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Daleys Chicago
17-04-2004, 03:48
Our great loved Dictator Richard M. Daley delivered the state of the city address among protesters of his demolition of Meigs Field and corruption. The Chicago PD beat them. Daley said it was allowed by the precedent his father set during the 1968 DNC convention.

New appointments to government:
Deputy Mayor: Ozzy Guiien
Police Chief: Frank Thomas
Fire Chief: Magglio Ordonez (seriously he has been on fire lately so O-E-O Magglio!)
city council:
Paul Konerko
Willy Harris
Esteban Loaiza
Mark Buehrle
Jon Garland
Carlos Lee
Miguel Olivo
Jose Valentin
Joe Crede

Sanitation director: Aaron Rowand

Superintendant: Sandy Alomar Jr.

To be killed today in public execution: Danny Wright and Billy Koch, and the CHICAGO CUBS

ANY COMMENTS on our new great government and our beloved White Sox which are now on our flag

The Cubs are
Daleys Chicago
18-04-2004, 02:12
We are killing Kordell Stewart, Mike McCaskey, Dick Jauron, and John Schoop. We appointled Ditka as press secretary (he will spit gum in reporter's hair)
Daleys Chicago
18-04-2004, 05:37
bump, we are also killing Jerry Reinsdorf