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Arm's of the Empire Military Storefront

23-03-2004, 22:39
Imperial Military Storefront-Created Mar. 23, 2004

Imperial Ground Vehicles

Imperial E-1 Tank Main Battle Tank

Armor: Chobham spaced armor with Electric Reactive Armor and a kevlar layer underneath all of the outside armor for crew

protection. A laser-jamming system (used by or being developed by the Chinese) is installed.
It is rated at 700mm versus kinetic energy rounds, and 1,000mm vs. HEAT (+500 due to ERA-which DOES exist). The top hatch has a "crow's nest" that protects the commander.

Engine: As all Imperial land vehicles are, the E-1 is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell allowing more range, power, speed, and fuel effieciency as well as less heat generated (great for night fighting).

Armament: The main gun of the E-1 is the 120 mm L55 Gun-the new cannon to be used on the Leopord II tank in the future.

Also, it sports a 7.62mm coaxial gun and a 7.62 mm loaders gun. The E-1's fire control system is the latest-generation digital computer from Wartech Computing of the Empire and is an improved version of that installed in the Imperial version of the M1A2 Abrams tank (which was the 'A3). The main cannon is effective out to 4 km.

Cruising Speed: 75 Kmph (45 mph)

Cross country speed: 45 kmph (28 mph)

Range: 800 km

Crew: 4

Weight: 55 metric tons ( 61.1 tons)

Cost: $5,000,000

E-2 Hawk Light Tank

Maximum speed: 60 mph

Tonnage: 20

Powerplant: One high-powered hydrogen fuel cell engine

Range: 500 kms

Armament: 12.7mm anti-aircraft machinegun, 105mm cannon with a
range of 2 km

Armor: The Hawk is protected by a 2 inch layer of tetrahedral amorphous carbon (TAC) armor. TAC is a material that is very similar to that of diamonds. This gives the tank some durability, but any MBT or thing of that nature will still easily crush this tank. Rated at 300mm vs KE rounds and 600 vs HEAT.

Electronics: Has a laser jamming system and a system (based off of a Russian system) that can cause wire guided TOW missles to fly past the tank. A FCS to allow more accurite aiming is also installed.

Cost: $1,500,000

E-3 Robin Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Weight: 35 tons

Maximum speed: 70 km/h

Operating range: 800 km

Powerplant: Imperial Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Armor: TAC armor with a rating of 400mm vs KE and 700 vs heat

Crew: 3 + 6 infantry carrying capability

Mounted automatic cannon 20 mm
Milan-3 Misslesystem
12.7 mm Anti-air Machinegun

Electronics: Laser Jamming system, Missle guidance system, TOW confusing system.

Cost: $3,700,000

E-4 Albatross MRLS Unit

Crew: 3

Top Speed: 65 kmh

Range: 500 kmh

Armament: 10 Polyphem 60km mm radar guided missles

Electronics: Missle Guidance System, Positioning System.

Cost: $3,000,000

Imperial Sea Vessels

BB-X4 Emperor class Battleship


* 30 2x2 (4 missles each) Yakhont-3 cruise missle (the first piece of Russian tech to be fitted on one of my vessles-w00t)
* 10 completely automated 40mm gun boxes with two Sitnger II Anti-air systems (with systems smart enough to pick out allied planes from enemy)
* 12 16 inch naval guns (with scram shells) arranged into two tripple turrets on the fore , and two tripple turrets on the aft.
* 12 5 inch naval guns (with scram shells) arranged into two triple turrets on the port side, and two tripple turrets on the starboard side.
* 12 Mk 29 launch systems for the Evolved Sparrow system
* 8 RIM-116 RAM Block Is with 4 fore and 4 aft launchers
* 10 Imperial automated flare and chaff launchers


* The BB-X4 is fully equiped to be the flagship of any navy, with various command and control equipment and the ability to control UAVs
* The BB-X4 comes with the Imperial Advanced Battlefield Awareness and Control (ABAC) computer system to control the AA systems systems.


It was in this part of the ship that designers had the most trouble making up thier minds. It was generaly agreed that both a nuclear and replinishing hydrogen engine would be feasable as cost allows-it was known that a hydrogen engine would not be radioactive, would be cooler, would need less maintanance and would be much less noisy. Therefore, four of the new EP-01 Shipboard Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine (SHFCE) provide the power to this vessel. It is capable of 25 knots, and via decomposition of water by electricity, can run for as long as any nuclear reactor.


The BB-X4 is manned by 3000 personel, including 100 officers.


The BB-X4 is protected by 2.5" of steel

Length: 1200 meters
Width: 400 meters
Tonnage (empty): 1,500,000 tons
Tonnage (full): 1,900,000 tons


The BB-X4 costs $5,000,000,000

HC-02 Marauder class Helicarrier

Note:the Marauder may be modified for STOL or VTOL use

Length:250 m

TOnnage: 21,000 tons

Aircraft: 30 Helicopters

Crew: 1000

Powerplant: 2 Hydrogen Fuel Cells with a max speed of 30 knots

Armament: 2 40mm/stinger AA box with computer systems

Cost: $200,000,000

SS-09 Remarkable class Sub. Carrier

A remarkbable (hehe) design, the Remarkable truly lives up to its name. WIth no weapons of its own, the Remarkable relies on suer-quiet Hydrogen engines and 7 blade propelor and its array of anti-shipping mini-subs.

The vessel is capable of 25 knots and carries 20 UF-01 Underwater Aircraft
Each is armed with 2 torpedoes and is highly manueverable. The fighters have a range of 100 km. Each costs 1 million dollars.

Crew: 1000
Length: 500m
Cost: $900,000,000


Note: You may not claim these designs as your own, reproduce them, or otherwise clone them. You may, however, use any picture you want from here-the only one I have altered is the E-1 MBT tank for the flag and crow's nest.
23-03-2004, 23:36
We are very interested in your Sub Carrier design. Very unique. We have some questions though. Can the vessel be modified to use some weapons systems? (We will be doing this ourselves.) Also, can you display some more stats on both the Carrier and UF-01 Underwater Aircraft? Is it possible that Granzi be able to aquire the production rights?

To that effect, the Commonwealth would like to purchase 10 of your SS-09 REMARKABLE CLASS SUB CARRIERS, for a total of $9 billion. Money wired upon confirmation. I take it that the fighters are included in the price.

Thank you, a pleasure doing business.

Under-Secretary Barlow,
Department of the Navy
24-03-2004, 17:51
(responded to you via telegrams)

24-03-2004, 18:09
Fluffywuffy, is there any reason why you called your storefront the Imperial Military Storefront? Its just that what mine is called, so I was wondering you know.
24-03-2004, 18:19
I never knew you had an Imperial Military Storefront, but I will change it.
24-03-2004, 18:29
Thanks. Yeah my storefront is PIMS - Phoenixius Imperial Military Storefront.