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Calarian Flesh Vats Pump out Upgraded Warrior forms

23-03-2004, 17:09
Noticed in a bout of activity from the Atorian Chain,Calaria's home isands,disturbing photos revealed that the alien nation Calaria was now growing what looked like warrior forms.Several disturbing photos revealed this:

When questioned about the activity,the diplomats and translators for Calaria replied their "High Council" felt a growing sense of threat from nations of the mainland,as frequent skirmishes had been going on.

More information to come.
23-03-2004, 18:36
Another new class of aliens has been sighted among the front lines.Although limited in number,they seem to be exccedingly strong and intelligent(Thought to be because of their seemingly"large"heads).Sattellite photos have revealed this:
Exceptionally large(About 9 feet tall and 4 feet wide) these were seen using their claws for shredding trees and other staple materials.They have also been sighted salughtering local animals.