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Stahl Inc. unveiles project Bobcat

15-03-2004, 14:33
Project Bobcat - history and current status

Project Bobcat goal was to design a vehicle capable of delivering indirect-fire support and to keep up with the Mongoose. Other requirements were that it had to have stronger armour and that it had to use the chassis of the Mongoose.
In the end this last requirement proved to be unrealistic and a new chassis was designed to accommodate the turret that had already been designed. When this new chassis was tested, the Admiralty was so impressed that they ordered a successor for the Mongoose with the same chassis as the Bobcat. The result of this was called Wildcat.
Both have an all-welded steel armour hull, which provides protection against 12.7mm ammunition and shell fragments. Enhanced armour protection over the frontal arc provides protection against 20mm ammunition.
A nuclear, chemical and biological (NBC) warfare protection system is integrated into the vehicles' air conditioning system.
Because the engine is still the same the Wildcat and the Bobcat are a bit slower then the Mongoose but the added protection should outweigh the minor loss of speed.
Specifications of both are:
Combat Weight: 15 tons
Length: 6 metres
Width: 2.8 metres
Height: 2.5 metres

Bobcat FFSV-1
Until now the Admiralty lacked a vehicle capable of delivering indirect-fire support and to keep up with the Mongoose. Project Bobcat main goal was to create that vehicle. The Scorpion is the result. It is heavier then the Mongoose and can’t carry any troops. It does have thicker armour that provides mor protection
Crew: 4
Primary weapon: 120mm Smooth Bore Mortar
Secondary weapon: M240E1 7.62 Pintle Mounted Machine Gun
Ancillary Weapon: Two Grenade Launchers
Ammunition: (Ready): 200 rounds 7.62, 8 L8A1 Smoke Grenades.
Ammunition (Stowed): 40 rounds 120mm, 400 rounds 7.62 and 8 L8A1 Smoke Grenades

Wildcat FRV-6
This is an of shoot from the Bobcat project and was designed to be the successor of the Mongoose. It can carry 10 soldiers instead of 8 and has a auto-loader with the gunner next to the driver instead of in the turret.
Crew: 2
Primary weapon: 30mm automatic cannon
Secondary weapon: 7.62 machine gun

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First one looks cool, second one looks......weak. Anywho, alright I suppose. Cool either way.
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They have different roles in my army.