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Hackers terrorise international trade

05-02-2004, 18:00
Millions of slave girls have already been lost by companies in what has been the most deplorable attack on Goits financial sector yet. Hackers against the governments clampdown on copyright law and smoking have initiated a worm that has already infected many of Goits primary corperations. The Devo Virus has spread rapidly via email attachments, the offending article then replicating and copying itself to all in the infected computers address book with the header "You must whip it... whip it good!". Hundreds of Thousands of workers openned the file in the hope of looking and something a little risque, only to find their computer becoming the pawn for hackers.

A spokesperson for the Goit goverment has said that action is being taken to stop this spread.

"We are working on locating the culprit. Sources indicate that the offender is still at large in Goit, and will be brought to justice soon. Already we have recieved a message, as follows, from the fringe group, calling themselves "Fags And File-sharing Front for Youths", or FAFFY." The following transcript was then played, alegedly from FAFFY.

"RoXor! U R InfER10R! W£ RULZZZZ!!!!! U R N00B1EZ! WE CR5AM UR £C0N0M£! W00T FAFFY!!!!!!!!!!"

The spokesperson then commented, "At least it is evident that Goits education system is still excelling in computer skills and the English language."

The virus is beleived to be designed to cripple several major companies throughout Goit, and the suppliers of Goits national currency, the slave girl, which has already fallen against the dollar and pound today as a result.