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Future Tech Wargame (players wanted)

Imperial Brits
16-04-2004, 17:46
Iam new to future tech and i would like to test one of my new capital ships and fighters against another nations capital ship and fighters.

I would like if anyone will give it a go with me, as my n00b ass needs some kicking.

The arena will be a solar system with 5 gas giant planets and an asteroid belt extending around the system in between the 4th and 5th planet.

Go on i would like a nice rp.
The Resi Corporation
16-04-2004, 17:48
We don't have a capital ship as of yet, but we have various space-tech weapons such as Raven Units (giant mecha) and Helblindi fighterbombers.

[tag] for later, but you can see our tech on our storefront (
Imperial Brits
16-04-2004, 17:52
Oh well. Guess ill just have to wait for someone else to test my little beauty.