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Massve retaliatory strikes against Haiti

01-03-2004, 05:43
Oologah launched a massive campaign against Haiti. These retaliatory strikes against military and terrorist targets in Haiti were in respons to the recent shooting war they were involved in, and also in response to the terrorist attacks yesterday in the southern city of Talala. AH-64Ds from 10 squadrons took part in these strikes. Also, last night a single F-117 flew over the Hatian capital city in a strike aimed at instant decapitation of the Hatian government. The strike was successful, the target was killed, but so was the pilot. The plane was illuminated by searchlights positioned around the city, and at least 3 shoulder-launched SAMs were fired off. The bomber was also struck by small arms fire as it went down. The pilot managed to get out alive, but was captured and drug behind a truck while people hurled things at him, and then burned his body in the streets. Mi-24s were also involved in the raids, which killed as many as 100 terrorist leaders. The number of civilian casualties are uncomfirmed at press time, but thought to be low.