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Mothership construction accelerated

Imperial Brits
16-04-2004, 13:11
With the ecconomic and military aid from Jaratia Imperial Brits is proud to announce the acceleration of our new and first breed of capital ship.
Previously we could only construct one however with the joint aid from Jaratia The military has ordered the construction of Five Motherships.

"I cant find a pic but its the nice one anubis has"

All Specifications are top secret.

This is a joint imperial Brits and Jaratia venture.

well its completed when i use it i will post all the stats. This ship is now labelled Hatak class and will be the standard ship of my fleet.
imported_Choas legion
16-04-2004, 13:24
if you need supply or operators my nation will be gald to help our hackers are the best in the world. :D
Axis of OZ
16-04-2004, 13:25
we as well can be of some help to you... weapons systems are what we live to create...
Imperial Brits
16-04-2004, 13:26
I thank you for your offer however alot of the tech that Will be on this ship will be revolutionary. As people will see.

However are you future tech as i am attempting to set up an alliance of future tech nations with an end goal which you will be made privy to if you join.
Imperial Brits
16-04-2004, 13:27
Well at this time we are considdering in using a tempral incursion as the main weapon.
imported_Choas legion
16-04-2004, 15:07

Space Fortress Brage
imported_Choas legion
16-04-2004, 15:08
ahhhh temperal energy? yes yes like what the Space Weapon Fortress Brage, it is powered by that tpye but we cant get it operational for another week or so... hmmm well if you need help. the brage is well proected we must have it done before the current UN resolution is passed. i should say we should all work together to get these space weapons operational.
Underwater Asylum
16-04-2004, 15:09
Sounds interesting. We wish to join this alliance.
Imperial Brits
16-04-2004, 17:34

All future tech nations. At this moment Iam in the process of forging a new alliance.

if you want to join up post here and we will begin brainstorming on some ideas.

Only if we unite can we build what iam planning.
imported_Choas legion
19-04-2004, 16:01
well were in it for the long haul the black market isnt a stranger to me. the names Glitch, and Axis of Oz over there his name is Kurama he's a tech designer.