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Negotiations to begin over Al Anbar oil contract

18-03-2004, 12:52
Inside the Seante Building...

President: "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Senate. It is my honour to announce that the Honourable Senator Julia Aptiva will be leaving for the nation of Al Anbar to secure an oil trade agreement that will seek to cement relations between our nations and benifit our growing automotive industry"

There is immediate murmurs in the gallery and some Senators begin to voice their opinions.

Senator 1: "Surely you should have informed the House of you intention to commit us to a binding international agreement prior to this time. Have you no integrity"

President: "Don not presume to lecture me on integrity, not when have none yourself Senator"

The sharp bang of the Speaker's gavel can be heard.

Speaker: "I will have order, the President holds the floor. This is not question time and the House will remain silent!"

President: "That's all I have Mr Speaker"


National News Break

Reporter: "Well there you have it the President has announced Rotovia;s intention to enter into a trade agreement with Al Anbar wiht mixed response from the Senate. Only time will tell wether this spontanius move will pay off. Remember you heard it here first, I'm Tania Philips and this is Rotovian National News. Good night"