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South Stofficka seeks partners in new research project

South Stofficka
25-03-2004, 02:44
Today, work started on a project to reveal the inner potential of computer systems around the country: to make them aware of themselves so as to develop the first real artiificial inteligence based on current technology. The idea is to imbue personal computers with free thought, so as to better understand what exactly constitutes life. South Stofficka, however, does not have the resources for a large scale project, and needs the aid of other nations to complete the project.

Any nations participating in this project must be aware the technology is purely for the sake of research only- any synthetic lifeforms created will not be opressed: used for industrial or slave labour purposes, and anything they request will be given to them. This is a dangerous project, but i think we can pull it off. Please support this new project.