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Massive Used Military Sale - Updated 2/19

The Zoogie People
06-02-2004, 03:05
The Zoogie People, in the process of modernizing its military, has found a ton of stuff (literally) sitting around gathering dust. We have cleaned these up and are now offering them for sale - none have seen actual combat. All are RL stuff that you should all know and love, except where noted. Also to avoid confusion...the pictures are at the bottom of the description.

If for any reason you don't know an item listed here, look it up on search.

Su-37 Freefall - Sold Out
The most venerable of the Sukhoi series, a multirole fighter capable of nearly unmatched real-life maneueverability...with four hundred for sale at only $36 million per...(Penguisiana has already laid claim to fifty, but there are 400 remaining)

F-15E Strike Eagle - 245 avail!

Last of the F-15 family still in service, the much improved F-15E is a formidable aircraft capable of delivering a tremendous attack payload...260 available at only $40 million.

JF-17 - 273 left
A newer multirole fighter developed by China, this will make a great training aircraft, or if you're new, a very cost effective fighter. Eight hundred available, at only $11 million apiece.

Challenger II MBT - 1316 left!
What did we have Challenger II's doing in our army? We already had a full tank line. Therefore predictably, all two thousand are now being sold at $4 million apiece.

Mi-17 - sold out
The Apache is a heavy attack helo; the Mi-17 is light. We have a whopping 1000 for sale at...$13 million apiece.

MIM-23 Hawk - 1,495 left!
A stationary SAM system with two SAM units per station, this is an excellent air defense tool. For sale at $25 million apiece. 5,000 available.

Virginia Class NSSN - sold out!
Barely touched, and just through servicing, these Virginia Class NSSN's can go at no lower than their FAS price. Almost. Five are available for $1.8 billion apiece.

Traflagar Class SSN - ten left!
20 Traflagar Class SSN's are for sale, making way for our latest release domestically. $1.3 billion

Ohio Class SSBN - sold out
5 Ohio Class Ballistic Missile platforms on sale - $1.5 billion

Nimitz Class Carrier CVN-75 - three left
We have Nimitz class carriers available for sale in lieu of our planned next generation carrier program - eight are available. More to come! Having been used slightly, they are going at $3.5 billion apiece.
Type-45 Destroyers - SOLD OUT

Type-23 Frigates - SOLD OUT

CGN-36 California Cruisers - 38 avail

All three ships above are being sold at a flat price of $500 million.

MiG-35 - sold out!
Or, for those of you more picky, MiG-1-44 project; at $30 mil apiece.

F-16CZ - sold out!
My F-16; reference to my storefront if you want. Brings F-16 up a notch; longer range, way better avionics, new engine w/ auto thrust vectoring, reduced RCS...$24 mil apiece. [

Eurofighter 2000 Typhoon - Sold out!
Discovering our Eurofighters surplus to requirements, we have decided to sell 148 of them recently produced, more may be coming in a recent contract with Crookfur. We look to end up with roughly 800 plaanes but poor OOC memory on my part ld me to buy 448 of them somewhere...currently, only 148 available and sold at $48 million apiece.

Saab JAS-39 Gripens - sold out!
With 2000 JAS-39's, which is an exceedingly large number, we have decided to keep roughly 400 for mostly training purposes. Therefore, 1550 are on sale at $36 million apiece. These are new. They're still basically in their gift boxes. Penguisiana has lay claim to 500 of them already, so only 1050 are available. Only? Once again, $36m apiece.

MiG-29M Fulcrum -sold out!
In operation as the primary air superiority fighter in Zoogiedom for fifteen years, these 1000 MiG-29M's are on sale for just $24 million apiece. They haven't seen combat, either.

Tu-95 Bears - sold out!
In a recent upgrade program, we have replaced all our Tu-95's with a number of Tu-160s about half in number. Our bomber requisite went down as a result of more attack fighters en route. 200 for sale at $60 million apiece for these huge, intercontinental bombers.

C-141B - Sold out!
An efficient cargo plane by Lockheed Martin - two hundred for sale at $95 million apiece.

Everything MUST go.
06-02-2004, 03:23
Don't worry, this is my first post, but I am a puppet nation.

I want 200 F-16CZs.

I want 500 Challenger IIs.

Thats 5.8 billion.

~money wired upon confirmation~
The Stalinist Union
06-02-2004, 03:27
The Republic of the Stalinist Union is interested in purchasing 20 Challenger II MBT's for $80,000,000. We will gladly exchange our currency into yours to allow for the purchase to take place.
Nore Quenderin
06-02-2004, 04:53
I'd like to purchase 148 Euro Typhoons for $7,104,000,000. Money will be wired on confirmation.
06-02-2004, 05:19
Watertest would like to purchase several fighters and bombers to booster our airpower.

200 Mig-35's=$6,000,000,000
560 F-16CZ=$13,440,000,000
1050 Saab JAS-39 Gripens=$37,800,000,000
1000 Mig-29's=$24,000,000,000
200 Tu-95 Bears=$12,000,000,000
200 C-141B=$19,000,000,000
Total comes to $93,259,000,000

(Money Wired)
Thank You
Watertest Defense Minister
Drizzts Army
06-02-2004, 05:21
We would just like 2 Califonia Crusiers
06-02-2004, 06:05
I'd like to buy 100 MIM-23 Hawk Air Defense Systems. Total comes in at $2.5 Billion. Money will be wired and a sea barge will come in to collect my order upon confirmation. Pleasure doing business with you
06-02-2004, 06:06
40 MIM-23 HAWKS for 1 billion
100 Saab JAS-39 Gripens for 3.6 billion

Money wired next business day
07-02-2004, 20:17
All of the remaining Mi-17's.
07-02-2004, 21:37
Rolin will take 500 MIM-23 Hawk stations. That comes to $12.5billion
07-02-2004, 21:45
We would like two of the JF-17.
07-02-2004, 22:17
50 Su-37 Freefall = 1,800,000,000

100 Challenger II MBT = 400,000,000

5 MIM-23 Hawk = 125,000,000

2 Type-45 Destroyers = 1,000,000,000

Total = 3,325,000,000

*Money Sent on confirmation*
07-02-2004, 22:50
I'd like to buy 500 JF-17's for 5.5 billion.
~Money wired on confirmation~
Nore Quenderin
07-02-2004, 22:55
Domacles is being funded by Nore Quenderin. It is a simple puppet. So it will be able to afford it, don't worry.
07-02-2004, 22:56
Our military would like to buy the following:

64 Challenger tanks
2 Nimitz class cariers
200 M1-17 Apache Helocopters
34 Ohio Class submarins

Money will be wired now. If you coud send these goods to my capital that would be excellent. WE shall pay yo for this service if you so wish to do this.

*money wired*
Nore Quenderin
07-02-2004, 22:58
I'd also like to purchase 1000 MIM-23 Hawk's for 2.5 billion.

~Money Wired on Confirmation~
07-02-2004, 22:58
All 400 Su-37's- to be upgraded to JF-20 standard.
The Zoogie People
08-02-2004, 04:19
All confirmed - Dark Terror, only 150 are left...150 sent to you. Aamericaa, yours has been confirmed too except 200 Mi-17s (sold out) and 34 Ohio Class...I only have five, and five has been confirmed.
Canadien Bacon
08-02-2004, 04:47
Canadien Bacon will purchase the following:

MIM-23 Hawk - 1,000@ 25 billion

Virginia Class NSSN All 5@9 billion

Traflagar Class SSN 10@13 billion

Nimitz Class Carrier CVN-75 - 3@10.5 billion

*all 59.5 billin credits wired*
The Zoogie People
12-02-2004, 03:06
Hey, confirmed, I will update this tomorrow. Thank you.
12-02-2004, 03:24
5 JF-17's- $55,000,000
12-02-2004, 03:26
5 JF-17's- $55,000,000
The Zoogie People
18-02-2004, 22:39
Confirmed...I think. Gah...stupid forums.
18-02-2004, 23:05
We wil have 20 J-17 fighters, please :)

Testbeds, for the VTOL versions :D
19-02-2004, 01:05
The Free Nation of Lutrae would like to purchase

1 Virginia Class NSSN
15 F-15E's
1 type-45 destroyer

thank you, money wired.
The Zoogie People
20-02-2004, 03:14
Confirmed, except Lutrae, because there are no Virginia's left...other parts of your order confirmed. I'm going to update it now...
The Zoogie People
21-02-2004, 18:59
The Zoogie People
27-02-2004, 00:24
It's been updated. More stuff will be sold ... soon.
Oshima and Izu
27-02-2004, 01:23
The ONSDF would like to purchase 4 of your Type 45 destroyers, at a cost of $2 billion
The Zoogie People
27-02-2004, 22:18
Your order as confirmed and your ships are en route.
Eternal FIame
27-02-2004, 22:36
8 Type 45s
20 Type -23s
The Zoogie People
27-02-2004, 22:44