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Pegasus MkII Assault Rifle for sale!

07-02-2004, 11:01
RvOvLvIvN (Rolin) is opening up its firearms manufacturing sector to other nations, starting with its Pegasus MkII Assault Rifle.

Name: Arcalite® Pegasus MkII Assault Rifle
Optional Components: silencer, laser sight, 4x zoom scope, 1x-50x zoom sniper scope
Magazine size: 75 or 90
Ammunition: Arcalite® 5.5x41mm Needle
Weight: 4.9kg/5.4kg(full magazine, 75 bullets)/5.5kg(full magazine, 90 bullets)
Length: 952mm
Firing modes: single, 5-round burst, full auto
Rate of fire: 950 rounds/minute
Reload: gas operated, rotating bolt
Description: The Arcalite® Pegasus MkII Assault Rifle is the staple of Rolin's military, providing accuracy, low recoil, and mass amounts of ammunition without need for reloading to the troops of Rolin. The Pegasus MkII was designed with support fire and covert ops in mind, being one of the quietest guns around (31db) and silencer capabilities (17db) on top of that.
Price: $1150(75 bullet magazine usage)/$1400(90 bullet magazine usage)
07-02-2004, 21:11
ill take 1000 with the 90 magazine equaling

07-02-2004, 21:24
The units will be shipped immediately. Thank you for your business. We hope that you will be satisfied with our product.
08-02-2004, 15:15
At the same time 10 men get off a boat and go to a warehouse 5 men strap explosives to them self the other five get into trucks with explosives the 5 men go to crowded streets restraunts and malls and blow them selfs up the trucks explode inside embasises in the capital and other areas of rollin
08-02-2004, 17:17
You're going into a highly militaristic nation with profiles on every person to ever set foot in its soil that collects information from other nations and is a member of an information ring that is on full alert with NO chance of being caught.

On TOP of that, this would be in the wrong thread.