds, Oil, Wood, Platinum, Uranium, phoshor
Crepes: Emeralds, Propane, Rubber
Fruity Loops -None Given-
GaalSien -None Given-
Holy Panooly: Uranium, Copper, Platinum, Oil, Rubber, Cotton
Qoins -None Given-
Theohuanacu: Gold, Iron, Vulcanic glass, Silver, Copper

Holy Panooly Military
Command Units

HMS "Purandar" First Class Flagship
HMS "Indra" Second Class Flagship
HMS "Humbaba" Third Class Flagship
HMS "Marduk" Fourth Class Flagship

Attack/Defensive Units

12 Clauswitz Class Frigates
10 Manstein Class Destroyers
9 Seydlitz Class Cruisers
15 BB-61 IOWA-class Battleships
13 DDG-993 KIDD-class Destroyers
12 Nimitz Class Battleships
18 Dardo Class Cruisers

6 JFK-class Carriers
6 Essex-class Carriers
4 Hell Class Carriers
4 Poseidon Class Cruisers
23 Trident Class Submarines
12 Los Angeles Class Attack Submarines

5% of the total population can be called for duty.
At this time we have 1,4 million troops ready.
120,000 special ops
100,000 anti tank specialists
400,000 marnines
400,000 infantrymen
80,000 snipers
the remaining soldiers can be given various tasks.

Tanks, Siege and AT/AA guns
75 M1A1 Abrams Battle Tanks
130 KS1 SAM's
125 M103 Heavy Tanks
120 M113 APC's
120 M-270 MLRS Rocket Artilliary
125 M1A2 Abrams Tanks
130 M2 Bradley APC's
140 M-15 Light Tanks
120 Patriot Missile System
150 T-95UM Heavy Tanks
150 M-26 Main Battle Tank
200 Leopard tanks
190 M1A1 tanks
180 SK-105 Kürassier II tanks
300 120mm AT guns
150 57mm AT guns
330 Flak-Halftrack AA guns
200 255mm Howitzer Cannons
200 155mm Howitzer Cannons
180 405mm Field Artillery

42 EB-52 Megafortresses
80 B-52 Stratofortresses
230 B2 Bombers
150 F16's
150 Av8B Harrier Fighters
150 J10 Fighters
100 F17 Fighters
120 Seaking anti-submarine helicopters
120 EA-80C Transport airplane
110 EF-12B Goldenhawk

9 Anti ICMB Satellite
10 Anti missile battery Satellite

Chemical/Biological weapons
Benzene Bomb - 20,000 bombs
Phosphoric Acid bomb - 15,000 bombs
Phosphorous Bomb - 10,000 bombs
Liquid Nitrogen Bomb - 12,000 bombs
Magnesium Bomb - 11,000 bombs
Sarin Nerve Gas Container - 12,000 containers
Advanced Nerve Gas Container - 12,000 containers
Advanced Mustard Gas Container - 15,000 containers
Flesh eating bug Bomb - 9,000 bombs
Aluminum Lithium Hydride shell - 15,000 shells
Ammonia Gas shell - 20,000 shells
Dimethoxy Mercaptobenzylammonium Chloride - 13,000 Shell/Bomb/Grenade
Sulfuric Acid Mist - 10,000 containers

Nuclear Weapons
12,000 ICBM nuclear missiles
90 Neutron Bombs
90 H-Bombs
Bree Tonia
17-04-2004, 14:25
Clever idea, i guess that maps arent just for RPs then. Nice thing about the weather, aswell, very informative, and what program did you use to draw the map? It looks quite detailed.
Holy panooly
17-04-2004, 14:27
Photoshop. And thanks
Holy panooly
17-04-2004, 15:32
17-04-2004, 15:52
Did you transplant ancient Babylon into your island? :)
Holy panooly
17-04-2004, 15:57
17-04-2004, 16:02
Im on 56k that thinks it 28K and it loaded in about 1 minute....hmmm how is that torture?
17-04-2004, 16:04
Holy panooly
17-04-2004, 16:08
I don't know why it's 56K torture... Mostly because it's big... I think
17-04-2004, 16:26
Thank God I have cable... Hood map though, one of the best home made I've seen a while.
Holy panooly
17-04-2004, 16:29
Thanks :D
17-04-2004, 16:39
Thanks :DNp, with mine I just took a map of Greece and renamed everything. :wink:
Holy panooly
17-04-2004, 16:41
The only real things on the map are the great fish river (in northern canada) and several names of cities.
17-04-2004, 16:43
Integrity, I had that once.
Holy panooly
17-04-2004, 17:10
Added roads and a few more cities + Bump.
17-04-2004, 17:12
That map is insanely awesome. Did you do it or did you find something with those colors?
Holy panooly
17-04-2004, 17:14
Yup, I made it and I used photoshop. Thanks for comment!
17-04-2004, 17:53
Really? Wow man I am overly impressed. The New York map is rather simple, I'd love to do something detailed but I'm not entirely capable on it. What features of Photoshop did you use to do certain areas?
Holy panooly
17-04-2004, 17:57
The pen tool for the lines and other objects who need to have a perfect shape like triangles, blocks of houses... The 1 pixel brush for the thin lines like borders, roads... A 5 pixel brush for small cities and 9 pixel brush for capital cities. Natural brushes with a cracked texture can be used for mountains and forests and there you have a nice map.
17-04-2004, 18:01
Yep out of my league :) Good work anyhow.
17-04-2004, 18:07
Nice map there. I really, REALLY need to get to work on mine :?

Nice job there mate.
Holy panooly
17-04-2004, 18:08
I can make one for you Layarteb. Just telegram me the details and I'll see what I can do.

thanks for the comments people. Keep 'em coming.
17-04-2004, 18:20
I can make one for you Layarteb. Just telegram me the details and I'll see what I can do.

thanks for the comments people. Keep 'em coming.

It's cool I don't have any details to be honest. Thanks anyway. Maybe if my region wants more and such in their nations I can get details for each.

Right now this is what I have
Holy panooly
17-04-2004, 18:30
Don't worry I'll just make it look better, if you want.
17-04-2004, 19:01
I'm always open to improvement.
22-04-2004, 14:25
BUMP TO THE TOP. Layarteb if you read this, I'm working on your map right now.

I'd love to get a map of Sarzonia. How would I go about doing that?

You can telegram me if you'd like.
Holy panooly
22-04-2004, 15:14
You have to give me something to work with. Names, forests, rivers etc etc...
Holy panooly
28-04-2004, 10:26
Felt like updating the damn thing with my military...
28-04-2004, 11:05
*eyes pop* Whoa...
cool map! I like it!
It looks like you put a lot of effort into that thing.
Holy panooly
28-04-2004, 11:25
Indeed, thanks!