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15/03/04: UARL establishes navy, Igomo commissions frigate

15-03-2004, 11:43
Tanga, The United African Republic of Lusaka

The large and heavily industrialised port at Tanga had for some weeks been crowded by warships, but they were not Lusakan. Responding to regional tensions, specifically the Roycelandian invasion of Madagascar, The People's Commonwealth of Beth Gellert had stationed significant forces in Lusaka. Until it became clear that remaining Roycelandian forces had essentially gone rogue, Beth Gellen forces were massing on the Lusaka/Roycelandian East African border in an effort to persuade the government to back-down over Madagascar.

Today it was evident that a withdrawl was well underway, but as the foreign frigates thinned, the silhouette of LS Tabora stood out. She had just been Christened, Lusaka's first warship of over a thousand tons.

President Igomo's lately strained features beamed as he spoke to newly appointed Captain Lewis Ehiogu, formerly of one of the Coast Guard's four tiny corvettes.

The Tabora was an Al Khali built Omar Class light patrol frigate. Hardly an ICBM-weilding nuclear submarine or a fleet carrier, but it was a start. All 1,400 tons of it.

300 by 34 foot, Tabora was dragged from port by her two cruise diesels and their modest 3,800 horses. Aboard were 128 officers and men, and one Republican President.

"Let us get a wind up for her." Igomo said to his Captain, indicating the limp jack and its presently sorry looking Vulture.

With a keen "Yes, Mr.President!" the young Captain ordered all ahead full, and the ship's boost gas turbines engaged their 42,000shp, thrusting the frigate ahead at 39 knots as she cleared the harbor.

The vessel had been built in the style of those in service with Al Khals, but there were minor differences as specified by the Lusakan military. The 122mm gun made way for a 100mm quick firing piece, but the Al Khali radar, sonar, and fire control remained in place, as did the ASW mortar, four 30mm cannon, three 12.7mm machineguns, and the SA-N-8 SAM system.

The primary armament was something of a problem, and one that New Lusaka City wasn't keen to share with the wider world. Al Khals' Omars each carried four SS-N-22 Sunburn anti-ship missiles -a deadly cargo indeed- but that nation had economic problems of its own, and was in no position to supply Lusaka with such weapons. On Igomo's insistance the launchers had been fitted, and he'd even had mock-ups of the missiles constructed and carried aboard, ignoring suggestions that the Tabora be given older C-201 missiles instead. He'd find Sunburns somehow, and figure out how to pay for them.

After that first short voyage had ended with the frigate returning safely to port under power of its cruise engines, President Igomo gave a speech on his plans for further expansion of the new fleet.
He said that Lusaka was to seek minesweepers and layers, further corvettes and/or frigates, and D/E submarines for the defence of the nation's coastline and its island territories, Zanzibar first amongst them.
The Freethinkers
15-03-2004, 14:29
Do you want a pic making of this frigate?

Prime Design produces original line drawings and cutaways for original design warships, as well as designing new ones. It is a sub-division of Doujin Corp run by the Freethinkers.

TG me if you want a pic doing, and check out Doujin's storefront if you get the chance.
Al Khals
17-03-2004, 01:22
(You'll notice its actually an Al Khali frigate- however, I don't really have anywhere to host an image anyway, I'm afraid.)
17-03-2004, 04:18
Port Imperial, Roycelandian East Africa

IIS Agents relayed pictures of the new ship to Governor-General Fry, who passed them onto Commander Sword.

This was a most disturbing development- the Lusakans could barely afford to feed themselves, much less buy Frigates.

"Kiff, where are they getting the money for this from?"

Robert Kiff, REA's Secretary of State, looked up from his copy of "Imperialist" Magazine, and thought for a moment.

"I'm not sure. Maybe a gift from the Al Khalis? Perhaps AC or Soviet Haregaard are involved. They could afford it."

Fry ordered the pictures and intel dispatched to His Majesty and Commander Sword in Port Royal, Roycelandia. Then he had a copy transmitted to the Rhodesian Intelligence Service, and got back to thinking.

"This is a dangerous development. We can't have Lusaka getting too big for their boots, so to speak. They've caused us enough trouble over the years, and this African Nationalist crap they keep spouting is hurting our Imperialist Ambitions."

He looked out the window over the very picturesque Port Imperial, then picked up the Hot Line, established a secure connection, and spoke to his Majesty.

"Yes, Your Majesty. That's right. No, we don't know how they can afford it. That is a possibility, Your Majesty. The Special Services Medal, Your Majesty? I'll have the agent responsible in Port Royal by Sunday, if this is convenient. Yes, of course. No, not at all. Any time. Golf next Sunday? See you there. Give my regards to Her Majesty and the Prince and Princesses. I will. Bye."

Fry hung up and picked up a different phone. "Jack? Philip here. I just spoke to His Majesty. Yes, that's the one. Good photos aren't they? The Agent responsible is going to get the Special Services Medal. And there's more in store for the agent who carries out Phase II. Yes. I hope the Lusakans like water. Ha ha ha ha... Drinks tomorrow? say, 8pm at Blades? Your shout as I recall... See you then."

That done, Fry turned to Kiff.

"Sink it."

His work done, Fry decided to head out for lunch with one of the rather pretty young women from the Administration Division. He did enjoy this job...
17-03-2004, 06:00
Lusakan State News- LS Tabora to visit Soviet base

Captain Ehiogu had his second set of orders since assuming command of ..well, of the entire strength of the Lusakan navy. The Tabora was to sail for Zanzibar island where, after the briefest of layovers for the benefit of the city-dwelling Lusakans on the west coast, she would make an official visit to the Soviet Haaregrad military base that covered much of the little island's eastern shore.

Arusha Army Base, Lusaka

"..M16." "Check." "FN." "Check." "FN." "Check." "Ah, pistols, four." "Check." "Demo charge." "Check." "Grenades." "Check." "White dude." "Che.. Rob?" "Yeah?" "Check." "Yeah, I got that. And the others?"

Well, you get the idea.

Handing Rob -one of Lusaka's twenty million whites- a .45 automatic, the kit officer couldn't resist recounting the story of the weapon's recent history. A highly dubious re-telling of the 17th LRAC's capture of several Rhodesian soldiers resulted, with serious Hollywood Ninja skills added to the Vultures' arsenal.

The unusually white-heavy LRAC unit hauled their gear -Rhodesian-type explosives and other items of colonial militaria included- outside and made for the pair of waiting Mi-24s. Soon they'd be on Zanzibar.
17-03-2004, 15:52
Mombasa, Roycelandian East Africa

The Special Operations Command had been given the job of Sinking what amounted to the entire Lusakan navy- or, at least, it's effective striking component.

Several options had been proposed- Torpedo Attack by SeaFires operating off the IRNS Royal Eagle, Submarine Attack by the IRNS Barracuda, Scuba Divers with limpet mines, Orbital Bombardment, or, a James Bond-esque infiltration.

Finally, it was decided to use all of them if need be, starting with the Scuba Divers, who would infiltrate Tanga from a disguised Fishing Vessel, plant limpet mines on the hull, and hopefully escape to be picked up by the Barracuda outside Lusakan Waters.

No matter what it would take, Lusaka was going to lose that Ship, even if it was the last thing Governor-General Fry ever did...
17-03-2004, 16:09
Lusaka, Doujin would like to congradulate you on your new ship. We would like you to join one of Doujin's battlegroups for awhile.

Admiral Miller,
Admiral in Chief - Doujin Navy
17-03-2004, 16:16
Nilt would also like to congratulate em.

We hearby give UARL two New Mexico class battleships free of charge as a gift from the Dominion of Nilt
17-03-2004, 16:17
Nilt, you can't afford that.
17-03-2004, 16:19
Good point....I just realized how small our budget is. Then I grant UARL the blueprints to the ship.
Rhodesia and Nyasaland
18-03-2004, 00:24
The disused warehouse could have been only a thousand fee from the Naval Base at Tanga. The two spies, both members of the DISO (Defence Intelligence and Signals Office) were unusally black, in fact one was Lusakan by birth. They stared through pairs of binnoculars at the sleek grey lines of the Tabora, taking notes and sending them via a laptop to Salisbury. It was a worrying devlopment, a blue water navy. What did Rhodesia have, the RMSS (Royal Maritme Secuirty Service) barely large enough to be called a coast guard.

Office of the Minister for Defence of the Realm

General Gardiner sat in the thick cigar induced haze of the Minister's shabby office while the man himself sat opposite, peering through fifties era spectacles reviewing a few photos of the Lusakan frigate. The Minister seemed remarkably coherent, after all it was 10:00AM, a full three hours before he would pour a liberal portion of brandy from a pair of decanters that were the dominant items on his desk. Actually it was the only thing Sir Robert Cotterell did liberally and having been brought up on stories from Galipoli, Dieppe and Pashandale during the Great War as well as losing a brother at Dunkirk in 1940, he still believed that strength was measured in rifles, howitzers and tanks. For such new fangled items like jet fighters he really was quite at a loss but he submitted to the PMs insistance on modernisation, leaving most of it to General Gardiner. Actually Sir Robert would have probably been more at home in REA.

"Well General, what would be thinking?"

"Maybe its time we had a Navy."

"Yes, I like that, a few battleships, cruisers destroyers, cruisers etc. Yes taht would be desirable."

"I was thinking more liek frigates and a few submarines."

"Rather small don't you think."

"Minister thats how naval warfare is conducted nowadays."

"Ah...Yes, well I woulldn't know anything about that, after all its always been toaught in my family that only sissies join the Navy."

"Be that as it may, shall I draft a proposal?"

"Ah, yes, I suppose and then I'll take a little look in due course."

The General ignored the Minister's abosolute pomposity and went through the formalities of shaking hands, knowing full well that his proposal would meet the Prime Minister before this bafoon had his chance to pass judgement on it. It was a well known fact that the Prime Minister was Defence Minister as well, and the man actually supposed to do the job was normally the last one know anything. Obviously this suited the PM perfectly so Sir Robrt was left to vegetate in his smoky office, thinking that he was in control of Rhodesia's military and making up supposedly meaningful names to give Army Regiments.
18-03-2004, 01:44
Fishing Trawler off the coast of Tanga

The Special Operations Command were a somewhat shadowy part of the Roycelandian Military. Nominally in charge of everything that the Imperial Guard couldn't handle, they mostly performed sabotage, disinformation, raids, and so on.

Three ISAS soldiers with maritime ops experience slipped over the side, armed with Limpet Mines, Maritime Ops Assault Rifles, knives, and a strange propulsion unit that was almost totally noiseless.

All were aware that if caught, they would be disowned, so they had dog tags giving name, age blood type, and religion- but no nationality or serial numbers.

And so they began to make their way towards the Lusakan Harbour...
18-03-2004, 11:16
New Lusaka City

"Battleship plans?" Muttered Secretary Livingstone Miyanda. "These will probably make Olongwe jealous." He supposed as he pinned them to his office wall.

It fell to Defence Secretary Colin Olongwe to thank the Doujin for their offer, and to imply that the Tabora would likely be free for a short attachment to such a battlegroup on a good will mission in the near future.

Off Tanga

LS Tabora cruised out of port at almost eighteen knots. Most of the trawlers in her path had already been moved on by one of the coastguard's Haaregradian corvettes, which was now clattering towards the Roycelandian boat.
18-03-2004, 11:18
20-03-2004, 09:00
The Fishing Boat had no Roycelandian Markings- the crew were Africans, the weapons captured, and the ship registered to Liberia.

The crew readied the Torpedo Tubes, located in the bow below the water line, and waited for the signal. Turning straight onto the Lusakan ship would be the best way to ensure a hit.

The Scuba Team, however, had decided to abort and head for the IRNS Barracuda, in the hopes of trying again at Zanzibar- assuming the Fishing Boat didn't sink the Lusakan vessel...
20-03-2004, 13:17
The 950 ton Haaregrad-built Oglive Class corvette, it's 125mm cannon pointed to the sky, closed at a startling rate (being reportedly capable of 54 knots). As it neared, the vessel turned a little as it slowed, a megaphone instructing the fishing vessel to temporarily withdraw until the incoming frigate had passed. Currently the corvette was roughly between the other two vessels, which were yet some way apart.

Evidently security around the new frigate was tight, though the dozens of trawlers in the area weren't exactly being treated as enemies.

"With-draww." Droned the megaphone, shortening its instruction.
20-03-2004, 13:29
The Trawler Crew's cover story, if they were ever captured, was that they were part of the Arab National Front. They had orders not to be captured, however- Cyanide Pills being supplied with the understanding that if captured, they would be disowned by Roycelandia completely.

"Target bearing 350" the Weapons Man said over the Ship's communication system.

"Wait for it... Wait for it...."

The Fishing Trawler reversed back a bit as the Cruiser came in sight. When the Bows were dead on with the Lusakan ship, the order came.

"Fire tubes One and Two!"

The Tin Fish were launched from the tubes towards the Ship, as the Fishing Trawler turned and began to leave, heading South towards Mozambique or South Africa...
20-03-2004, 14:18
The Empire of Ganchelkas is willing to sell vessels of the following types:

"Wielingen" Class Frigate

Defence of the merchant navy by escorting convoys and conducting anti-submarine operations.
Self-defense against surface ships.
Self-defense against aircraft.

accessory apparatus:
Air and Surface detection1 combined air and surface surveillance radar, type DA05 from HSA (Hollandse Signaal Apparaten)
1 navigational radar Kelvin Hughes Type 1007
1 fire-control radar WM25 with continuous wave and several ECM (Electronic Counter Counter Measures) devices.
1 system link, automatic reception of tactical information
ESM (Electronic Support Measures): ARGOS 900 (AR900)
Anti-submarine warfare Sonar: 1 panoramic surveillance and tracking sonar AN-SQS 510
Exploitation: by means of the Sensor Weapon en Commando system know as SEWACO 4

Against surface and air targets : 1 automatic 100 mm canon
Against air targets : 1 SAM (Surface to Air Missile) system with 8 missiles NATO Sea Sparrow
Against surface targets: 4 EXOCET launchers
Weapons 1 rocket launcher 375 mm (6 barrels)
2 torpedolaunchers L5

The complement consists of 14 officers, 84 NCO's and 59 sailors, and is divided in 3 departments: Internal Service, Operations and Technical.

14 officers
84 NCO's
59 sailors

cruising speed:
16 knots

Electricity: 4 alternateurs 440 V - 500 Kw

fuel capacity:
250 ton

Displacement : 2.200 tons
Draught (including sonardome) : 5,50m
Height above the waterline : 25,20m
Potable water : 80 tons
Frigo-rooms : 64 m³
Active stabilizers : 2
Welded hull : 13 watertight doors

106,38 m

maximum speed:
up to 15 knots: 1 diesel
up to 18 knots: 2 diesel
up tol 28 knots: gasturbine

CODOG = Combined Diesel or Gas Turbine
2 Diesel Cockerill Diesel ENGINES (12 cyl. In V) of 3.000HV each at 1.000 rpm
1 Rolls Royce Olympus T M - 3 B gasturbine of 27.575 HV (Max. 27.000 HV at 5.660 rpm)
2 inverted screws with variable pitch

radius of action:
6.000 miles at economical speed (16 kts)

12,30 m

Tripartite Minehunter

Dedicated to mine countermeasures operations:
Sweeping of anchorage mines
Hunting of bottom anchored mines

Special studies have shown the feasibility to construct the hull entirely of "GRP" (Glass Reinforced Polyester) because mine countermeasure vessels should have low magnetic signature and be shock resistant.
The radio equipments are in accordance with the latest requirements.
The airconditioning and the pressurization system ensure a safe passage through an NBC contaminated area.

accessory apparatus:
Deck equipement:
- 1 electric anchorwindlass
- 1 winch for sweeping
- 1 hydro-electric articulated crane
- 2 mechanic stern davits

2 Guns .50 for the destruction of floating mines
1 X 20mm for anti-air warfare

5 Officers
17 CPO and PO
25 sailors

Displacement : 560 ton
Length: 51,50 m
Width: 8,96 m
Depth: 3,60 m
Height above the waterline: 18,50 m
Speed: till 15 knots
Fuel: 63 T
Potable water: 14,5 m3
Frigo Rooms: 9 m3

maximum speed:
15 knots

output power:
1 Diesel alternator DAF 180 kW for cruising
3 Gas turbine alternators 250 kW for minehunting operations
A row of batteries 24V to supply power failure of the primary equipments

A 1370 kW supercharged "Werkspoor RUB 215" V12 diesel drives a 5-blades variable pitch propeller.

2 ACEC active rudders are fitted with fixed pitch propeller, each powered by a 180 kW electrical motor and a exclusively transvers-acting bowpropulsion system "HOLEC" supplements the rudder action during operations.

radius of action:
3000 nautical miles (at 12 knots)

Surface detection: radar Decca Type RN 1229
Underwater detection: Sonar DUBM 21 B
Minehunting information: Evec 20
Radio navigation: Toran and Syledis
Doppler log and automatic pilot
Mineidentification and neutralization equipments:
- Mine clearance divers
- Light mechanical sweeping gear
- 2 PAP (poisson autopropulsé) against bottom mines

Logistical Supportship

Fishery Protection

Apart from peacetime fishery protection duties, these ships also offer technical and medical assistance to fishermen in distant fishing grounds.

Support and Supply ship for minesweepers.

By offering assistance in the administrative, technical and supply field, these ships augment the operational effectiveness of the supported task-force. With this support manoeuvrability and efficiency are increased.

Command ship for Mine Counter Measure operations.

These ships has the necessary equipment, in particular in the field of communications, to lead and co-ordinate MCM operations.

2 x 40mm guns

8 officers
29 NCO's
55 sailors and +/- 40 cadets

Displacement: 2.500 tons
Draught: 3,50 m

91,30 m

4 fastrunning dieselengines 1350HP each

radius of action:
6.000 miles at economical speed (15 kts)

18 knots

14 m

Commodore Ryan Ericksön
Commanding Officer of the Ganchelkean Arms Industries
21-03-2004, 10:35
The UARL was quick to respond to Commodore Erickson, Defence Secretary Colin Olongwe confirming Lusakan interest in a pair of Tripartite Minehunters and a Logistical Supportship.

Off Tanga meanwhile the Lusakan corvette, unimpressed by the trawler's refusal to back-off, had come along side the boat and a couple of lanky Lusakans now trained Uzis on the stubborn vessel's crew.

(ooc:Because frankly the trawler can't out-run a 54knot warship sent to clear all vessels ahead of the frigate's departure on its first real mission, and will be either detained or sunk, unless it can over-power the corvette's 35 hands)
21-03-2004, 15:16
OOC: Sorry, I misread your earlier post. I was under the impression that the Cruiser trying to clear the waters was the Luskan ship.

Never mind, shall we assume that the Fishing Boat crew screwed it up and have fired torpedoes at the escorting vessel that's bearing down on them?

Or, I can withdraw the Trawler... whichever will work out better. :D
24-03-2004, 14:16
(ooc:For the record I think you're scaring yourself a bit much- the new ship is a coastal patrol frigate tipping the displacement scales at 1,400tons, hardly a cruiser! It's partly a (minor) prestige item for Igomo and partly an effort to get silly colonials to spend more on naval warfare- something that barely dents the Lusakan budget with four corvettes and a frigate ;) Of course I suppose you probably don't know that the Sunburn tubes are empty, so in theory Tabora could be a threat to coastal shipping especially between REA and Rhodesia & Nyasaland..since you've gone to the trouble of setting up an attack, we may as well have some result from it, I suppose-)

LCG Corvette #02

"There's something afoot!" Said the ever dramatic Lt.Hadji as the crew observed the suspicious and disobetient behaviour of the trawler before them. The corvette was moving at high speed towards the troublesome vessel when the young captain's eyes widened at the sight of torpedoes on an intercept course. There wasn't time for even the agile little corvette to turn right about at this speed, even though she might well have been fast enough to run the torpedoes out of fuel.

A frantic captain spluttered orders for a minor course change as LCGC#02 went head-on to the torpedoes and attempted to dash between them, presenting its little beam. It seemed to have worked as the crew breathed in with the passing of one missile just feet from starboard. The guncrew, stubbornly blocking-out the facts of their situation were meanwhile training the 125mm gun upon the trawler. They were about to shoot off a second well aimed round when the boat was struck on the bow. Most weapons operaters had been too focused to hear the captain's cries of, "Brace!"

On deck a pair of crewmen had been rather hopefully firing small arms into the water as the torpedo approached, and as a result had been flung far into the air by the blast. Almost everyone on board was flung about by the sudden reduction in speed.

Even as the corvette took on water and cries of "fire!" and "medic!" rang out, one junior officer was letting rip with a 40mm anti-aircraft cannon, now trained hurridly across the deck of the retrating trawler.
24-03-2004, 15:00
The crew of the Trawler's elation at having hit the Lusakan ship was also tempered by the 40mm Ack-Ack fire raking the trawler.

Some of the crew are hit and killed instantly, others fall overboard in shock where they will drown within a minute or two from shock and injuries.

A crate on the back of the Trawler opens up to reveal a Quad-20mm Cannon array, manned by an Arabic-looking person who cries "Death to The Infidels and Enemies of Allah!" before opening fire on the Lusakan Cruiser and raking the decks with 20mm fire.

OOC: I'm sure we are over-reacting, but Gov.-Gen. Fry feels like making a point, and besides, it could become a threat to REA coastal shipping at some point... Of course, now other countries will be falling all over themselves to give you a new and better Frigate, so it looks like the Maritime Division of the Special Operations Command will be very busy from here on in... :D
26-03-2004, 07:42
Zanzibar City

The local Secretary to the Republic was less than pleased. Zanzibar needed this visit- the ZRP (Zanzibar Republic Party) was gaining power with more than 100million Lusakans now professing Muslim beliefs, and as an SPP appointee his interests were parallel to Igomo's plans. Reports filtering in of a foiled attack on the Tabora were not encouraging. Helicopter gunships were out over the waves, searching for suspect vessels, and sonar buoys were deployed in some density.

Nothing much was being turned up.

Reports indicated that a trawler had been outfitted by someone with significant economic and/or industrial capacity, and that it'd now been sunk, and that a corvette had been crippled in the process. While mainland Lusaka tried to deicide which of its continental neighbours to blame, Zanzibars's local government considered local possibilities. Hard-line Islamic groups, perhaps.
26-03-2004, 12:13
Port Royal was not impressed with the news of the failure. Fortunately, the idea of using Islamic Extemists as a cover, whilst cliched, and worked. This time.

Some thought still needed to be put into dealing with the Lusakan "Navy", but events in Gabon and elsewhere would probably have to take priority, unless another oppurtunity presented itself...