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AndreArms Inc. release new Main Battle Tank for sale

16-04-2004, 16:13

AH-22 “Warrior” MBT

Crew: 3 (Commander, driver, gunner)
Weight: 68 tons
Engine: 1,200hp liquid cooled diesel
Transmission: David Brown TN54 gearbox, with six forward and two reverse gears
Dimension: Length (gun forward): 11.5m; Height: 2.95m; Width: 3.5m
Cruising Range: 450km by road, 250km cross-country
Speed: Max road 55 km/h; max off-road 42 km/h
Main Gun: 120mm M256 smoothbore by Rhinemetall GmbH
Rate of Fire: 8-9 rounds/min
Auxiliary Weapon: One coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun; one 12.7 mm air-defence machine gun

CONTRACTOR: AndreArms Inc.

ARMAMENT: The main armament is the 120mm M256 smoothbore gun, developed by Rheinmetall GmbH of Germany. Combine this with the Andrehervian JXK2 autoloader and the AH-22 can carry 42 rounds, 22 of them stored in the carousel of the autoloader, and the gun can fire at 8-9 rounds per minute. The 120mm gun fires the following ammunition: the M865 TPCSDS-T and M831 TP-T training rounds, the M8300 HEAT-MP-T and the M829 APFSDS-T which includes a depleted uranium penetrator. Textron Systems provides the Cadillac Gage gun turret drive stabilisation system.

The AH-22 is also equipped with a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun (5000 rounds) and a 12.7mm AA machine gun (400 rounds)

M256 ammunition

PROTECTION: The AH-22 incorporates the same chobham/depleted uranium armour as the AH-21 and the AH45-H. The ‘body’ of the tank is protected by DU armour whilst the turret is reinforced with Chobham. Armour bulkheads separate the crew compartment from the fuel tanks. The top panels of the tank are designed to blow outwards in the event of penetration by a HEAT projectile. The tank is protected against nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) warfare. The turret is protected with second generation Chobham armour. A nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection system is located in the turret bustle.

PROPULSION: The AH-22 has a twelve-cylinder, 1,200hp Perkins Caterpillar CV12 diesel engine and a David Brown TN54 gearbox, with six forward and two reverse gears. Second-generation Hydrogas suspension and hydraulic track tensioner are fitted. The maximum speed by road is 59km/h and 40km/h cross country. The range is given as 450km by road and 250km cross-country.

FIRE CONTROL AND OBSERVATION: The digital fire control computer is produced by Computing Devices Company (now General Dynamics - Canada). General Dynamics UK is to supply the Platform Battlefield Information System Application (PBISA) for theAH-22. PBISA integrates the commander's display, inertial navigation system, digitisation processing computer and driver's display panel. Alvis Vickers is responsible for system integration and some of the software. PBISA will be delivered from 2004 to 2006.

The commander has a panoramic VS 580-10 gyrostabilised sight from SAGEM (formerly SFIM Industries). A laser rangefinder is incorporated into an intermediate assembly. Elevation range is +35° to -35°. The commander's station is equipped with eight periscopes which provide 360° vision.

The Thermal Observation and Gunnery Sight II (TOGS II), from Thales (formerly Pilkington) Optronics, provides night vision. The sensor is based on UK TICM 2 common modules. The thermal image, with magnification x 4 and x 11.5 is displayed in the gunner's and commander's sights and monitors. The gunner has a Thales Optronics stabilised Gunner's Primary Sight, consisting of visual channel, 4Hz laser rangefinder and display. The laser rangefinder has a range of 200m to 10km.

The driver is equipped with an image-intensifying Passive Driving Periscope (PDP) from Thales Optronics, for night driving.

PRICE: AH£5,600,000
OfLower Urban Gorrilas
16-04-2004, 16:48
The Defense Minister ,U Wanna Kickbooty, of the United States of the Lower Urban Gorrilas would like to make a purchase of your MBT

We would like to purchase

160 of them at the total price of 996 million
money is wired along with the order

We appreciate that we have the chance to purchase the tanks from your country.

U Wanna Kickbooty
Defense Minister
16-04-2004, 16:53
Order confirmed. All tanks will be delivered to your country in 2 months time (real life time 30 seconds).
16-04-2004, 17:53
16-04-2004, 18:13
The Elesnarian Minister of Defense, Liang Shen Fung want to purchase your new product of weapon, the AH-22 "Warrior" Main Battle Tank. He want to purchase 100 pieces of this new tank for operational pruposes such as defending the Elesnarian soil from future invaders and as a technological advancement to the Elesnarian Armed Forces.

He hoped that this purchase can accelerate the military assistance between our both nations, and in the end, making mutual partnership.
16-04-2004, 18:34
We would like to thank Elesnar for purchasing our equipment and wish them good luck in the future.

Deliveries will conclude in 17 days time (real life time 20 seconds). Once again, we thank you.
16-04-2004, 22:09
16-04-2004, 22:11