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F-121 Specter Interceptor begins service

New Empire
23-03-2004, 22:43
With the aging F-106 Vampire paling in comparison to the F-109D, the Carrier wings and rapid response bases of the UCSNE are switching to the new F-121 Specter Interceptor. The F-121 uses the technologies from the F-109D and changes them to better suit the needs of the interceptor.
Situational Awareness
The aircraft features highly advanced sensor systems to ensure that it always can see its enemy. LIDAR pods are mounted in the nose, wingtips, back, and under and over the fuselage to ensure full coverage of the airspace around the aircraft in a 300-mile radius. It also has forward, down, and rear looking 450-CPS Frequency Cycling radar, good for 350 miles. An advanced 210 Mile range EMS* sensor is also present on the aircraft, along with thermal, IR, X-Ray pulse systems. A laser satellite uplink is also provided. These huge amounts of sensors are the reasons for the elongated nose. While rarely used, the sensor suite has the ability to track hundreds of targets with it’s advanced computers.
True Supermanuverability
While not quite as maneuverable as the lighter F-109D, the Specter does use the MAW technology and can perform many of the same maneuvers. Instead of conventional flaps and elevators, the microhydraulic processors in the canards, forward swept wings, and tail fins can actually twist around, allowing the aircraft to have full control over it's lift, turn direction, and more in conjunction with it's 3D thrust vectoring. The F-121 can fly sideways, while still keeping it's nose on target. At lower speeds, the F-121 can spin around 360 degrees on its axis, or even somersault forward and down to meet a pursuing enemy and engage it. The F-121 uses a 5-Layered system of high performance fly-by wire computers to give the pilot this grade of control. It can use its mission adaptable wings and thrusters to take off at a 10-degree angle.
Advanced Combat Systems
The F-121 can be fitted with any following stealth system-
Athena Mk I (Common Export Version)
Athena- the earliest and one of the biggest technologies ever developed by the USNE.
The F-117, the B-2, the F-22. All stealth. All able to outwit radar systems.
But these aircraft were not agile, not as heavy hitting. Not as cheap as the average aircraft. Then there came Athena, in the F-98. An agile fighter, well armed, fast, affordable, and stealth. But how could it reach that performance? Athena. Athena detects the radar waves, and its raw data is put through a super conductive, liquid cooled computer. Then, the computer supervises and orders the release of out of sync waves from tiny antennas under the planes surface. This effectively eliminates the radar signal, as in no return.
What about the scatter effects? Radar A transmits it, radar B receives it?
The computer knows the characteristics of the plane it is 'protecting'. It therefore emits the proper amount of energy in the right directions.
Athena Mk II (Allied Export Version)
Athena Mk II is relatively similar to the common version, but cycles at a much faster rate (Adjustable between 250-600)
Athena Mk III (New Empire Only Version)
All the features of Athena Mk II and Mk I, but the signature emission can be controllable. The Athena Mk III can imitate the signature of clouds, birds, other aircraft, balloons, even terrain at low altitudes. This upgrade involves the Chameleon programs installed in the Athena Computer "Brain".
The F-121 also can mount a new weapon, a 300KW HELLADS along the nose that can destroy aircraft up to 250 miles away. HELLADS was based off a research program by the American DARPA to create a high-energy Laser that could be carried by aircraft. The F-121 has a total of 16 weapons pylons, and a 20mm HYVELOC Gatling gun.
Advanced Combat Control Capabilities
The F-121, like all other aircraft in the UCSNE, has many tightbeam uplinks for combat information on BATTLENET and DEFENSENET. However, the RIO can put up to 6 UAVs and UCAVs within 100 miles under his direct control, allowing them to expand their abilities to engage multiple aircraft during their defensive missions. The nature of the uplinks ensures that the signals are not intercepted or disrupted.
Bare Stats-
Manufacturer-Techwell Normatt
Propulsion-Dual BEPT-2090 PDE/Turbofan Engines
Thrust Vectoring, Afterburners, Supercruise rated at Mach 2.5, max speed at high altitude Mach 3+, VSTOL capable
Max Ceiling-Classified (Over 60,000 Feet)
Armarment-1x 20mm HYVELOC gatling, 18 weapons pylons (8 Fuselage, 8 Wing, 2 Wingtip), nose mounted HELLADS.
Systems-Athena MkIII, MAW, Photocell Visual distortion, heat masking, Wetball, Satellite uplink, multiple LIDAR and RADAR pods.
Cost-$85 Million per aircraft

Pre-Orders are now availible, they will be filled on March 26. Maximum of 50 aircraft per pre-order.
New Empire
24-03-2004, 00:00
Bump... Comments please.
Greater Burzum
24-03-2004, 00:07
You know...since I know how difficult it is to get people to give their opinions on things here I'll help you out my friend.

I personally love the design...Is it from a Japanese Anime series? It looks very Gundam Wing...which is another reason I like it. So there you go, it's good...and I'll take 100 of them when you decide to sell them. *chuckle*
24-03-2004, 00:37
The Hegemonic Federation of Keyshona is very interested in the F-21 an would likemto outfir It's Tactical Air Serivce (Air Force) with a large amount. So being we, TAS of Keyshona would like to purchase 1 million of these for a huge total of - 85,000,000,000,000 USD
(85,000,000,001,400 Bubbles).

*Money Wired upon Confirmation*
New Empire
24-03-2004, 01:10
The UCSNE was actually looking for feedback, but if we get enough orders we'll release an export version. Keyshona, your order is outrageous, nobody has 2 million fighter pilots.

However, we will allow pre-orders of up to 50 to be made. The aircraft will have the downgraded Athena Mk I system.
New Empire
24-03-2004, 02:00
Pre-Orders now availible!
24-03-2004, 02:11
I, the High king of Slothsville shall pre-order 3 of those planes BUT without the athena Mk1 as we would like to use the opportunity to test out our New S.L.O.T.H processing machines(well brains)- -(stupid, laggy, old, terrible, hyperprocessors)
24-03-2004, 02:11
I, the High king of Slothsville shall pre-order 3 of those planes BUT without the athena Mk1 as we would like to use the opportunity to test out our New S.L.O.T.H processing machines(well brains)- -(stupid, laggy, old, terrible, hyperprocessors)
New Empire
24-03-2004, 02:58
Your request for a pre-order has been confirmed, and the three aircraft will be sent to you on the 26th.

We thank you for your business.
The Freethinkers
01-04-2004, 12:21
Is fifty still the limit?

If so, then fifty, if not, (does some quick calculations...blah, blah)

200, including OCU planes and spare airframes

so thats either

$4.25 billion, for fifty


$17 billion, for 200

You ped off with the population reset?
01-04-2004, 12:23
Why would he be? It is just visual, has no effect on pipians GDP calc at least.. still shows me as having a 661 mil pop.
Autonomous City-states
01-04-2004, 12:38
OOC: Nice choice. Yukikaze is a great series to draw from.
New Empire
01-04-2004, 21:33
OOC-Yes, Yukikaze is cool. But it was hard to find a pic.

And no, I won't be pissed if it's an April Fools joke, and they take it back...
Freethinkers, orders of over 50 are only for non APTO, NAIA, and OMP members. But, your order has been confirmed, and will ship in 4 (NS) Weeks via Albatross ULTRA super transports. We thank you for your intrest.
West Scotland
06-04-2004, 02:22
New Empire, I will take two hundred for $17 billion....