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Ambush... (Closed)

24-03-2004, 20:35
War cancelled due to participants being unable to follow proper RP etiquette.
The Fedral Union
24-03-2004, 21:28
Convoy captian : Shure gohead you may join us we dont see many freindlyds out here in the lonley black void any way .
(Convoy captian out ))

The Fed union convys are travling in close group with the T.A.S Exsavier behind (Xsavier class torpdo ship)
The Fedral Union
24-03-2004, 21:29
Convoy captian : Shure gohead you may join us we dont see many freindlyds out here in the lonley black void any way .
(Convoy captian out ))

The Fed union convys are travling in close group with the T.A.S Exsavier behind (Xsavier class torpdo ship)
The Fedral Union
24-03-2004, 21:41
Convoy captian : Shure gohead you may join us we dont see many freindlyds out here in the lonley black void any way .
(Convoy captian out ))

The Fed union convys are travling in close group with the T.A.S Exsavier behind (Xsavier class torpdo ship)

24-03-2004, 22:49
The two freighters slip alongside the convoy, taking up positions on the port side, some 800 m apart.

Meanwhile, some 75,000 km away, the controllers of the two ships sat onboard the first cloaked Skether'Qan ship produced. Each controlled the drone uplinks with precision, also simulating life-forms on board the freighters.

As one, bay doors opened below each freighter, and small amounts of garbage were released into the void, although the doors stayed open an unusually long time.

<Two mizuras later>

"Stingers in position Kor'el. Detonating in ten sezuras"

OOC: If you have an extremely alert sensor operator, and superb sensors, you could detect roughly 400 small cloaked drones surrounding each ship in the convoy.
24-03-2004, 22:50
OOC: Make sure this thing's closed or invite...*tag*
25-03-2004, 17:56
"Kor'El, we are awaiting your command."

"Fire" said Kor'El Ukos.

As one, all the drones and the two freighters detonated, massive isotonne explosions tearing apart the hulls, and blasting the convoy ships with their power.
The Fedral Union
25-03-2004, 23:54
Convoy captian : What the ?! ohh my god !

The entier U.T.A convoy is desmitaed flamieng reackge evry ware . explostions rocking them the convoy captian before his frighter was destoryed raidoed out signling the U.T.A space command .

U.T.A Space command recvies a trasmistion ... singiling that the SaCea has attacked a civlian convoy.
Later that day

The senate in responce to this even has moblizsed the milltary forces and has here buy a vote f of 100/ 0 declared war on the empire of sacea .. god help us all . with that said all U.T.A foprces have been moblized all sensitve areas and out lieing sytems have been bunkerd down. and fortifyed.
The Fedral Union
26-03-2004, 00:12
Resolution UEGA/RES/72/41 (2464)
Adopted by the Terran senate at its 1050th plenary meeting, on
13 March 2464
The Senate
Whereas the forces of the Sa cea Empire have launched numerous unprovoked attacks against the starships of the United Terran Alliance
Bearing in mind its primary responsibility under the Charter for the maintenance of interplanetary peace and security,
Having considered all possible diplomatic alternatives,
1. Declares accordingly that the that a state of war exists between the United Terran Alliance and the Sa Cea Empire;
2. Authorizes and directs the Joint Chiefs and the General of space command to employ the entire naval and military force of the United Terran Alliance and the resources of the government to wage war against the Sa Cea Empire with the goal of bringing the conflict to a successful conclusion.

The Fedral Union
26-03-2004, 00:12

The Fedral Union
26-03-2004, 01:44
26-03-2004, 10:14
The Skether'Qan sweeps quickly through the debris field, gathering remnants of the UTA convoy, then turns sharply and warp dives back to Sa'Cea, its mission complete.

<Sa'Cea, 47 Mizuras later>

"Aun'shi, they have returned. The mission was a success. The weapons shipment has been utterly destroyed, and we have information regarding their shields, hull armour, and weapons systems. Gue'la spies inside the UTA have informed us of major military build-ups, and a declaration of war against us." said Shas'O Mont'ka Untas.

"Good to see the Gue'la have learnt diplomatic skills. Oh well. Ready the Kor'vattra, and inform the other Shas'Os. we have a fight on our hands, but we will prevail. They cannot afford to maintain this offensive war for long." came the Ethereals response.

<Tau Empire>

High above Vior'la, Sa'Cea, Tau'N, Bor'Kan, Dash'yan, and many other smaller planets across the system, Kor'vattra battlegroups begin to form up, and massive Wayfarer stations begin loading the defensive guns and enabling massive gravitic shield projectors.

The Tau were at war, and the enemy would pay dearly.
The Fedral Union
26-03-2004, 14:42
Defaint Raider Squad 5 ---------------------- Some were along Sacea borders :
Xsaiver : heh all right boys Its time to warp in you have the targate cordiantes?
Don : yep captian we are ready to stike that ship yard...
Xsavier : all right . signell the others lets kick some sacea ass... *he punches in some coradante's * 5 Defiants warp out and a few hours later at warp 15 they come in to deep sacea territorty
Xsavier : all right guys engage cloaks.
*All the defiants cloak*

Don : sir we are ocmmeing up to a rellay station ..
Xsavier exlent all right i want you to try to patch throu
but just to lisen on what they are saying maby we can get coradnate to were that ship yard is e have the elment of suprise no doubt.
Don : yes we do sir im patchin though now *beep* done sir All the defaints are now lisieng in on SaCea Trassmissons.. all right once we get enougfh info dis engage us from the link and warp the hell over to the ship yard or resorce bace .

*mean wile 5 defiant raider sqads began to raid SaCea Supply lines. and un manned sensor stations convoys were being raided all the time , buy defiant raider sqads *
26-03-2004, 18:00
The planet below was a beautiful green-blue, its surface dotted with the occasional gray blotch to indicate old parts of city from before the buildings began to move underground and on the bottom of the sea

A few ships slowly flew about the atmosphere but they were generally small - not what you'd expect from a modern, space-faring civilisation...

"Disengage the mirror-shield. Prepare all departure gates for immediate launch"

The entire population of the planet turned to their vid-sets - this was a first, afterall...

Space was a deep black, populated by a few, small, dots in the otherwise empty blackness, when adark shape began to appear in the sky of the night: the planets' second moon was revealing itself for the first time in years, and as the city-sized doors opened on the 2 poles and 4, equally-spaced points on the equator, the fleet set-sail

Fleet composition
6 dragon-class Super-battleships
20 Phoenix-class Heavy Cruisers
40 Eagle-class Cruisers
Numerous figates, escort-carriers and 40 squadrons of Talon-class escort runners plus hundreds of deep-space/planetary attack fighters and bombers
26-03-2004, 20:32
OOC: *Cough* Invite only *cough*


As the Defiants closed in, their warp signatures are detected by a Waystation border post, and using higly sensitive and advanced sensor arrays, and information on the cloaking system weaned from Skether'Qan reports, the Kor'vattra is made aware of the presence of hostile ships in Tau space through a series of drones tailing them.

As the squadron reaches their target, a shipyard high above Vior'la, the Kor'vattra lies in wait.

Two I'l Fannor Dal'Yth heavy cruisers, four Kor'ui light cruisers, six Kir'Qath torpedo frigates, and two Kass'la gunships lie in wait for the five outclassed ships.

All convoys are now escorted by a group half the size of that above, and a rapid-response task force waits high above Sa'Cea herself to plug any gaps in the defences, consisting of all four Gal'Leath battleships, and two of the new Gal'Kauyon carrier craft, plus numerous cruiser and frigate escorts.
The Fedral Union
26-03-2004, 20:41
(I invited him)

Mean wile the defaints getting no information out of the sensor post were now heading in to a near buy nebula gastious of sorts hopeing to get though to the other side and on to a sachea ship yard.
26-03-2004, 23:08
Waiting in the sensor blocking nebula was a strike force of Kass'la gunships, all waiting to ambush the Defiants as the energy within the nebula interupted the cloaking of the Fedral Union ships.
The Fedral Union
27-03-2004, 00:59
Mean wile at the sacea border .

a luna class battle plat from
Specs for Luna class plat forms :
15 X plasma Beam Cannon
50 X Heavy Quantum laser cannons
50 X Heavy Plasma cannons
10 x plasma Cannons
25 X Quantum laser Beams
100 X Rail Gun turrets (Gauss Cannons)
105 X heavy – medium Fusion laser cannons
50 x Heavy fusion Lasers
90 x Medium – heavy missile tubes
17 X Ion cannons
45 X fusion Practical Cannons
35 X Torpedo tubes
30 x Quantum laser cannons
40 x Plasma missile Tubes
Gravimetric Fusion Drive
Fusion Gravimetric Reactor x 4
tetraburnium alloys with parametallic plating
Shield systems : Unimatrix Trinary Regenerative shield system & molecular shielding
Ablative amour generator Cloaking Device

15 Sovereign Classes
15 Omgea X classes
50 White stars
50 defiants
25 norway classes
25 north sea classes
15 glaxay class X drednought
15 Prometheus Class Re fit 's
25 xsavier class tropdo ships
15 Victory class destoryers
10 Excalubier class star ships .----------

The battle group moves slowly along the border just over the sacea border .. they lie and waite for an enmmy fleet to arrive .
27-03-2004, 01:03
OOC: TFU - Following that MSN "discussion", you are now ignored. Good day.

IC: Viewed from Sa'Cea, stars winked out, and along the SaCea/Fedral Union border, TFU ships and stations simply ceased to exist. Across the Empire, Tau began to wonder what the war was about and who it was against. For the life of them, none could remember.
The Fedral Union
27-03-2004, 01:14
Ohh im sorry you ignored me maby becuse you can be Beat!
27-03-2004, 01:31
No Rob, i'm ignoring you because not only can you not RP, you refuse to learn to RP, or to accept either advice or help from anyone else. If it doesnt go your way, you ignore it or complain and threaten to quit. I've had enough.

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