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Premiere announces massive aid package

17-03-2004, 01:50
Premiere Ranchov today announced a 545 billion dollar aid package that be given to the nations of Crossman, Jurassic Park X, Lusaka, Letila, Susa, Al Anbar, Nimzonia and Communist Poland for the purpose of constructing new schools in those nations.
The exact manner in which in the money is spent will be up to the respective national governments who are recieving the funds.
Ranchov said he would like to see WestMoon and the nations in question have better and closer relations. He said the money will be given as a gift with no strings attached.
Each nation will get a total of 68.125 billion dollars.
The package is the biggest ever doled by the government of WestMoon which has sought improved relations with other states since Ranchov became the nation's leader by Party Caucus in September.
Ranchov is known for his perestroika like policies on the domestic front including ordering the nation's first direct open elections for the Premiereship and other national government offices.