NationStates Jolt Archive


04-02-2004, 18:09
*Arthur Anders steps up to the podium*

Thank you for joining me here tonight. I am Arthur Anders,and I am the Chief Executive Officer of the Incorporated States of Lithos Petroleum.

I am speaking to you on behalf of the Lithos Petroleum Research and Development Groups, in particular those doing research for our Corporate Guardians, which...

*ruffles through his papers*

Which, according to my notes, would be the equivalent of a combined military and law-enforcement force.

We are currently doing research on the implementation of vehicle-mounted and man-portable Tesla weaponry, basing our research on that done for the creation of the 10KV class of High-Voltage Active Tesla Defence Structures - which, I might add, are one of our most effective defences.

However, we are running into a few glitches during the implementation.

Therefore, on behalf of Lithos Petroleum's Research and Development Groups, I wish to extend an invitation to any and all interested parties to join Lithos Petroleum in this project.

Thank you for your time.