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Dictator is sentenced to hanging?!?!

15-03-2004, 22:13
Today's WNN Reports:

"Hello everyone, I am Harry Tipp. WNN.

A hurricane is brewing in the southern sea, 67 miles off the coast. Evacuation is not necessary.

Witzgall Dish Network's satellite shot down by SAM missile. It was thought to be a laser beam.

Witzgallian dictator Matthew III sentenced to hanging.

63 year old lady chokes on apple pie while...Wait. What the hell?

Our leader was sentenced to a hanging? What idiots did that?!"

Commericial breaks in for Dog food.

Yes, it's true. Matthew III, psychotic dictator of Witzgall, has been sentenced to a hanging. Apparently, a secret transmission was intercepted by accident. Originating from the dictator, thirteen military helicopters were ordered to spray down the colony of New Witzgall with a deadly chemical agent.

All 13 of Matthew III's generals deny knowledge, and were the ones who sentenced him to death. The public chose hanging.

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"Who the hell would want to kill our lovely and generous leader? What's that? He's in jail and isn't watching? Oh...what a bastard."

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