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Declaring Independence

21-03-2004, 08:31
A wave of attacks take place today within the Wetlands of the Zwazan and Huzen Hagen border. Guerilla fighters have attacked Zwazan troops who were occupying the territory. The guerilla fighters have declared the land as theirs. There is no currently known governmental organization within the territories, but it is suspected that a shadow government is forming. The freedom-fighters have sworn to drive out the occupying force from Zwaza.
21-03-2004, 10:31
With the current organized resistance movement in the Wetlands, Zwaza has no choice but to increase troop strength in the disputed territories. From the original 10,000 soldiers, another 30,000 troops shall be sent in to continue to bring peace and order to the Wetlands. This military action shall be carried out within the next two days. Our best wishes are in the attempt to stabilize the territories within our sovereign borders.

General Statement
Government Council
Zwazan Interim Government
22-03-2004, 01:30
Guerilla fighters ambush a Zwazan convoy that was patrolling the Wetlands. Gunfire from AK-47s spreads hot lead on the passing vehicles and the troops. No survivors are to be left. The resistance forces move in and take the supplies that the convoy had: Food, Ammunition, Technology, and Medical.
22-03-2004, 05:35
World News Update:

"Guerilla units have attacked a small convoy of government transportation vehicles en route to the forward military installations within the Zwazan Wetlands. All 27 of the Zwazan Defense Force(ZDF) personel have been killed in the attack. The ZDF's supplies have been seized by the Guerilla forces. Currently, a ZDF taskforce is searching the surronding area of the ambush to find the whereabouts of the guerilla fighters."

The broadcast switches to a ZDF General. He has this to say:

"This new resistance we are facing is not from what we recently put down before. The communists are not trying to take over Zwaza, they are trying to form their own nationstate. ZDF's involvement in this conflict is mandatory for the good of our nation. We can't allow our sovereignty to be disputed."
23-03-2004, 05:07
Several guerilla fighters end up engaging the ZDF taskforce that is searching the ambush site. All 4 of the gunmen are killed by the returning fire from the Zwazan troops. It would appear to the Zwazan taskforce that the rest of the guerillas got away with the supplies.

A audio tape shows up at a broadcasting station and is played over the air for the International Community. The voice on the tape says:

"People of the World. We are the former soldiers of the Zwazan Liberation Army(ZLA). Don't believe the authoritarian government of Zwaza and their propaganda against us. They call us Communists, but we don't invade the lives of those who live on our land. We do not take their wealth. We are revolutionaries! We are declaring our Independence of both Zwaza, and Huzen Hagen. Long live the Resistance!"

The audio tape cuts off.
23-03-2004, 06:07
World News Update:

"The Zwazan Interim Government has yet to decide on a secure date for holding elections. This problem is due to increasing resistance within the provincial Wetlands which is currently in turmoil. The ZLA has made a claim of independence, yet the Zwazan Interim Government is calling the ZLA organization as illegitimate and without the power to seize Zwazan territory.

Zwaza's military presence in the Wetlands has increased to 40,000 ZDF personel. With this strengthened force, the Zwazan Interim Government plans to hold an extended occupation of the Disputed Territories of the Fallen System. A new campaign is being planned in which to root out the leaders of the new ZLA and stamp out the remanent guerilla camps of the resistance."
24-03-2004, 04:24
With the death of the 4 gunmen by the hands of the ZDF taskforce, many guerilla units were out to exact revenge for each death. A total of 4 ambushes took place on ZDF supply convoys as a counter-measure to the increase of the Zwazan military presence in the Disputed Territories. The guerillas weren't going to let the transporters live, and the supplies are of importance to the cause.
24-03-2004, 06:45
World News Update:

"One-hundred and five ZDF soldiers, in the 27th Transportation Division, have been lost in four ambushes by guerilla fighters in the Disputed Territories of the Fallen System. This brings the number of deaths to one-hundred and thirty-two ZDF soldiers since the new resistance has raged a campaign of independence against Zwaza. The guerilla fighters are known to not take prisoners when they run their ambushes upon supply convoys within the jungles of the Wetlands.

The ZDF plans to respond to the ambushing tactics by increasing the number of soldiers sent with the convoys. No word has been given on intelligence as to who the leader of the new resistance is. Zwazan Tactical Command(ZTC) is trying to pin-point where the guerilla operations are being coordinated from.

A pre-dawn operation is being carried out by a 2,500 strong ZDF taskforce to sweep the jungle hot spot in which has the most guerilla activity. ZTC hopes to find a camp or installation in the operation in order to stop further attacks on ZDF supply convoys."
25-03-2004, 06:48
The ZDF taskforce came upon a guerilla camp out in the jungle during their sweep operation. A 300 strong resistance force is caught unaware by the assaulting forces. They are disoriented as no one is able to give them leadership in such a desperate time. The guerillas fight to the last man, even taking some of the ZDF troops with them. They fight valiantly, but all is in vain. None survive the attack.

An independent source from the Disputed Territories gives an estimated number of 17 guerilla fighters dead from the 4 ambushes the previous day. In total, 321 guerilla fighters have been slain. The shadowy leadership of the resistance has vowed revenge for the operation that took out the guerilla camp.
25-03-2004, 08:53
Crotchrottery offers 1 regiment of Crotchrotterian Guards and 10 tanks to help defeat the guerillas

General Comode
Much Exulted Leader Of Crotchrottery
26-03-2004, 06:03
It has been confirmed that twenty-nine ZDF soldiers died in the raid on the guerilla camp. They bring the total of fatalities of ZDF soldiers in this war to one-hundred and sixty-one. The brave men who have died for their country did not do so in vain. We are making progress in stamping out the resistance. Zwazan supply convoys to the Disputed Territories are much safer, and are under little to no threat from ambush.

Zwaza would like to formally accept Crotchrottery's forces into the coalition against the guerilla fighters.

Paul Seufret
Council Leader
Zwazan Interim Government
The Captain
26-03-2004, 06:24
Earlier today, The Senate passed a resolution officially praising the guerilla fighters for their valiant efforts to remove the invaders of their land.
27-03-2004, 06:58
A tape shows up at the World News Broadcasting Station. It has the name of the ZLA on it. When the WNBS airs the tape, it ends up showing video feeds of several guerilla training camps and even special agents within Zwazan territory. A voice speaks on the tape:

"We are the former soldiers of the Zwazan Liberation Organization. We are no longer part of Zwaza. We claim the Wetlands as a seperate nationstate. To prove we are serious, we have operatives in Zwaza as this tape plays. It is too late to react as the deadline for attack is coming soon. We wanted peace, but you couldn't let us be. Vengeance shall be ours."
29-03-2004, 04:52
With the new threat of terrorist action within Zwaza's controlled borders, I give an official plea to the guerilla leader to come to a diplomatic solution. A conference for political talks should be held in order to establish a means for settling the conflict.

Paul Seufret
Council Leader
Zwazan Interim Government
29-03-2004, 05:05
ooc-looks interesting [tag].
is he youre puppet nation,just declaring independance for an RP ?
if he isnt,i will probably join in one one side or the other.
Austar Union
29-03-2004, 05:13
The Republic will officially declare our neutral position in this conflict, as we would rather not get involved in Civil Affairs of a nation, especially civil wars. However, we would be willing to provide medical aid to both sides to prevent loss of life.

OOC: Check your TGs Kihameria
29-03-2004, 05:20
Krostovian Chairman Vladimir Karakov debated for several weeks over the issue in Zwaza. After much thought, the Chairman has finally decided to dispatch 30,000 men and 100 Hind Helo Force to aid Zwazan forces in putting down the terrorist organization in their attempts to destroy order in the Wetlands.

Karakov had this to say....
"We shall aid you in your time of need, and forces are en route to Zwaza now. I hope these forces will aid the coalition in dispatching the rebels from what is rightfully yours. May a safe, successful campaign come to you, my friend."