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Imperial Coalition of Justice marches on Spindell

Buka Makalu
23-03-2004, 13:56
From repeated requests by our many allies the Imperial Coalition has begun an invasion of the nation of Spindell. May the region crashing cowards flee before the might of Imperial power.
Buka Makalu
23-03-2004, 15:20
The Current list is of the diffrent sides of this conflict. Expect frequent updates.

Buka Makalu

Pope Hope
23-03-2004, 20:44
Commander Michael Richter of the Hopian Army was enjoying a quiet evening at home when he received the communication from the nation of Juress, ally to Pope Hope and a neighboring nation in Nasicournia.

"Spindell?" Richter mused to himself. "I thought we had seen the last of him..."

Picking up the receiver of the Red Phone in his home office, Richter dialed the secure line of the leaders of Buka Makalu.

When the ringing became an anxious Buka Makaluian-accented voice, Commander Richter asked, "What the blazes is going on?"
Buka Makalu
24-03-2004, 05:52
We've recieved news of your situation by our Allies in Juress. They requested action against these your enemies and thus the coalition has mounted and is preparing to march.