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16-04-2004, 19:41

This link will put you to the main store this store is a small taste of Dark Empire items.

Endor Crystal Mesh (ECM):

this armor was made by melting Endor and mixing it with a rare Crystal, after that a long and complex process is done to crystalys the armor. it has a dark shine and is pure black and is vary strong. problem with this is that once it is soild it takes 2 full weeks to liquidfy it to coat areas and take hours just to bend or cut the armor. unless made right it can be brittle and esay to snap. a form of Plasma heating is the only way to melt the metal quickly but other forms are not out of the question.

reflects 17% of Beam Weapons
absurbs 8% of energy weapons
2x stronger then Endor
High melting point

3x heavyer then earth based metals
takes 8% more damage from porjectile weapons
hard to grapth onto armor
Ships need to use More power when within a Graverty field

Cost per square Feet: 18,000 Cr
Cost per Liter: 12,000 Cr

Endor Armor:
the back bone of the DESC a armor that is vary strong and verstile (hope i spelt that) and it cant be used for body armor. this armor was found in mainy astroids within the dark empire and the CorpSac corporation gaind the mineing rights to 78% of the Endor astroid belts. in ore from it is a deep blue but onces its turned into Pure Endor its a dark Black.

3x stronger then any Earth Metal
13% less damage from most Projectile weapons
high melting point

3x heavyer then earh metals
Ships need to use More power when within a Graverty field

Cost per square feet: 10,000 Cr

light Endor Armor:
same as endor armor but is slightly lighter and not as stong, used on most fighters and Milltary Buildings. useing a long and costly process to lighten the armor it also lowers the wight and most advatages but its worth it if you want the armor onto your fighters.

1.5x Stonger then any Earth Metal
8% less damage from Most projectile weapons

1.5% heavyer then any Earth Metal

Cost per square feet: 15,000 Cr

none of the above armor can be used for Body armor or Powered Armor

Endor Silk Web (ESW):
an extramely costly but grate for body armor and powered armor, useing micro thin strands of endor then its weved to make a thin and light but strong armor. this armor is grate for alot of things not just for milltary use but also civilan from fishing nets to boats.

0.5x Stronger then Steel
0.8% less damage from Most projectile weapons

low melting point

Cost per Square feet: 22,000 Cr

Captial ships:
The Crow Class Supercarrier/C&C
Type: Supercarrier
length: 2,784 meters
mass: 79.6 million metric tons
crew: 3500 (pilots replacement pilots etc)
troop: 50,000
fighter: 315
DropShips: 15
She'Klan Corvettes: 5 in five bays
power: 5 Fusion Reactors
Engines: 6 Ion/Particle thrust engines
duration: 24 months
1 Plasma Caster
2 Hvy Ion Cannon turrets (360*)
4 Hvy Ion Pulse Cannon turrets (180*)
2 Muti Fussion Torpedo
2 Plasma Cannons
9 to 12 meter armored hull (dubble coated)
Comm Jammers Mk IIV
Hyperspace Drive: Yes
Cost: 32 billion Crs
Date introduced:2139 ACR

The Crow was rushed to completion at the start of the Veredia-CorpSac war its high number of fighters and Dropships made it a fearce planetary assult ship. with a small number of powerful weapons it can hold its own for a short amount of time, with a dubble layer of Endor Armor it can take more damage then any other ship in the fleet. takeing about 8-12 months to build (with out testing) its not the quickest ship to build but its worth it. as the hangers can be converted to Cargo holds it would make an Grate cargo ship (5,000,000 Metric Tons not confirmed) its a good muti role ship. as it is the only ship able to carry She'Klan corvette in the 5 larger bays near the back, making it a grate repair base for she'Klan corvettes.

more and better thing can be found at the IM (link above)

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How big can that ship be... like half a meter long? :P
Raysian Military Tech
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*fixes your pic to make it look less.... plastic :)*
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cheers, well pic i had was the only one i could find :cry: evil babylon people *curses alot* u can get a 25% discount for that :D
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*walks up to the magic butten and press's it*


new things added to Fighters, fleet packages added (uncompleted)
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BUMP yet more things added
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BUMP and new superweapons added as well as new ships