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The Austar Union develops variety of items for military

Austar Union
06-02-2004, 17:26
From the Austar Union: Armed Forces

We have developed a variety of items that we believe will aid in missions around the globe. The following items are copywrited, and any attemp to use them against us will be ignored, unless you can have a proper explanation as to how you got them.

Communications Jammer (Type A)

This item is approximatly the size of a Brick. When it is planted and activated, it effectivly jams all communications within 15 km radius of the item. It can be disguised as any item, and will jam all communications including:

Mobile Phones
Satellite Phones
Space to Earth Communications
Homing Devices
Aircraft Communications

Communications Jammer (Type B)

This item is roughly about the size of a pillow. When planted and activated, it efficiently jams all communications within 75km radius of the object. It can be disguised as any item, and will jam all communications including those listed above.

Missile Scrambler

The Missile Scrambler is roughly the size of a fridge. When planted and activated, it will efficiently scramble any missile's programming within 50km radius, and 3km height of the item. The ending result is that a missile will be lauched, and "confused", immeidatly detonating mid-flight. This device may be planted in a target city, and several advantages include being able to prevent enemy missiles from being launched. However, this may also be a disadvantage, because it will also work against friendly missiles.

Signature Changing Device

The SCD is approximatly the size of a brick, and can be attached to any object, including aircraft, ships, submarines etc. The Signature Changing Device works to literly change the signature of the object it is attached to. For example, your submarine, can be changed to appear like the enemy's submarine on the enemy's radar. This results in the enemy thinking that your submarine is in fact their own. It can be used in such cases as sneaking into areas, or evading the enemy. It can also be a disadvantage however, because it will also fool your own radar, and the object may be targeted by your own forces.


More items are still being researched...