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AK-115 Next Generation Multi Purpose Rifle

08-02-2004, 00:37
Kazakhstania does not really need a new assault rifle. We do not even need a new machine gun. The AK-111 and LAR-91 Rifle and Machine Gun have served us well and do not need replacing. However, they do cost a large amount to serve to an army.

So, we set out to create a new, cost effective weapon and give it the ability to surpass our previous assault rifles. Therefore, we announce to you today, the Next Generation Multi Purpose Rifle!

AK-115 5.45mm Next Gen Rifle

The AK-115 is a hugely multi purpose rifle. It was designed to be able to turn quickly into a Assault Rifle or a Squad Automatic Weapon. We have had loads of success, but first we shall go over each version. Please, enjoy.

Assault Rifle

Designed to replace the AK-111, it has the reliability and ease of cleaning of all our previous rifles. The cleaning system si easy, and revolves round several bolts which can be removed. Having removed these, the whole rifle can be accessed. Any and misfires can be sorted via the bolt opener, ejecting the round and allowing cleaning.

The bulpup deign and simple trigger system allow easy firing which means fantastic accuracy. This version is the basic one, and has regular everything. It also has very easy to useiron sights. The magazine group has the same release and suck-in action of the easy slot AK-111 system.

Squad Automatic Rifle

Using the same frame as the AK-115, the SAW version has a longer, more solid barrel. This barrel has a bipod mounted. The magazine version on both the assault rifle, SR and SAW accept each and every magazine. This version does can be mounted with all the same upgrades and scopes as the AR version.

Version Change

The version chage process is easy. To change it to SAW from AR, you merely repalce the barrel. This is the same with the magazine. The scope system uses a picatinny rail on the carrying handle. It is a process that should take no longer than 5 minutes.

This weapon is a very multi purpose weapon, designed to keep up with the rest of the world.

Stats: AR above, SAW below.

Length: 746 mm
770 mm
Weight: 3.25 kg
3.95 kg
Bore Diameter: 5.45 mm
5.45 mm
Maximum Effective Range: 400 m
600 m
Muzzle Velocity: 930 m/s
970 m/s
Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
75 rounds

Cost: $1,000 for Full Kit
08-02-2004, 00:39
You know, chinese copies of the AK-47 converted to 5.45mm are cheap, but theyre cheap for a reason :lol:
08-02-2004, 00:43
give it up kozakh :) , STOP COPYING CHINESE COPIED SHYTE :!: :lol:
08-02-2004, 11:27
It is there own rifle, not a russian copy.

I'm not china, I use russian rounds, and they are good. Anyway, this aint no rubbish copy.
08-02-2004, 22:41

Why on earth take the interesting type 95 with the apparently decent 5.8mm round (which might fianlly be a step in the right direction for AR rounds) and convert it to 5.45 soviet?

I know you liekly have logisitcs issues but weren't you parading Ak's converted to 5.56mm a while back?

The 5.8mm round is worth looking at it offers more power than either the 5.45 or 5.56 (but less wounding that the 5.45 at 90m) and accuracy inbetween soviet and western rounds, it's still no 6.25mm Crookfur round but still one of the best Rl rounds inexistance.
09-02-2004, 17:38
Hell, this is for export :wink:

The ones we use are Freedom Country 6.62mm, but we cant sell that round :(

Besides, 5.45 and 5.56 are the most inernationally used.

Most of our rifles are either 5.45 or 6.62 :)