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Need provider for our new army

24-03-2004, 01:22
The Armed Republic of Friyusistan wants to build a hole new army. We already have one (pretty big, by the way) but we are loocking to build an entirely new army, navy and air force, smaller than the one we actually have (now we have 1.50 million infantry along with all the personel of the navy, army and air force), of about 500000-700000 infantry, but better equiped and trained, with newer technology, ready for the war of our times, ready to react at any time, and capable of acting in any conditions posible.
For this purpose, we have a budget of $330,837,500,000/year.
The country interesed in this, must present a full-army pack. The project must include an estimated time for finish building and transporting it to our nation. Also we will send a list of our actual army to the interesed, to know what we already have.

Goverment Board of the Armed Republic of Friyusistan
24-03-2004, 01:26

EVERYTHING you could possibly want.
24-03-2004, 01:38
Thank you Dontgonearthere, but we are looking for a full-army proposal.
Unfortunatly we dont have the time to start searching and and building an army vehicle by vehicle, we want packages!
Thanks anyway, I will look into it
24-03-2004, 01:42
Most of the stores there offer packages. I myself am a futuretech nation, but I offer limited modern tech services, and I have a number of infantry equipment packages that might interest you. You would have to take out the powered combat armour, but most everything else is modern enough.

Or, as an alternative, go through my stores, pick out what you would think of as a 'standard' unit of whatever (tanks, airplanes, whatever) add it all up, then multiply it by .8 (%20 off for packages of more than ten differnt items). Once thats done post it in the 'packages' thread with however many you want.