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Look if you want to destroy Cadia once and for all!

Outer Heaven MK II
20-03-2004, 22:46
Has Cadia ever taken away someone you liked, loved, cared for, have they annoyed you, or do you just have the urge to burn them all. If any of these apply to you look no further because I, Liquidus Snake, am going to start the AaC!

The AaC (Alliance against Cadia) focuses on the complete and utter destruction of Cadia and it's peoples. Cadia is a ruthless, evil Empire that must be crushed! To many a time have I suffered because of it's time to fight back! Who's with me!
20-03-2004, 23:02
Unless you are repeatedly mispelling Credonia, I have never heard of the offending nation. I'll look into both your nations, then decide my stance.