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About Canopus Prime - *FUTURE TECH*

16-04-2004, 18:14
Canopus Prime is a settlement on the edge of human occupied space. while small, Canopus Prime is known for it's entertainment industry, generating billions of Ryus each year. this allows Canopus Prime the ability to have an econamy rivalling many nations much larger.

Canopus Ptime produces just a 1 type of battlemech, the JR7-D "Jenner".

JR7-D Jenner:

Price: 25 million ryu
Type: Scout/Raider
Weapons: 4 Medium Lasers, 1 SRM-4 Pack
Type: Light
Mass: 35 Tons
Armor: 4 Tons
Speed: 70 Miles Per Hour
Jumping: 492.12 Feet

A highly Manuverability design, the Jenner is an incredably dangerous example of it's size.