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Benician capital city engulfed in a Sea of flames

16-04-2004, 13:35
---Breaking Announcement, Germanicus---

In the early hours of this morning our beloved capital, Benopolis, was set to the flame by a community sect known as the Communist Christians Alliance (CCA) wishing to destroy the morale of the people.

While reports are coming in that 4/5 of the capital is alight, there is little that can be done as fire services too are trapped by flames that engulf Benopolis rim to rim.

By order of President Benicius III, article 78 of the Benician constitution has been invoked by a greatly reduced executive government, thereby handing emergency power over while this crisis is subdued.

The death toll is said to be uncountable at this stage, but at best estimates casualties have surpassed the one million mark.

...We will keep you updated throughout the for a recap on the Presidential National Address shown moments ago...
16-04-2004, 15:09
The Government of Falastur is shocked by these recent events, and asks if it can do anything to help. In the meantime, we are wiring you $10 million to help recover from this disaster.

~~Money Wired~~
Bree Tonia
16-04-2004, 19:44
Transmission Follows:
To: President Benicius III
From: Dictator Zaitzev
I am appalled at te actions of the CCA. We wish we could help in some way to depress the blaze. The only way apart from economic assistance we can provide would be to send you our fire-fighting helicopters, they are 4 converted Mi-24 hinds with water tanks and release valves. I hope you can put them to good use.
Flocarga and Delmarva
16-04-2004, 19:46
We will assist your efforts with firefighting and some monetary aid, as well as humanitarian supplies.
Imperial Brits
16-04-2004, 20:17
I will send you the entire marshmallow reserve of my nation so that something constructive can be brought from this fire.
Imperial Brits
16-04-2004, 20:18
I will send you the entire marshmallow reserve of my nation so that something constructive can be brought from this fire.
16-04-2004, 20:18
The chellian government sends its sorrow for Benicius,and will send it anything it needs to help put out this fire.


CFR(Chellian Free Radio)

"Ladies and gentlemen, that was Tori Mintel!" *claps in background* "Anyways... Today, the chellian government gave a wish of support to the nation of Benicius. Word has it, Communist Christians burnt their capital, and the government passed some enabling laws to its president. When was the last time something like this happened? Ohh ya, nazi germany, 1933.

While it was never proven, nazi loyalists set fire to the reichstag, the german parliment, and blamed it on the communists. The leader of germany gave hitler full power to do anything he wanted, for four years, which was extended until 1945, when, well...ya. Personally, I think chellis should just bomb them and get it over with, but maybe thats why im not secretary of defense, heh. In other news..."

17-04-2004, 11:11
---Benician Live Update---

As the great fire of Benopolis raged throughout yesterday and this morning, hundreds of thousands of refugees flee to surrounding townships having lost everything in what is rising to be the worst disaster in this nation's history.

With a pre-fire population of 50 million, Benopolis was the third largest city in Benicius. When the flames are finally left to burn out, it is expected that over half the population will have perished.

In the early hours of this morning, President Benicius III who had been holidaying in Germanicus at the time expressed outrage at the CCA who had been warning of the end of the world and the rise of Marxism for some time.

In a press conference at the Royal Palace Theatre, President Benicius proclaimed:

"It is now clear that the CCA must be taken seriously and accordingly sent to the flame as they have done to countless millions..."

During the sympathetic speech, the President announced that all members and sympathisers of the CCA are to be hunted down and arrested. All Communists and Christians alike have been declared "enemies of the state" by a unanimous vote by executive government just an hour ago.

...More details to come...
17-04-2004, 11:22
Falastur, while still deeply sympathising for the Benicius dead, are shocked by the response of Benicius' Government. While it is known that the CCA are behind these attacks, this is no reason to assume that all citizens either Communist or Christian are in this group, nor even that all Communist Christians support this act of terror. We ask the Benician Government to change their stance to one more appropriate of the situation, before potentially millions of your citizens are arrested or worse for having nothing to do with the attack.