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Ermanskiiy report

17-03-2004, 03:44
After a long and tedious revolution,lasting 6 years, Ermankiiy has finally been returned to the control of the Politburo and Chairman Aleksandr Ramius.This could not have been possible without the Gracious help of the Foreign peacekeepers that were willing to give up their lives to saves a comrade. We commend all that helped.

This special report has been put together to explain Aleksandr Ramius' Revolutionary style of the Communist government.

Government: Communism/Aleksandrism
Freedom of speech: Not entirely.
Right to bear arms: Absolutely not.
Freedom of religion: Of course.
Right to protest: We already tried, but it didn't work very well.
Right to trial by Jury: Yes
Social security: Yes
Criminal rights: If you screwed up, then you are in turn screwed.(Punished, not "you know what")
Right to choose Political Affiliation: Did you forget that you are in a communist country?

Small businesses prosper, but anything with over two locations are considered "Corporations", and will be seized by the government.

Have a nice day, and remember, Power comes to those Who seek it!