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should i declair war

16-04-2004, 22:48
do you think i should declair war on The hell worshipers friend mark? tell me wat u think
16-04-2004, 22:50
If you want, but as someone said in THW's thread asking the same thing, if you don't have a good reason to declare war, then other nations might not take it too well.....Your choice though....
16-04-2004, 22:59
isnt my good use of gramer, punckuation, speling, and capitilization good enough?
16-04-2004, 23:01
isnt my good use of gramer, punckuation, speling, and capitilization good enough?

17-04-2004, 00:17
Randomly driving along a desolate area, Bumblebee conveniently hears a familiar sound. Transforming into robot mod, Bumblebee takes place behind some rocks, and peers over.

"MEGATRON! Bumblebee to Optimus, Bumblebee to Optimus. Come in, Optimus."

"Optimus Prime here, Bumblebee. Go ahead."

"Optimus, I've just run into Megatron, and he's making fun of a n00b!"

"Bumblebee! I do not want to hear derogatory remarks out of you! New players should be given every chance to improve, the way Midlonia has tried."

"But Optimus-"

""Enough. I don't want to heat excuses out of you."
17-04-2004, 00:18
Coming up to Megatrons position, Starscream looks downwards.

"What's that... an Autobot!" Starscream quickly set off two missles. They exploded around his enemy, as he transformed into robot mode, tackling the Autobot scout.
17-04-2004, 00:18
(sounds of explosions)

"Optimus! HEL-"


Optimus suddenly felt a sinking feeling deep inside his Matrix. He should have told Bumblebee to drop back, and he certaintly shouldn't have yelled at him. Now, he had to help his friend. Hopefully, he was not too late.

"Autobots, ROLL OUT!"
17-04-2004, 00:32
((OOC:I do hope you havn't made both these nations yourself and are rping a transformers war on your own...))
17-04-2004, 00:46
<ooc: With all of the people RPing Transformers on NS, why would we do that? :roll: >
The Resi Corporation
29-04-2004, 06:59
((OOC: Actually, I thought of doing something like this, only being a bit more involved with the puny humans like they are in the original series.

Oh, and I can tell you're basing these off the 80's Transformers, for which I'm infinately thankful. If you touched Transformers Armada, I would crush you. That show is an abomination.))
29-04-2004, 07:10
<ooc: Yes. Yes it is.

Now, if only THE AUT0B0TS could get done with his damned school work, we could continue.>