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The Catania-MArinov youth army

06-02-2004, 22:12
We have adopted a new base for children to fight in wars....These cant be kndnapped and they can come or go when they want but they do not they will fight for everything and will fight to there last breath! This is the way they have been raised by there parents and we are training them for a high priority mission against a ever growing enemy they wont suspsct it all
06-02-2004, 23:34
OOC: Very evil tactic you have there. A child army is often harder to fight than a regular-sized army, due to many soldiers unwilling to kill kids. Psychological warfare at it's best. How old are the youngest kids, anyway?

We highly condemn this terrible deed, and urge you to stop this evil practice. Your days are numbered, evil one.
-President John Tenchi Masaki.

Secret IC:
A fleet sets out for Catania-Marinov to await further orders. It will park in international waters to start exercises.

1 Nimitz Class Carrier, Freedom's Power with:
20 Archangels
20 F/A-18 Hornets
20 F-14 Tomcats
5 E2-C Hawkeye
5 AC-150 Tankers
10 F-117 Nighthawks

3 Arleigh Burke Destroyers
1 AOE-6 Combat Logistics Ship
2 Oliver Hazard Perry ASW Frigates
2 Sea Shadows
25 Pegasus Patrol Craft
2 Los Angeles Class Attack Subs
2 Seawolf Class Submarines
4 Visby Class Corvettes
2 Weathered Class Torpedo Boats

Also includes 200 Jedi Knights and 10,000 soldiers weilding nonfatal weapons (long-range stun guns and rubber bullets) to capture and free the children from this evil practice. Another 20,000 infantry carries regular weapons.