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Xendi Info (Info on Ships and History, Future Tech)

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Standard Xendi City

The Ruling Body of Xendi

Both Planets of Xendi:

Homeworld: Xendi Prime

Location: Chi Draconis

Capital City: Yedor

Population: est. 4 billion (Role-Playing the race would give me an estimated population of 4 billion. My nation has over 500 million, however.)

Revolution: 584 days

Gravity: 1g

Xendi is the 7th planet of the Chi Draconis system. Over 20% of Xendi is covered with ice which results in a relative cold climate. The planet is very rich on crystalline and mineral resources. These resources are part of the Xendi technology and are widely used to construct their ships and buildings on the planet surface


PSI-Ability: Yes, P6 rating

Average Lifespan: 140 years

Average Height: 195/159 cm

Average Weight: 85 / 50 kg

The Xendi look nearly as humans, the most significant difference is the "head bone" which is an additional protection of the skull. This bone differs in size, color and shape where the female head-bone is smaller and normally has a smooth curve. The head-bones of male Xendi are more shaped like a spiky crown. The overall strength and endurance is higher than that of Humans and many other alien races.


The Xendi are the oldest of the younger races and thus the most powerful race after the First-Ones (e.g. Vorlons, Shadows, Walkers of Sigma 957,...) left beyond the rim in 2261. The Xendi civilization is much older than civilization on Earth. In a time where Christian crusades devastated huge parts on Earth, the Xendi had already developed space travel and fought side on side with the Vorlons in a big war against the Shadows.

The Xendi population is divided into three different casts (Warrior cast, Religious cast and Worker cast). Each Xendi is born into one of these casts and is normally not allowed to change into any other cast. The cast system was introduced during the "First Triumvirate" where the population was living like nomads. Several families formed clans which later resulted in the three casts.

The "First Triumvirate" lasted several thousand years and ended when 20 clans gathered in the valley of Tuquali. During this meeting the 20 clans was the basis of a new age where the Xendi lived together in peace. Soon after this meeting, tensions began to rise because the Religious cast tried to seize all power. The "Second Triumvirate" was dominated by these struggles for leadership.

The "Third Triumvirate" began about 7000 years ago and could be called "the age of colonization". The Xendi had developed space travel and began to colonize several moons in their homesystem.Not long after their first step into space, the Vorlons contacted the Xendi. During 200 years of relationship between the two races, the Vorlon pushed the Xendi technology into new heights. The reason for this "developing aid" was a war between the Vorlons and the Shadows. The Vorlons needed allies to win the war against their enemy.

Even with many other races on their side, the Vorlons had many problems in defeating the Shadows. During several years of war, many planets had been devastated and many civilizations destroyed. When the Vorlon-Xendi alliance was nearly defeated an unknown Xendi who called himself Valen appeared on the scene.
He presented a huge space station to the Xendi. This station should become the replacement for the destroyed headquarters of the alliance.Valen was a Xendi but not born of Xendi. Under his leadership the Xendi fought and won against the Shadows. During the war tensions between the casts began to rise again. Valen didn't want to support one of the casts and formed the "Anla-Shok". Some within the warrior caste were organized into an elite corps to combat the Shadows.

After the war against the Shadows was over, the fights for power resulted in wars between the different Xendi casts. Valen called for a meeting between all casts and introduced the new ruling body of the Xendi, the Gray Council. Each cast was allowed to send three representatives into the Gray Council. Before he died, Valen told the Xendi about another big war against the Shadows in 1000 years. The Xendi went into isolation to ensure their power to fight against the Shadows in the future again.

With the appearance of Valen something very strange began. The Xendi say, that the souls of dead Xendi are reborn in other Xendi. But this circle was now broken. Some souls of dead Xendi were now reborn in humans. This resulted in a decrease of Xendi population. The Xendi leaders couldn't explain this effect until one day...

The time was right to proof Valens prophecy and so a small fleet was send out to Z'Ha'Dum, the homeworld of the Shadows, to see if the Shadows were rising again. During their way to Z'Ha'Dum, an Earth deep space patrol fleet encountered nine Xendi Warcruiser. As a sign of honor the Xendi opened their gun ports. This action was misunderstood by the human captain and so he ordered to open fire at the leading vessel, destroying the flagship. This misunderstanding led into the Earth-Xendi-War.

Human - Xendi First Contact, Nation long gone.

The war lasted about three years with many casualties on both sides. Although the Xendi had the better technology, the Humans defended each base and colony with their life's. The ships of the Earth-Alliance lost nearly all battles against the superior Xendi Cruisers. Only one battle was won, when John Sheridan mined the asteroid belt between Jovian and Mars. Although he destroyed the flagship and several other cruisers, there was no chance to stop the Xendi. In a last step to prevent the Xendi to invade earth, the humans sent about 20,000 ships to defend earth.

Ship after ship was destroyed when the Gray Council decided to capture a human pilot for an interrogation. Satai Delenn picked Jeffrey Sinclair for the interrogation. When the Xendi examined Sinclair they found a Xendi soul. To prevent killing more of their "own" souls they surrendered. Many of the Xendi pilots and captains didn't understand this decision. Under them were Neroon and Kalain, both leaders of the Warrior cast.

When Satai Delenn decided to fulfill a prophecy she was removed from the Gray Council. Her replacement was Neroon, a member of the warrior cast. This imbalance resulted in the break up of the Gray Council.

"Three years... for three years I warned you this day was coming. But you would not listen. Pride you said, presumption, and now the Shadows are on the move. The Centauri and the younger worlds are at war, the Narns have fallen, even the Humans are fighting one another. The pride was yours, the presumption was yours. For a thousand years we have been awaiting the fulfillment of prophecy, and when it finally happens, you scorn it, you reject it, cause you no longer believe it yourselves. 'We stand between the candle and the star, between the darkness and the light.' You say the words but your hearts are empty, your ears closed to the truth, you stand for nothing but your own petty interest. `The problems of others are not our concern.' I do not blame you for standing silent in your shame, you who knew what was coming, but refused to take up the burden of this war. If the Warrior Caste will not fight, then the rest of us will! The Council has lost it's way, if it will not lead, if we have abandoned our covenant with Valen... then the council should be broken! As was prophesied. We must stand with the others now, before it's too late. Between the Worker Caste and the Religious Caste we control two-thirds of our forces. And to you I say: Listen to the voice of your conscience. Break the council, come with me, our time of isolation is over. We move now, together, or not at all!"

Without the Gray Council, the religious and warrior caste began fighting against each other again. This resulted in the Xendi Civil War in 2261 where many Xendi died until Delenn and Neroon managed to stop the fighting using an old Xendi tradition. The Gray Council was reformed and regained order over Xendi. To this day, the Gray Council is still the ruling body of Xendi.


Xendi Castes: The core of Xendi society is its caste system. There are three castes: the religious, warrior, and worker. The warrior and religious caste have rarely agreed, until recently at the end of the Earth-Xendi War (and this has been viewed as a terrible thing). The worker caste is very different from the other two and is a less influential part of Xendi society. Sometimes it is not considered a caste at all. Xendi pilots and traders are of the worker caste.

Caste membership is determined by one's calling, not birth or genetics. Usually a Xendi will sense a calling toward a certain caste early in life. The Xendi makes her choice known and is assigned a teacher from the caste she desires to join. The teacher guides the applicant and determines if the calling is true after a few cycles. If the calling is genuine, the applicant is accepted into her caste of choice. If the applicant does not seem to be suited to that caste, others will work with that Xendi to find what caste she is most suited for. Such a screening process is used to prevent a Xendi choosing the wrong caste due to others' expectations. Later in life, if a Xendi already in one caste feels a calling toward another, he can change castes if the belief is sincerely felt and if so, cannot be contravened. For example, The war hero Branmer was originally a member of the religious caste, but when the jihad against the Earthers began, he felt a call to the warrior caste and was accepted. Once membership is granted, obedience to one's caste superiors is expected.

As a rule, Xendi do not lie. To maintain honor, they must tell the truth or keep silent. However, distortion of the truth is accepted if by doing so the Xendi allows another being or member of their clan to "save face."


The Xendi do not believe in deities. The core of Xendi religious belief is that of the soul. A soul is defined by them as a non-localized phenomenon, meaning that a person's soul does not originate from within, but from the outside by a hidden source (the universe). To them, the universe is a conscious entity engaged in a search for meaning. It breaks itself apart and invests itself in every form of life. Thus, every being is a projection of a part of the universal soul. They believe that all sentients have immortal souls. However, there is more than one "universal soul" since breaking itself apart and only meeting identical versions of itself would be pointless and redundant. There are Soul Forms, one for each race. The soul form in Xendi differ from those in Drazi, Centauri, and Humans. Having been civilized longer than most races, the Xendi hold their soul form to be more elevated, evolved, and precious than those around them.


The Xendi have three major languages: Lennau, Vik, and Adronato. Theseare broken down into ninety-seven dialects and subtongues. Adronato is the language of the religious caste.


The Xendi Federation is governed by a leader, called the Chosen One, and the Grey Council, a group of nine representatives from the three Xendi castes. When a leader dies, it is customary to wait for ten Xendi cycles before a new leader is chosen. During this time, the Federation is controlled by the Grey Council. The new leader is installed in a ceremony called the Shi-Ki.

The Centauri embassy on Minbar has been closed for several years due to a problem with its last envoy. The former ambassador "went native;" embracing the culture of the Xendi. He was recalled by a horrified Centauri government. In 2260, the Centauri embassy was reopened with the transfer and promotion of Vir Cotto, former attache to the infamous Londo Mollari. It was closed soon after when it was discovered that he was "abusing" his post while "under the influence of the radical Xendi."

In the few rare cases of a Xendi killing another, the murderer is judged temporarily insane and exiled to a small moon orbiting Minbar. The penal colony allows the Xendi to live out his life without harming anyone else.

The Grey Council

"Summoned, I come. In Valen's name, I take the place that has been prepared for me. I am Grey. I stand between the candle and the star. We are Grey. We stand between the darkness and the light."

The Grey Council was convened by Valen over one thousand years ago tosafeguard the Xendi. It is a body composed of three members each from the three castes, whose declarations are considered law in an almost biblical sense. Their decisions are not to be questioned ("Understanding is not required, only obedience."). New members are approved by majority vote. Members of the Grey Council are given the title "Satai" and triluminary mark implants in the forehead. These implants are used to detect the presence of Shadows and their thralls among other functions. At certain times and under certain circumstances, the insignia can be used as proof of one's membership in the Grey Council. The title of Satai is granted for life. A Xendi may choose to leave only under extraordinary circumstances. Members may also be removed if their actions warrant it.

Membership in the Grey Council is not generally known to the majority of Xendi. This is to prevent a cult of personality from forming. An extra precaution against this and also for the safety of the Council was removing the Council from Minbar and having them hold court in the Xendi War Cruiser designated Valen'tha. Its location is not easily known as it (in a seemingly random way) travels among Minbar and its Colonies. This gives the Council an exotic and distant feel to Federation citizens, knowing their leaders are among the stars, being a part of the universe. Council members stay on the cruiser for almost the entirety of their tenure. Members are allowed to leave for personal emergencies.


While the Xendi Warrior Caste is dedicated to the defense of Minbar, all three castes take an active part in the Federation military. As per Valen's Covenant each caste controls one third of the total military force. This distribution of power prevents a single caste from overpowering the others and allows each caste to have a say in how the fleet is used through their respective Grey Council representative.

The Xendi fleet is one of the most feared in Known Space. Fast, highly maneuverable, and able to evade sensors, Xendi ships are able to surprise any race they encounter with deadly force. Among some pilots, the Xendi have earned the name "Ghosts in the Night."

Those of the warrior caste honor a great military leader by flying their starships with gun ports open. It is also a sign of honor used in many circumstances; however, its use as part of First Contact protocol is less frequently used since the Earth-Xendi War, if not altogether abandoned.


Xendi Class
The Xendi possess three major offensive weapons. These weapons include two pulsed Neutron cannons, four pulsed Fusion cannons and one heavy quantum-gravimetric discharge cannon which has an output upwards of 100,000 Terawatts [1.0*1017 watt]. More often than not, a single Xendi possesses greater firepower than most large scale capital ships in the service of any navy today.

To compliment its massive weapons payload, the Xendi also possesses a powerful defensive system that includes Vorlon shields, bio-armor and sensor jamming equipment. Xendi's defensive shields consist of alternating gravimetric distortion waves and a complex field of gravitic and electromagnetic energy barriers.

A gravitic based shield system will disperse any and all energy fired upon the Xendi around the ship, leaving only the kinetic impact of the blast which is created by the explosive energy released upon impact against the shields. Little to no energy directed at the Xendi ever touches the hull; thus any weapon used against the Xendi must be significantly more powerful than the energy output of the shields, in order to destroy the vessel in a single blow. Multiple impacts from less powerful weapons can of course result in the ships destruction.

The hull of a Xendi is made up of Vorlon bio-organic technology, thus making a Xendi a living entity. A Xendi's organic armored hull is almost impregnable and the vessel has the ability to heal and adapt to most attacks thus far.* With every conflict, the Xendi develops new countermeasures, developing new ways of protecting its self from attack. No weapon has the exact same effect on a Xendi twice.

Like all Xendi warships, the Xendi Class is also are equipped with a Xendi cloak. This stealth device creates a jamming field that absorbs incoming sensor beams or refracts/deflects the sensor beams away from the transmitter, thus shielding the ship from many forms of targeting sensors and the scanners of almost all the younger races. This is not to say that the stealth device makes the ship truly invisible to the naked eye however, rather invisible to scanners. More advanced sensors can pick up a Xendi ship through the stealth field, but the sensor echo is extremely small.

Xendis are powered by a Vorlon based Quantum/Gravimetric reactor, with an estimated power output of 2.6 Exawatts. This reactor system provides the Xendi ship with all her power needs. A Xendis propulsion systems consist of three independent, Xendi Gravimetric-Wave engines for travel in real space, which have been modified with Vorlon technology. There is no need for maneuvering thrusters as the Gravimetric-Wave engines allow for Omni-directional propulsion. For general-purpose forward thrust, the Xendi is also equipped with three redundant, antimatter engines as well as auxiliary thrusters lining the hull.

Class: Xendi
Type: Monitor
Length: 475.6 meters
Mass: 6.8 million metric tons
Crew: 38
Troop: 60
Fighter: 4 Nial Heavy Fighters
Power: Quantum Gravitic Reactor
3 Fusion Reactors
Duration: 5 Years
Weapon: 1 Quantum-Gravitic Discharge Beam Cannon
4 Pulsed Neutron Cannon
4 Pulsed Fusion Cannons
Defense: 1.8 meter re-enforced Vorlon Bio-Armored hull
Gravitic Tractor Beams
Vorlon Shields
Xendi Stealth Device

Whitestar Class

The Whitestar class War Cruiser is the largest and most powerful ship in the Xendi Navy, capable of laying waste to cities, infrastructure and the habitable surface of a planet in less than an hours time. Controlled by all of the three ruling casts in Xendi culture (Warrior, Religious, Worker) , the Whitestar class War Cruiser can be sent into almost any tactical situation on a moments notice.

Xendi War Cruisers measure between 1,500 and 1,700 meters in length front to back and has a crew of some 190 duty personnel, ten of whom are command level officers. In addition to her standard crew, Whitestar's can carry an additional 60 combat personnel , which includes security, gunnery officers, and pilots. Maximum troop capacity for a Xendi War Cruiser is estimated to be approximately 8,000 gropos.

War Cruisers on deep patrol usually only cary a standard crew of some 190 personnel, and can maintain high combat readiness without suffering any detrimental effects due to a lack of personnel. This is due primarily to the Xendi's extremely advanced computer / AI systems aboard the War Cruisers type starship.

All tactical systems aboard Xendi War Cruisers, are directed through the Command Chamber - a holographic environment which allows the ship's command officers to view all 360° of a given combat environment. Through this Command Chamber, officers can direct all ship's resources as needed and participate fully in all combat situations. This command interface system increases Xendi response time and allows Xendi ships to react instantly in a combat situation.

At present, War Cruisers are known to be armed with a wide assortment of weapons that include eighteen Gravimetric Neutron Cannons (also known as Slicer Beams), eighteen heavy Fusion Beam Cannons, 42 Electro-Pulse guns and 24 defensive EM Neutron Guns and Fusion Gun weapons, as well as one Anti-Matter Cannon. Standard guns on the Xendi War Cruiser are are designed to deliver a massive amount of destructive energy to a target. Beam weapons can operate in both a piercing and raking mode, and output / targeting can be adjusted to combat capital scale warships or fighter craft. In addition to her standard beam weapons, the War Cruiser's Anti-Matter cannon (a weapon designed specifically for attacking planetary bodies), and 2,000 metric tons of missile ordinance capable of being launched from any of the Whitestar's four missile launchers, makes it a deadly planetary assault weapon. Projectile ordinance includes a wide assortment of weapons, including fusion and antimatter missiles / bombs, and it is believed that the Whitestar can even be outfitted with a device conducive to mass-driver orbital bombardment.

Besides it's massive weapons payload, the Xendi War Cruiser also has a decisive advantage in speed, maneuverability, and an acceleration time that makes other ships look like they are standing still. This significant advantage is credited to the War Cruiser's Stalasha Gravimetric drive system with an output in excess of 80 million Terajoules, arguablyone of the most powerful gravitic drive in the known galaxy. Standard acceleration speeds for a War Cruiser are estimated to be 60 km/s2 with an obtainable long range attack speed of "80 BoPrills", 20% the speed of light.

Main power for the Whitestar, is produced via an artificial Quantum Singularity reactor system with an estimated power output rated at 330 Exawatts which, along with several secondary fusion reactors, fulfills all of the Whitestar's energy requirements. This reactor system provides the Xendi War Cruiser with virtually unlimited power, when compared to similar class ships seen used by the younger races, allowing this class starship to remain deployed for long periods of time. With little worry for energy, the Xendi vessels do not suffer from the limitations many of the younger races must deal with, using nuclear based fusion reactors or antimatter. This also means that the recharge time on all Xendi weapons is virtually instantaneous and their rift drives can re-charge in only a fraction of the time. In addition, the Whitestar uses the waste from the Quantum Reactor, which is antimatter, as a secondary power source as well as a powerful weapon.

Though researchers have collected extensive data on the Xendi War Cruiser, there are many tactical figures on this vessel which have only been verified conclusively in recent years. This is due primarily to the fact that few races have engaged a War Cruiser and lived to tell the tale and almost no one outside Xendi culture have ever set foot aboard these impressive starships.

One aspect of the War Cruisers workings that was being debated until recently, was the question of how many fighters are onboard a War Cruiser. During the Earth/Xendi war, the most common fighter arrangement was two fighter squadrons per War Cruiser in any given situation. However, at the conclusion of the Shadow War, it is now known that the average fighter escort for a War Cruiser is only 15 fighter craft. This gives the Xendi three wings and one full squadron.

The Xendi War Cruiser appears to be virtually unstoppable, with no major known weakness to speak of. The ships armor and deflector fields make conventional weapons almost useless against Whitestar class vessels in open combat conditions. Beyond this, advanced sensors warn Xendi crews of any impending attack, jamming systems make it easy for Xendi forces to attack without warning and there are few ships that can deliver as massive a weapons payload as a War Cruiser. Centauri sources, however, seem to indicate that the dreaded Whitestar class War Cruiser does have one weakness, that is nearly impossible to exploit.

It would seem that the Xendi's gravimetric drive systems, which is often the key to their victories (as it is used to provide shielding and significantly enhance their weapons), is also their only true weakness. The large fins characteristic of Xendi and Centauri vessels alike are, in fact, the projection system for their gravimetric drive system. Should these fins be damage or blown off, the gravimetric field used for propulsion could collapse. Xendi capital ships use gravimetric drives exclusively and does not use any other known form of propulsion, such as ion or plasma engines. Thus, theoretically, if serious damage were to be inflicted upon any one of the Whitestar's four fins, the ship would be effectively disabled for several minutes. This was decisively proven in 2259 when the Xendi Cruiser Tragati had its rear gravimetric fin cut in half by another Xendi vessel.

Class: Whitestar
Type: War-Cruiser
Length: 1,600 meters [?]
Mass: 44.4 million metric tons
Crew: 190
Troop: 8,000
Fighter: 30 Nial fighter craft
1 Quantum
8 Fusion reactor
Duration: 20 years
18 Gravitic Neutron Cannons
18 Gravitic Fusion Beam Cannons
24 EM Neutron guns
24 EM Fusion Beam guns
42 Electro-Pulse Guns
4 Missile Launcher
1 antimatter Cannon
Mass Driver
10 meter re-enforced Poly-Crystalline armor
42 Tractor Beams
Xendi Stealth Device [sensor disruption generator]
Gravitic Defense Shield Grid

The ship has powerful shields to protect the ship and are capable of stopping most weapons. These shields both use Gravimetric waves and radiation shielding to prevent energy weaponry together to achieve a more powerful shield.

Velarian Class

Velarian class Destroyers are armed with newer, more powerful variants of the heavy Fusion beam cannons, Anti-Neutron particle weapons, phalanx plasma defense turrets and antimatter bolt cannons, as well a the infamous Quantum/Gravitic discharge cannon sported by the Whitestar fleet, with a LOW-END output of 2,000 Terawatts - 2.0*1015 watt . This beam is probably more powerful, given that it vaporized a Drakh Raider occored in a fraction of a second and the beam continued on for hundreds of kilometers. If comprised of materials much stronger than iron (our base matterial for determining the low-end figures) and if comprised of technology and armor superior to that of the standard Xendi vessel, the output of this weapon would be on a scale of 1.6*1017 watt . It was also seen that the Velarian is apparently armed with a heavy assault cannon, the most powerful energy beam weapon seen outfitted on a starship created by the younger races.

The main gun of the Velarian class vessel is believed to comprise the total energy release of all power generated by the vessel's main reactor, and combines this massive energy discharge with a release of pure antimatter and the destructive force of the gravity based impact beam used to contain the antimatter stream, as well as several unknown principles unique to Vorlon based weapons. Given what was seen during the weapons test phase, the main gun of the Velarian class Destroyer is estimated to have a LOW-END power output 5 Exawatts - 5.0*1018 watt

Given that this weapon drains the Victroy class vessel of all the power generated by her reactors for 40-60 seconds however, we can estimate that the maximum output of this weapons may be between 1.06*1021 and 7.07*1021 joule. This weapon can only be fired once however, as the power drain renders a Velarian class vessel powerless for 40-60 seconds, leaving the ship only her reserve fusion reactors to fall back upon.

Information on this vessel is scarce at present, as the project is still in the testing stages and the base where the new Destroyers were being constructed were destroyed by the Drakh. New fleet yards are being built and this new breed of Capital ship might be in service in as little as three standard NS years. At present there are plans to build approximately 800 of this class vessel, with each Velarian class Destroyer possessing enough firepower to stand toe to toe with three or more enemy ships in the largest capital ship classification.

Class: Victory
Type: Heavy Destroyer
Length: 2,990.31 meters
Mass: 310 million metric tons
Crew: 600 persons
Troop: 2,000
Fighters: 56 Nial fighter craft
Power: Quantum Gravimetric reactor
8 Back-up Fusion reactors
Duration: 20 years
1 Super Quantum Discharge Cannon
8 Heavy Quantum Discharge Cannons
6 Heavy Neutron Cannon
12 Fusion Beam Cannons
Multiple Anti-Fighter pulse cannons along hull
Missiles [multiple launchers]
Defense: 10-15 meters re-enforced hull with Plasteel / Crystalline Armor mesh
Tractor Beams
Gravitic Defense Fields
Xendi Stealth Device

Tinashi Class

Xendi's Tinashi class War Frigate is a modified version of the Tinash-Haza class War Cruisers that served the Xendi during the last Great War with the Shadows. Most of the Tinash-Haza class vessels used in the last Shadow war were destroyed or decommissioned over the course of their nearly five hundred year long service to the Xendi people. No Tinash-Haza class vessels have served since about 600 to 700 years ago.

The design still being sound however, the Xendi redeployed this classification of vessel as the new Tinashi class War Frigate, which have been in service of the Xendi for the past 600 years. Primarily used as a support vessel, there are not many Tinashi class vessels in service of the Xendi's navy and those that exist have been relegating to long range patrol and colony defense.

The Tinashi is approximately the same size as the old Tinash-Haza's, at some 869 meters in length, but has nearly 20% more mass and is powered by a Quantum Singularity, rather than the old matter/antimatter reactors employed by the Xendi some 1,000 years ago. In addition, the Thinashi uses a gravitic drive system exclusively, while the Tinash-Haza had four Ion/Particle engines.

The Tinashi class War Frigate is armed with four Neutron cannons eight Fusion beam cannons, as well as four Electro pulse cannons. For orbital bombardment, the Tinashi also is also armed with an antimatter cannon, but no mass driver. In addition to the stated offensive weapons the War Frigate also uses the standard Xendi cloak and defense shields.

Unlike the old Tinash-Haza class vessels the Tinashi was based upon, the War Frigate does NOT carry a compliment of fighters in her launch bay, only having enough room for two flyers.

Class: Tinashi
Type: War Frigate
Length: 869 meters
Mass: 8.76 million metric tons
Crew: 110
Troop: 800
Fighter: None
Power: 1 Quantum Singularity
4 Fusion Reactors
Duration: 20 years
4 Gravitic Neutron Cannons
8 Fusion Beam Cannons
4 Electro-Pulse Guns
2 Missile Launcher
1 antimatter Cannon
8 meter re-enforced Poly-Crystalline armor
6 Gravitic Tractor Beam Projectors
Xendi Stealth Device
Gravimetric Defense Grid

Nial Class Fighter

Xendi fighters, also known as "Windstars", are 22 meters long and carry one pilot. Their maximum speed is much greater than that of a Starfury, almost three times as fast with an acceleration rate of over 2.5 km/s/s. The Xendi fighters achieve this high level of performance through the use of the same type of gravity/energy principals incorporated into Xendi capital ships, combined with the use of highly advanced pressure suites.

Powered by some form of fusion/quantum reactor system, the Windstar's weapons consist of three "Gravimetric" enhanced Neutron Particle Beam cannons, with a power output of 800 Gigawatts (800,000,000,000 watts) each. With that kind of weapon payload, a Whitestars full payload of Windstars packs enough firepower to take down an old Earthforce Hyperion type Heavy Cruiser.

Like Xendi capital ships, the Windstar class fighters are also equipped with the standard Xendi cloak. This stealth device renders the Windstar invisible to virtually all forms of scanner and sensor technology, hiding Xendi vessels from detection until it is too late.

The Windstar is an elegant weapon that is capable of attacking and destroying an enemy with the precision of a surgical instrument. Thick armor, powerful weapons and unparalleled speed and maneuverability makes the Xendi Windstars nearly impossible to defeat in a dogfight. During the Earth/Xendi war the average kill ratio was 12 to 1; 12 Starfuries were destroyed for every Windstar. At first glance it would appear that the Xendi forces did extremely well. It should be noted however that in the last armed Xendi conflict against the Streib, their kill ratio was 17 to 1.

Class: Nial [aka Windstar]
Type: Windstar Heavy Fighter
Length: 22 meters
Mass: 63 metric tons
Power: antimatter cell
1 Micro-Fusion reactor
Duration: 36 hours [standard]
Accel.: 2.5 km/s/s
Crew: 1 Pilot
Agility: Extreme
Weapon: 3 Heavy Neutron Guns
5 Centimeter re-enforced Poly-Crystalline armor hull
3 Tractor Beams
Xendi Stealth Device

Current Xendi Date: 3304

For clarification, Xendi has been in space for over 5000 years.

(Note: Xendi is generally isolationist when it comes to other worlds that do not present a threat to us. We look down on "embassies" generally.)
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