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International Warning

04-02-2004, 03:00

Earlier today, the TRNOW capitol recieved a threat from an anonymous informant. His information, which is believed to be reliable as he was once employed by our government, stated that all nations bordering The Rogue Nation of Witzgall should put their defences of HIGHEST ALERT.

He states that a SADM (Special Atomic Demolitions Munition)was recently hijacked on a shipment to a dismantling facility in TRNOW. He states that it is possible that the terrorists will make demands tomorrow evening.

I reccomend, that as a precaution, we listen to this man.

We are also gathering any militia we can to find these men before this 'threat' escalates into a more serious problem than necessary.

With Hope,
The President of The Rogue Nation of Witzgall

Good day, ladies and gentlemen.
04-02-2004, 03:07
I don't think you should just sit back and do nothing. Make an effort to find this SADM and take control back from the terrorists. I'm not saying you shouldn't be on alert. I'm just saying that you should attempt to do something instead of just waiting for them to come. DO SOMETHING!!! Thank you.

Jean Fredrick
Prime Minister of TA
04-02-2004, 03:56
I dont have ta worry... It's only a matter of time, we're gonna be threaten. ATA has no worries in anything, because our security is #1. But for those younger nations who need help, I'll try preventing the 'threats' with my MiG-27s. :)

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