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The dead nation(VERY OPEN RP)

04-02-2004, 20:18
1987 The loss

In 1987 the nation of airom was nuked for trying to take over the UN he failed.The nukes were sent,people fleeing for there lives in other nations then a blinding light over the nation of airom.Then a massage blast covered the nation destroying everything in its path.

1981 The next day

After the nukeing a wasteland of a dead nation stood alone.The nations region decided to keep it there to serve as a grave yard of the dead.

2004 The present day

"I demand i take control over this dead region"said the new region leader
"Its my region now and its no use anymore"said the presedent

"But its like a grave yard to the dead people"said an adviser

"people shoeople"who cares"said the presedent

The presedent said this to the region some liked it others did not

"Im not letting this region being take over for military
purposes,its a graveyard"shouted the nation of fire men

"Why not use it as a military base,are economy would rise high
and are people would be safe"shouted the military nation

OCC:Now there are 10 nations in the region 5 thinks its a good idea
5 doesent.There is going to be a war over the land and you lot need
to RP it so 5 are good ideas 5 dont think its good so i need 10 nations in
the rp.Talk via the OCC first come first serve
04-02-2004, 20:57