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Allied States of September 11th find safer home

05-02-2004, 17:24
The Allied States of September 11th would like to invite nations to its new found region. The Region of Celaya Tropical Islands was founded by the United States of Celaya, a fairly new Nation but still firm on its beliefs and the voice of its people. September 11th has chosen this Region for its high amount of military protect. We the People of the Allied States of September 11th now how hard it is when terrorist attack.

Our Nation is extremely grateful for his action and his protection. As our motto states “We Will Never Put Our Guard Down Again,” I hear by announce that February 5th will be named President Celaya day. A holiday for celebration though out September11th.

I would also like to help my fellow President by asking for support from the international community. We need more Delegates like President Celaya and do that he need Endorsements. The UN is spiral down the moral tunnel after recent events involving the Prostitution act. I ask you once again support our new founded President so we can get a new voice in the UN who can help mold this World into a better safer place for all Citizens.

Thank you for your time
Mayor Richard Kimball
Allied States of September 11th
Head of Homeland Security for the Celayan Tropical Islands Region.