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motherlands new weapons

The British motherland
23-03-2004, 00:30
the british motherland in conjunction of unified sith and imperial brits has developed a new floating weapons platform that gives its cities very effective anti-missile coverage. the british motherland is proud to tell the world that these platforms which the motherland now has 10 of. can have 100 standard patriot missile batteries.
10 alluminium flack cannons to disrupt enemy radar. and 2 icbm missile tubes that can fire standard missiles or nuclear icbm's. all targeting systems of these platforms use laser reflection and this is then corolated with radar data from the ground.

These platforms also make an effective battlefield weapon as they can be moved but their maximum speed is only 45kph so in any attack the missile platforms must be in position relatively early. the weapons platforms can also be equiped with the more expensive more reliable concussion missile system. however in the event of the destruction of these platforms the consequences will be dire as these weapon platforms require a fission reactor which will cause mass damage. in event of the platform about to be destroyed the reactor must be ejected.