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An evening in France

08-02-2004, 00:10
"Salut, Mikhail."

"Salut, Alexi."




*A quick shuffle of hands, and then the two walk seperate ways down an alley in Calais.*


"Ton retard"


*A man dressed in a navy blue jacket and black pants crosses a small room towards Jean Dreyfus, the owner of a small trade company in Calais.*

"Je M'appele Mikhail..." He said, reaching in his pocket.

"Oui, Oui... Quel Veux?"

*Mikhail pulls the letter out of the pocket, and hands it to Jean.

"Non... C'est faux. Deux-mille Euro's? Er... C'est Impossible... Le Gendarmerie..." Jean quickly says, with a touch of fear on his face.

"Deux Mille... Ou Mourir..." Mikhail said, walking out of the office, with a phone number and a time(6 hours from then) on the letter.

OOC:This is part of a storyline where the chellian terrorist group War Declrad On J00 Starts infiltrating France. Semi-open, if you can think of anything that can be a part of it... maybe a foreign company working out of calais?
08-02-2004, 00:35
08-02-2004, 02:57
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08-02-2004, 03:40
12-02-2004, 09:02
"Calm... No, calm down! Jean, dont worry about this! This is actually a great oppertunity! We can make a crapload of money, who cares what they want to do with those chellians? It wont be on our hands..."


"And we go marching... mar-ar-ching... for glorious, for glorious.. chellis!"

The quiet song rang through the ship. 50 men were on the boat, 40 of them planning on staying, with explosives and weapons. Assassains, terrorists, and murderers... The plan was in motion. They were to do everything in their power to create strife in france. Blow up things and blame them on others, assassinate strong political leaders to try and give radical parties more power, and to create unstability in the nation... All so Chellis could, eventually, step in to "stabilize the nation and protect the revolution."
17-02-2004, 16:21
"Free the Ivory Coast! Free the Ivory Coast!"

A large crowd had assembled in the city of Nancy, by the german border.

"The old imperialist order is over! Viva la revolution!"

Two chellians had gone to a bar, where it was known drunk, unruly citizens usually hung out, but it was also a large place that liberals hung out.

"Chirac, dont attack! Chirac, dont attack!"

The two chellians were secretly passing out Colt 1911a1's and clips to citizens, for 'personal protection in case of the genderarmie'.

"Le Genderarmie!"

"Vivre Libre Ou Mourir!"

Bullets began to fly. French killing French. The two chellians slinked away, leaving the frogs to kill each other.