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declaration of war

16-04-2004, 19:08
i kill u. give me all ur money i hate the un muhahaha :twisted:

Yes, a
I am a homo
16-04-2004, 19:25
Dont waste our message space, I will ignore you from now on.
16-04-2004, 19:30
**fires 700 nuclear nukes on Tyre hub**
The Angry Junkies
16-04-2004, 19:30
*drop nukes with the anthrax*
16-04-2004, 19:31
**drops meteor**
16-04-2004, 19:36
*Fires the Death star, to toast his toasted cheese faster.*

*drops giant piano on tyre hub with correct use of the new "smite" key on the keyboard.*
Pheonix 1
16-04-2004, 19:45
...Bit hositle arn't we? :wink: ...i agree that its a stupid question...and are wondering what you mean by in are the UN actually homosexual in majority or are you simply using gay in a derrogatory way? I wont flame you for either answer...though i might kick your ass...I get quite bored you know...