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More Prostituestes Executed!

03-03-2004, 19:28
This morning a group of 4000 prostituestes were found. They were tortured by the Sultans Grand Guard.

The tortured remnants are to be sent to Commorargh to be further tortured...
03-03-2004, 19:30
I look forward to my concubines :twisted:
03-03-2004, 19:31
May The Theocracy of Sproutbekistan be the first to offer you our hearty congratulations for your prompt and neccesary action.
03-03-2004, 19:31
Prostitution too is banned in Layarteb and all those caught doing so are sentenced to thirty to fifty years in jail.
03-03-2004, 19:33
Cocubines? Disgusting example of spiritual and moral weakness.
03-03-2004, 19:46
goodness sake commarrgh stop using your puppets
03-03-2004, 19:50
Well the last time I looked I was'nt a puppet of Commorargh :)

I know Commorargh in RL. I should know, he's logged onto the computer next to me :wink: