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05-02-2004, 13:20
UnitedSO Owner would like to announce the full production of the first ever mod for NationStates!

We need some staff positions filled...
Someone to help create ideas.
Someone to help write content.
Someone to help with the overall design.
Someone to help monitor it and help keep it running.

Please, Please atleast visit, to see what im talking about. This really will be a major leap for RPG games such as this one.


05-02-2004, 16:54
Firstly, Wrong Forum.

Secondly, this is certainly a strange idea. This "banking system", how does it work? Is it just the same as GDP Calc?
And these "Automated storefronts" you speak of. Do they post you storefront into the forum automatically after you fill out a form or something?
After viewing the site, it seems to me that this is less of a "Mod" and more of a clumsy attempt to make a spin off. Im not ragging you for trying, it's certainly a good idea, I just can't see it catching on (partly because half the site appears to be missing).