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SURVEY on religion

Cherry Ridge
19-03-2004, 03:47
The Archbishop would like to know the main religions in your nation. here are our stats.

and no it is not forced upon the people,even though pur offcial religion is Catholicism.
Archbishop DeVito
19-03-2004, 03:48
60% Catholic
39.9% Protestant Denominations
0.1% All others
19-03-2004, 04:08
100% atheist for all religious peoples either left or converted
Aztec National League
19-03-2004, 04:18
33% Roman Catholic
32% Various Meso-American Religions
15% Protestant Denominations
10% Jewish
6% Islamic
3% Atheist
1% Other (Budhism, Hinduism, etc.)

While religion is allowed, the ANL is socialist and keeps religion and state strictly seperate.
19-03-2004, 04:23
Agnostic/Don't care: 2%
Russian Orthodox: .5%
Islam: .3%
Judaism: .2%
NKVD Slavni
19-03-2004, 04:23
100% Jewish
19-03-2004, 04:25
84% Muktarism
9% Muslim
5% Jewish
1% Christian
1% Other/Agnostic/Atheist
19-03-2004, 04:25
Unless you have a very,very good cauculator you cant say what percentages youre Relegion is,but this is a game and it doesnt really matter.

the large majority of Kihameria's population is Christian/Babtist,followed by the Jewish faith, and islam,catholocisim,and other relegious factions are almost non-existant.
Capsule Corporation
19-03-2004, 04:31
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19-03-2004, 04:34
Although we are communist, we are not Marxist, so we allow Religion, but our leaders are expected to base their decisions on a certain set of moral values.

Islam: 17%
Catholic: 5%
Jewish: 21%
Ancient Bedouin Religions:2.9%
19-03-2004, 04:35
Atheist 89.5%, Evangelical Lutheran 3.1%, other Protestant 2.9%, Roman Catholic 1.7%, other 2.8%

The Government is officially Atheist, and while it doesn't ban religious organisations outright, they are heavily censored, and schools teach naturalism. This has been the case since the early fifties, so most of the last two generations have been raised Atheist or Agnostic. There are small minorities of various other religions, either devout hangers on, or immigrants, although religiously minded people don't tend to emigrate to Nimzonia.
19-03-2004, 04:35
45% wicca
25% christian
15% athiest
10% not religious, but spiritual
5% other
19-03-2004, 04:51
The nation of CanuckHeaven is populated with the following believers:

Catholic: 35%
Jewish: 10%
Islam: 10%
Mormon 2%

Non believers:

19-03-2004, 05:07
The majority of the Kingdom of Phillipsania and her Dominion of Sompania is Catholic. The clergy forms our First Estate.
The Captain
19-03-2004, 05:10
We have an official state religion, Catholicism, but we tolerate the Jewish faith as well. All other religions/athiests are either jailed and brainwashed, or executed.

Roman Catholic: 87%
Jewish: 10%
Episcopalian: 3%
19-03-2004, 05:16
Religious Population: 97%

Major Religion: Mormonism (AKA Restored Church of Christ, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) 52% [79% of that is considered "active"]

18% Catholic
17% Jewish
6% Protestant
4% Religious of some other sort
3% Atheist (
19-03-2004, 05:16
Chocoholics Paradise is devoted to freedom of religion. However, because of its extreme tolerance, Jews by the thousands migrate annually to our nation to escape persecution, creating a large majority.

Percentages: (2003 survey)
Judaism: 60% (broken down below)
Christianity: 15%
Hindu: 10%
Islam: 7%
Atheist: 5%
Other: 2%

Judaic breakdown: (percent of Jewish Population)
Reform: 50%
Conservative: 30%
Orthodox: 15%
Ultra-orthdox: 5%

(survey conducted November 2003 by M&M News Network)
19-03-2004, 05:23
Kingdom of Kuppo
Popluation report

Romen Catholic-40%
Islamic-22%(fastest growing religion in Kuppo)

In terms of ideologies

Liberal (left wing)

Anthest- 10%
Romen Catholic- 22%
Islamic- 7%
Jewish- 4%

Conservative (right wing)

Athest- 3%
Romen Catholic- 18%
Islamic- 15%
19-03-2004, 05:28
There is no religion in The Land Of Rape And Money.

Now, back to work.

Or, do you wish to visit the re-education facility again?
Magi Vampyricus
19-03-2004, 05:39
From: King Alaric of Xeraph, currently on a state visit to Xeraph's newest ally, Magi Vampyricus.

Xeraph itself is primarily a Zen nation, although it tolerates all religions.
The region of Mercenary Lands is also primarily Zen, but more of a mix of Wiccan/Pagan, Gnostic, and Druid also.

We believe that organized religion is a contradiction in terms, but as this is not the place to discuss beliefs, let's leave it at that.


Alaric of Xeraph
19-03-2004, 05:42
In the Empire of Layarteb, organized religion, while not being banned is certainly not supported. We hold religious organizations to the same standard as everyone else but predominately Layarteb is Roman Catholic.
19-03-2004, 05:42
This is part of the result of a census taken 10 years ago in Iuthia, the purpose of this report is to illustrate the differing species Iuthia now has among it’s citizens. Although we started out as a nation of humans, due to numerous wars and international crisis our population has become a slightly more diverse then it was a long time ago. With each race we will give a report to better understand how they came to being in Iuthia.

Humans (93.5%) – Humans have always been in Iuthia ever since the start when Iuthia was a completely human nation. Generally average at most things.

Elves, Light (3.12%) – These are the most likely of other species to come to Iuthia, some have immigrated due to war within their own region or persecution from others. Often called “the fair ones” though this term has yet to be condemned by their community leaders. Make good advisors.

Elves, Dark (1.16%) – You don’t find many of these due their dislike of Iuthian qualities. Though they like the large number of fortifications and underground areas. Make very good interrogators.

Elves, “Half” (2.1%) – These elves are the children of Human-Elf couples though they have recently asked not to be called “Half elves” as they feel they are not half of anything. Instead they often stick to one type of race or another, human or elf depending on whom they are comfortable with. Few immigrated for the reason that Light Elves have, the rest were born in Iuthia. Like humans they are average at most things, only with some other advantages and disadvantages.

Hobbits (0.04%) – Hobbits don’t make up a lot of Iuthia’s population due to their dislike of the militaristic society. The ones that do immigrate to Iuthia make good snipers and scouts.

Clanger (0.05%) – Any community that has a Clanger in it is a very proud community because the clangers only change their environment in extreme circumstances. Oddly enough, most of them have not stated why they left their home nation, nor will they say if pressed. We are unsure what they are good/bad for, but so far some have made good space personnel due to their tolerance for low gravity conditions.

Dwarf (0.09%) – Very rare because they are unwilling to leave their underground cities. The few that do turn up make excellent engineers, especially where rock is concerned.

Vampires (Unknown) – Iuthia was only made aware of such creatures after its small political dealings with the nation Rave Shentavo. After these dealing, the census gave included the answer “Vampire” as well as “other”… both have had dismal results. With Iuthia being the size it is, the experts reckon that a couple must exist and have appealed for them to come forward, but otherwise have taken no action.

In conclusion, Iuthia has become a much more diverse nation, mainly due to immigration from nations that aren’t as safe as Iuthia. All immigrants have to go through a 2-year period in the military (like all the rest of my population) as well as have a passive 1-year caution period. So far the system has worked well and much information is gathered on new races, which join (going through military tells the medical experts a lot).


Agnostic (77%)

Budhist (10%)

Atheist (5%)

Others: (See below for examples...)

Christian (2.5%)

Jewish (2.5%)

Islamic (2%)

Gaian (0.5%)

Jedi* (0.5%)

* OOC: Due to a joke on the census form Jedi has now become a religion in Iuthia... mostly for those who live with their parents... they don't have powers except being able to quote all 6 of the Star Wars films (Iuthia is post-modern so have seen the last film they arn't sure, they prefered the later ones...)
The Hani
19-03-2004, 05:51
The Allied States of The Hani maintain a strict seperation of church and state, as is proper. The state makes no effort to measure the people's religion, so there are no official statistics. Churches are treated as any other social club, with no special privileges.
19-03-2004, 05:55
In the Monarchy of Cicera, the Royal Family is Roman Catholic, but there are many Islamic communities, and in the Cicera Highlands, there are several Hindu and Jewish villages, and scattered throughout the Island are people of other religions (Shinto and Buddhism).

62% Roman Catholic
27% Islamic
6% Hinduisim
3% Judaism
2% Other
Elves Security Forces
19-03-2004, 06:14
The RESF allows all its citizens to pratice any religion they wish. Most of the percents are due to what species it is.
Polythiestic Domeinar-12%
Most of the elves are of the Polythiestic Domeinar or Other while the dwarves and humans are Methodist or Baptist. Hobbits are Jewish or Aethiest.
Qen Land
19-03-2004, 06:27
Qen Land

80% Muslim
10% other
19-03-2004, 06:41
OOC: Qen Land

80% Muslim
10% other

Did you know thats only 90%?
19-03-2004, 08:46
The Serene Republic does not have precise numbers; however, we estimate that the population breaks down thus:

Muslim approximately 60%
Catholic approximately 25%
Buddhist approximately 15%

More specific information will be gathered in the next census and will be available upon request.
19-03-2004, 09:12
The Confederacy of Apoptose do not keep accurate figures of its nation's religious leanings as we view it as irrelevant information to the success and conintued economic growth of the nation. However, an estimation of the religion breakdown of the Confederacy's poplution is as follows:

60% Atheists
25% Buddists
10% Christians
5% Catholics

Department of Statistics.
Lessr Tsurani
19-03-2004, 11:47
The Kingdom of Lessr Tsurani has no one religion. We have different orders that the Pop can chose to worship. They are thus:

Order of Sigmar the First Dragon Knight 50%

Order of the White Wolf 25%

Order of the Falcon 5.3%

Order of Dragon preists 4.7%

Druchii Order 10%

Violet order 5%

The ones that have less than ten are Life long commitments that are the worrior orders however they are not used for the nation but holywars however they can be called apon by the ruler for a price.
19-03-2004, 12:15
Protestant Evolutionist: 50%
Atheist Evolutionist: 15%
All others: 35%
Kelonian States
19-03-2004, 12:29
Religious: 72%
Atheist/Agnostic: 28%

Religious Breakdown
Jewish: 63% (45.4% of total population)
Muslim: 18% (12.9% of total population)
Catholic: 11% (7.9% of total population)
Protestant: 6% (4.3% of total population)
Other: 2% (1.4% of total population)
Upper Cet Kola Ytovia
19-03-2004, 15:12
The Dominion of Upper Cet Kola Ytovia was founded on ideals of diversity and tolerance. To make certain that less populous religions and races would never be kept from power, the Ytovian Council on Inter-Faith Relations, when drawing up the National Charter, created a third house of the Lagukrof (legislature). Representation in this "House of Representatives" is based upon census data regarding racial and religious affiliations of the population (with a certain number of seats specifically set aside for women). Thus, this sort of census data is considered vitally important to our nation.

Anyways, the religious breakdown:

Various Evangelical Protestant Christian Denominations: 48%*
Roman Catholic: 16%
Muslim: 10%
Ahteist/Agnostic/No Religion: 10%
Jewish: 7%
Budhist: 3%
Other Christian: 2%
Native Ytovian Animism: 2%
Other Religions: 2%

* This category may soon be broken up into component denominations. There is a lot of support for this currently, but still a lot of debate as to how to break it up. (OOC: which is to say, I haven't gotten that far yet. :wink: )
19-03-2004, 15:30
Roman Catholic 25%
Moslem 45%
Jewish 15%
Other Christian (excludes JW and Mormon) 10%
Agnostic 2%
Other 3%
Scientology -100% of 0.01%