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New Flash! Outbreak of Ebola Zaire Virus...

Shinkar Prime
21-03-2004, 10:10
Dissassociated Press:

There has been an outbreak of the deadly ebola Zaire virus, spreading rapidly within the small district of Anzsche-Mettire within the Shinkarian Empire.

The Nexus of Infection Control reports that the carrier was apparently infected on a trip from an undisclosed african region, allaying rumors that the outbreak is actually a biogenetic weapon accident.
It should be noted that this is the first time a major outbreak of any sort has occured within Shinkar Prime, comming as a suprise, striking the district with a population of 8 million.

Emperor Trin Echiro released the following statement earlier today:

This outbreak is a greater threat to the order and security of Shinkar Prime than any other we have faced in our long history. If it comes down to it, I will irradiate the infected area with a neutron bomb (OOC reference: ). The resolve of both the citizens and the government to elliminate this threat will NOT be denied. To all international health agencies, I will ask that you coordinate your treatment with the Headquarters of the Nexus of Infection Control, in Shinkar City. In four days we will begin the process of decontaminating the District, irradiating the region. I would also like to ask any militaries capable of decontamination and detection of the Ebola Zaire virus to assist us in the evacuation of as many non infected citizens as possible.

And on a personal note to the citizens of Shinkar Prime, you are ALL my brothers and sisters, we are family, and as family I promise you that we will make it thru this crisis. Thank you.
Shinkar Prime
21-03-2004, 11:08
21-03-2004, 11:17
Personal Statement from Premier Bomfy

How do we know that this outbreak wasn't deliberate so that Emperor Trin Echiro would have the reason of "national security and order" to use Neutron weapons on his own people? Why jump to such an extreme to eliminate the problem?

Is the Emperor just using the guise of tragedy for his own personal, evil desires to play God with the lives of his citizens?
Premier Bomfy
Centrist Republic of Aequatio
Shinkar Prime
21-03-2004, 22:03
Response to Premier Bomfy

Premier, I am completely offended at your implication that I would be in any way responsible for this tragedy. This is a dire situation, that gives no one the luxury of fingerpointing. Were there time, I might point out to you how inevitibly you, and your ilk shall use this tragedy as a means to encite discord amongst my citizens. It pains me to even have to consider such dire means. Anzsche-Mettire District has ALWAYS been extremely loyal, and following the assassination of my mother and father, sent the most sincerest appologies and condolences to myself, and stood up to prevent any dissent and rebellion within the Empire. This is an extreme situation and requires extreme handling. I am sure you can understand the logic of the individuals sacrificing themselves for the betterment of the People.

Again, I will not humor the accusations of using this guise for my own personal desires. I do not have to play God. My citizens see me as God. I would never betray their faith in me. Thank you.
Trin Echiro, Emperor
Shinkar Prime