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Upriseing in Haruna

04-02-2004, 19:20
After a string of protestant uprisings in the territory of Haruna, the Commonwealth MoW has decided to deploy military forces within the territory to conduct anti insurgency warfare against the rebels.

To date there have been 79 Severskian civilian causalities at the hands of the terrorist rebels. 2 night clubs have been bombed as well as the Territorial Ministry compound. Over 200 innocent Harunaan civilians have been killed in these attacks by their fellow countrymen.

The terrorists have demanded Harunaan independence, which the Severskian government will not grant. Haruna has been a territory of the Commonwealth since it was annexed several months ago.

Severskian forces deployed into Haruna include the 1st Armored Division, 2nd and 3rd Mech Divisions, and the 7th Air Moble division. These forces will sweep suspected terrorist strong holds and conduct defencive operations.

It is feared by the Harunaan civilians that the Severskian troops will be brutal, as they tend to be when deployed. The Severskian government has promised that their troops will not act in a unmerciful manner, and that only terrorists need be worried.