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Communist Rule
06-02-2004, 00:30
A great day is occuring in the USSCR. Its top scientists and engineers have been working flat out to defeat the Super cavitation torpedo. It has been done. At this moment, all USSCR vessels save for coastal defense patrols have been recalled (INCLUDING ALL UNITS IN TOKAREV-FEDRAL UNION CONFLICT). Details will not be released at this time. Exporting is not likely.

I always wanted to say this...
06-02-2004, 00:38
And you plan to do this how? You're supposed to explain technology, not just make this stuff up. It is godmodding unless you explain what it is, you can't just say "my shipz automatically deefeet all supercravs lolz omg communists roxor!"
And don't write me off as a n00b, I've been playing this game for a long damn time.
Communist Rule
06-02-2004, 00:45
First, I don't write anyone off as a n00b until I see them RP n00bishly repeatedly.
Second, I can easily explain my technology. Its the fact that I don't need to until someone torps me.

Put it this way:
If I had a new thing called a ROOTAW... I wouldn't say what it is or how it works until I had to reveal it to public.

'course I COULD do the "SECRET IC:" stuff....but there's a lot of people that would copy my idea irregardless and say they 'thunk' of it.
06-02-2004, 01:05
You can write it as OOC, meaning not in game, so any f_ckheads who rip it off are godmodders, and can be ignored.

Of course, I find it hard to believe you have something that will instantly kill a SuCav torpedo that hasn't been used against other torpedoes. It's my understanding that SuCavs like the Shkval are unguided, meaning decoys won't work. And there really is no ship in the world fast enough to dodge off a SuCav at an average range. I suppose you could use a cannon firing SuCav shells guided by a computer, like the US Navy wants to use against underwater mines.
06-02-2004, 01:11
He doesnt have to explain anything to us, IC or OOC.

For all we know, it is propoganda, like me saying

"We can now destroy any nuclear weapons that come within 100km of our coast".

I don't have to tell you how it's done, because it might not be possible, and is just propoganda.

Now, if he USES it, then he must tell us, at least OOC, how it is done.
Communist Rule
06-02-2004, 20:59
Obviously I will explain it if used against me. Its necessary. But I will not say anything ICly or OOCly because people will rip it off. No matter what. And for slight doesn't attack the Supercav directly, if that's what you're talking about.