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Peace Conference at Nietzsche City

16-04-2004, 23:18
Since a long time ago, problems between Nouveau Volstikian patriots and the government of Grunge-France had problems because the need of Nouveau Volstik of being independent, due to our negative of the oppressive and eugenic dictatorial government.

Official war broke out and International Community hurried to help us. We had sent several petitions of ceasefire, but all were rejected, until the Grunge-French military fiasco in the Battle for Nietzsche City.
Now, both sizes in the conflict have accepted to sit at a peace conference in Nietzsche City.

Nouveau Volstik
Lord Zero
The Kahaile Family
The French Loyalists

New Vladivostok
AoE2 Region

All the nations in the world are welcome to send an emissary as guests and witnesses that will surely help us to get through this difficult time, specially the nations supporting Nouveau Volstik and New Vladivostok.

Here it is the reference of this conflict:

William Auguste, the man in charge of the defense of Nietzsche City who has beenecently promoted to General Commander due to his victory over the AoE2 Regional Army, will attend to the Peace Conference on representation of Andrés Vino, President of Noveau Volstik.
As part of the agreement, General Commander William has retired the Nouveau Volstikian forces from Nietzsche City, as the AoE2 Regional Army will arrive at any moment to occupy, in a non-violent proccess, the city while the talks are being held.

William Auguste is waiting for the Representatives.
The Kahaile Family
16-04-2004, 23:35
Our unofficial ambassador to Nouveau Volstik, Alejandro Hierro, will attend to this meeting in my representation.

Queen Juliet V of The Mexican Kingdom of The Kahaile Family.
New Vladivostok
16-04-2004, 23:38
New Vladivostok will side with whatever position Grunge-France chooses to take. The Grand Duke will send his son. Lord Vladimir Yevgenievich Vsevolod, by the Grace of God Marquis of New Khabarovsk and Heir to the Holy Sceptre of the Dominion of New Vladivostok, as his personal emissary.

<Private, encrypted communique to Grunge-France. In other words, no one else knows about it.>

We suggest that you demand nothing less than the full and total surrender of Nouveau Volstik, although we will support whatever terms you set. If they refuse your terms, we are ready to destroy the Nouveau Volstikian Capitol Building the moment negotiations break down, should they do so.
17-04-2004, 00:02
G.C. William: I welcome the New Vladivostokian representative and the Mexican representative. The meeting will start as soon as the Grunge-French representative arrives.

It is nice to see you here Mr. Alejandro: Grunge-France uses the army of the region, even though another member of the region is supporting us.
17-04-2004, 00:52
As the 47th AoE2 Army, under the Command of Du Croix, marched into the entrance of Nietzsche City, the people was in shock: most of them did not know why their arm yleft and why we were entering so easily.

-I do not arrive, not yet-
New Vladivostok
17-04-2004, 06:54
17-04-2004, 23:54
A few hours after the arrival of the 47th AoE2 Army to Nietzsche City, the army was in total control of the place: there were no protests, no nothing: Lord Zero and Nouveau Volstik had forces a few milles away from the city, but other than that, the city, the city that costed more than 500,000 lives from both AoE2 Region and Nouveau Volstik, was being peacily given to the 47th AoE2 Army, while the Conference was in progress.

Inside the Conference (Nations can arrive at any moment, but now has started), The Grunge-France emissary said:

"Bonjour. I am Commander Werther Du Croix, member of the Supreme AoE2 Army Administration Secretariat, and Chief Commander of the 47th AoE2 Army. To beggin with, I want to say once again, that the occupation of Nietzsche City has no other intention but to guarantee a fair "playground" and our safety. In case this Peace Conference failed... well, I have noticed lots of troops around the city, so I guess you can try to retake the city after all...

...But this Conference shall not fail: this is on behalf of the Grunge-French people and on behalf of the Rebel people.

Mr. William, you asked me to order to disolve the air-water blockade we have on you. The answer is negative: If you are not planning any surprise move to dishonor your dignity, why should you need that? no, the blockade will remain.

Also, I would like to clarify the possition of the AoE2 Region: You have stated that Grunge-France is using the regional army even if a part of the region is on your favor. Well, The AoE2 Regional Army is beyond Mexico or beyond Grunge-France. The AoE2 Regional Army has, as its dutty, to mantain the safety of the region. By declaring war against a member of this region, Mr. William, you forced the AoE2 Army to attack you. There is another thing: Grunge-France is in disadvantage because it has no-army. I would dare to say that Grunge-France is the only nation without an army of his own. So, having no national army, AoE2 Army is doubled committed to the defense of Grunge-France, if AoE2 Army does not do it, who will?

AoE2 Region has not declared war on you though, that is why Mexico can support you. If AoE2 Region was to declare war to you, not only AoE2 Regional Army, but other 16 National armies would be after your bones.

In other issue, Mexico stated it right: By calling for the help of Lord Zero, you are jeopardising the region. I would like to point out, that the existance of troops of Lord Zero is highly disturbing and a permanent nuicance, and that if this continues, Grunge-France will ask to the region to declare war, because this is a total inssult to our sovereignty. Lord Zero has behaved cocky and pedantic (OOC.: And some times irreallistic...) and he may cause a big international conflict. In case Lord Zero committed other powers into his aid, we will contact our biggest allies: The Ur Trade Pact and the Allied Powers, including another Lord that is far more important that Lord Zero: Lord Reaver.
This is an open warning to Lord Zero: mind your own bloody business, while you still have "your own" bloody business, do not make us take them from you.

Having declared this, We are open to receive the propossal of the Rebels."

Commander Du Croix.
18-04-2004, 00:20
General Commander William Auguste:

Lord Zero is participating as an answer for our ask of international help. He finds our reasons sensible enough for him, that is why he is helping us. We could answer you that New Vladivostok has no right to interfeer, and that its coward terrorist attacks have no place in a modern society, but then you would not agree, would you? It all depends on your convencience.

I will go to the point, Mr. du Croix, this is what Nouveau Volstik wants:

1)Recognised Independence from the Government of the Humanist Republic of Grunge-France.

2)That the blockade on us is disolved.

3)That the AoE2 Regional forces leave the Nouveau Volstikian Territories.

4)The Nouveau Voltikian territories are the ones from the old Nation of Siant Rico that was absorbed by Grunge-France. These territories, right now, have more Nouveau Volstikian than Grunge-French, and the people over there wants to be under Nouveau Volstikian government. The territories have a total of 20,000 squared kilometers. With rightful access to both the AoE2 Ocean and to the Plantagenean Ocean.

5)That our right of have an army is respected.

6)To be recognised as an Independent State all over the world, specially in AoE2 Region.
18-04-2004, 01:07
"Ok, let´s analyse each part:

1)Total independence? that is not a clear concept, and we will have to clarify it. tell me what exactly you want.

2)The blockade is not planned to be forever.

3)The AoE2 Regional Army will not stay forever.

4)That is outrageous! Right now, you do not even control half of that territory! If you are trying to make a connection with Saint Rico, forget it: Saint Rico was instaured as a nation to protect the Grunges that were not in favor with the union of the Grunge Kingdom and the Grunge-French Republic to create Grunge-France, you have no connection with Saint Rico. We cannot give you the whole territory between Grunge-France and Ur.

5)The problem is that the existance of your army will only cause problems with Grunge-France. If we were in good terms, AoE2 Army could provide you with army protection...

6)Hmm... let´s first discuss the terms of your "total" Independence"

Commander Du Croix.
18-04-2004, 16:32
General Commander William:

What we want for "total independence" is quite simple:

1)Right to chose our own government.
2)Right to have our own army.
3)Right to have our own tax system.
4)Right to chose the destinty of Nouveau Volstik.

There is something very important that President Vino has asked me to inform you: All this fight is because of the strong centralist government of Grunge-France. Grunge-France has always adopted more liberal and federative governments, and it reached the peak of its glory during the Confederacy... Having a central government in a nation that has many different people is not intelligent.
Given all the 4 points we asked, if Grunge-France was to to change its government, Nouveau Volstik could or could not decide to form some kind of union with Grunge-France, according to the circumstances.

We ask for 20,000 square kilometers... but I can lower that to 13,000 square kilometers. We are secrificing our exit to the Plantagenean Ocean, I hope you are conscious of that. We will not sacrifice our exit to the AOE2 Ocena though.
20-04-2004, 00:22
We accept the conditions that you stablished on telegrams not this one.

You publish them, I don´t have too much time.