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DGNT Annexs Dominus system

17-04-2004, 04:00
DGNT has announced its intentions to gain control of the Dominus system, a large solar system just outside the Galactic Core, through military force if it is required.
The system consists of twelve planets, two pairs of double planets, with a large number of moons. The first five planets are hugely rich in mineral resources and of those only the fourth and fifth (one of the double planet pairs) are inhabited. The civilization is currently at what is typicaly refered to as 'modern' technology, and have only colonized their sister planet because its about as far away as Earths moon.
The rest of the planets are either rocks or similar to Pre-Historic Earth. A number have evolved life, but as yet no other sentient lifeforms have been detected. Survey teams are continueing to check from orbit (or outside of sensor range, depending) for more details.
The two planets hosting sentient life also resemble the 'modern' Earth in that large amounts of radio signals seem to be bouncing every which-way.

The population of these planets will be integrated as part of the Dontgonearthere Empire, with all the rights and privileges that that entails. Military force will be used only if needed, the planets will be allowed to maintain their culteral and political structure within the bounds set by the System Government.

Any wishing to aid the annexation will receive territory in return. Once the system is secure property will be avalible.

In an effort to preserve a number of unique lifeforms the third, tenth and last planets are off limits to all but research teams.
17-04-2004, 04:13
Will property be for sale,of reasonable price of course?
17-04-2004, 04:14
Naturaly, though prices may be slightly high if removing hostiles proves difficult.
17-04-2004, 05:19
Contact has been established with the govornments of the planets, their names, translated from local language, come out to your basic 'Earth', sometimes refered to as 'The Twins', though.
Negotiations as to the process of integration are currently underway, and are going quite well. The planets inhabitants mostly seem to be quite good natured, and removed all carrier politicians from office about two hundred years ago, leading to an age of unprecident prosperity and enlightenment. The records indicate that there has not been since.

They appear roughly humanoid, their skin is slightly bluish due to atmospheric differnces, but their organ structure is similar. The only major differnce is that most members of the race are slightly telepathic, able to sense emotions and sometimes catch any particularly strong thought if it is directed at them with suffecient force, this works for any species with a human-type brain structure, but only one way.